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Deciding on an album for the Album Analysis Paper was an EXTREMELY difficult process, for me at least. I went through album after album, artist after artist, and I still question “Have I made the right choice?”. Because I decided on a Rascal Flatts album, I thought it was only necessary to highlight one of the artists that I tossed around as an option. Even then it was still difficult to decide… Garth… Kenny… Brad… Carrie… but seeing as though Brooks and Dunn was the first concert that I had ever been to, country or otherwise, I decided a playlist of my favorite Brooks and Dunn songs would be the best choice.

Although no longer together, I had the honor of seeing Brooks and Dunn in concert three times! I definitely have a special place in my heart for this duo and what better way to show my love for them than through a playlist of my own (in no particular order).

“That Ain’t No Way to Go”

This Brooks and Dunn classic was the last single to drop from their 1993 “Hard Workin’ Man” album and was the sixth No. 1 single for the country duo. Although sad lyrics, this catchy song has a way of sneaking its way into your heart and your head.

“Play Something Country”

This 2005 boot-stomper was the 20th and final No. 1 single for Brooks and Dunn, but it was quite a way to go out! This fun song makes you want to get up and dance, obviously to “something country”. The call out for honky-tonk tunes was heard loud and clear!

“Red Dirt Road”

With the classic sound of Brooks and Dunn and the relatable topics of “Red Dirt Road”, you can’t go wrong. There is no surprise that country fans agreed as this song soared to No. 1 and still continues to be a country music anthem.

“She Used to Be Mine”

‘She Used to Be Mine’ was another hit from the pair’s 1993 “Hard Workin’ Man” album, and yes, yet another No. 1. This is a beautifully sad song about a long lost love that will never be forgotten.

“My Maria”

A cover of B. W. Stevenson’s original ’70s Top 10, “My Maria” was also a chart-topper for Brooks and Dunn. It is definitely one of my favorites; you really can’t have a Brooks and Dunn playlist without this 1996 Song of the Year and Grammy Winner.

“Neon Moon”

Yet another No. 1, “Neon Moon” is a slow dance, Brooks and Dunn Classic from their album “Brand New Man”(1992). Turning 23 years old this month, this song still draws the crowd to the dance floor and remains one of my all-time favorite country songs.

“Boot Scootin’ Boogie”

You can’t get more country than a little “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”! A 1992 again from their album “Brand New Man” this song makes you want to throw your boots on and head out to a dancehall.

“Brand New Man”

What a beautifully romantic country song! This song speaks to me and obviously too many others as it was yet another No. 1 for the country duo.

“Ain’t Nothin’ ‘Bout You”

This No. 1 from their “Steers and Stripes” (2001) album went on to be their second biggest hit. Personally, when I think of Brooks and Dunn, this is the first song that comes to mind. The passion and love in this song is inspiring and most definitely deserving of its No. 1 status.

“Only in America”

Who doesn’t love a country song describing the beauty of the American Dream! This song combines relatable life stories and the patriotism of true Americans to create, you guessed it, a No. 1 hit!

There is so much to love about Brooks and Dunn, and this is just the surface of their legacy in country music. This playlist reflects my favorites but what did I leave out? The beauty of music is that everyone experiences each song, artist, and album completely differently. What are your favorite Brooks and Dunn songs?


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3 Responses to Best of Brooks and Dunn

  1. James Pruitt

    You pretty much named all of my favorite Brooks and Dunn songs too. I think my favorite has to be “Neon Moon” or “That Ain’t No Way to Go”. I grew up listening to Brooks and Dunn as I’m sure many people did. They have so many hits that I bet it was hard to make this list. A couple songs that you left off that I like are “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” and “If You See Him/If You See Her”, a duet with Reba McEntire. There’s so many others that I could name but I’d be here all day. I wish they were still together making music.

  2. Keaton Schlueter

    I think this is an excellent playlist for Brooks and Dunn. It shows off a lot of their best songs throughout the years. I have to agree with James though, you left out “You’re Gonna Miss Me when I’m Gone”, which is also one of my favorites. But I pretty much grew up listening to Brooks and Dunn and you’ve got a lot of my other favorites like “Neon Moon” and “She Used to be Mine”, but as James mentioned, they have so many good songs and Number 1 hits, I’ll bet this list was extremely hard to make. Still, I think you highlighted some of their best work.

  3. Reid Thompson

    Just like you (and it looks like other people that commented), I have a special place in my heart for Brooks and Dunn because they were some of the first country music I ever heard. While I am usually a fan of the original, I think Brooks and Dunn surpassed the original of “My Maria” by B.W. Stevenson, which was no doubt a difficult feat to accomplish. I don’t want to say that I forgot about the duo because I love when their songs get thrown on the radio, but since their split in 2009, country music has been devoid of a dominant male duo (or female for that manner). Groups like Dan + Shay are trying to bring the duo sound back, but the younger group has more of a pop-country sound. We can only hope that the authentic country sound of Brooks and Dunn will resurface in some form soon.

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