Small Hometown Country Play List

In country there are several topics that could be consider main themes which, small hometowns would be one of those. The reason i think this is, is because if you ever lived in a small home town you would know that it tends to be very tight woven network of people who tend to be very simplistic people who find enjoyment out of just sitting around drinking beer and just have a fun time. The Reason I’m writing this article is because I recently started to appreciate the fact that a came from a small town were the stereotypes are exactly what they say. For the longest though I tried to avoid associating myself with my hometown because I really didn’t want to be judge on the stereotypes but instead, I wanted to become recognized for me not what people think i am due to those stereotypes.

1. Eric Church -Give Me Back By Hometown

The reason I put this at the top of my play list is for the simple fact that I can relate to this song just based on my life experience. Also I tend to enjoy more modern country music with more of a rock feel to the rhythm and this song plays along those lines and appeals to that nature. The song basically talking about someone that kind of had there hometown ruined by someone and how they want it back beccause that person doesn’t care about it like he does.

2. Jason Aldean Tattoos on this Town

This Song is #2 on play for some of the same reason as the song above it has that rock beat and its really easy to relate to my life. one thing i really love about this song it talks about how town leaves marks on and you leave marks on it as well which something that I feel that my hometown kind of did for me growing up, but also is has man i can look back at my hometown and know what memories are special to my friends and I.

3. Justin Moore Small Town USA

This song to me has a more of a traditional feel to the instrumentation which helps me to relate back to my childhood where I was listening to George Strait, Randy Travis, and Alan Jackson.Why its its number three on my list though it kind of reminds me of the things that I did with my friends and all those memories i enjoyed with them. The story in this song is this small town were everything very similar and pretty traditional and its a simply, easy going, fun town that is home .

 4. John Michael Montgomery – Letters from Home

Though I can’t relate to this song as much I know that my grandmother who is very close to me can. when she was younger she sent her father who serve in the military for over twenty years letters while he was station in Hawaii. Which she use to tell me story about my great grand father and what kind of man he was and talk about his trips over sees which is where I gain this sense of wanting to travel around the world. In this song it talks about this solider who is receiving “letters from Home” and how he reads them to his buddies and keeps his letters inside his uniform to keep them safe.

5. Mayberry- Rascal Flatts

The reason Mayberry is on here is kind of reminds me of the hometown feel, where everyone is nice and everyone knows everyone. I think it helps me to remember that there are still people out there who believes in respect and kindness. though this song is more pop country through its instrumentation I still tend to like just due to story told. Which, talks about this guy who is remembering walking through his hometown Mayberry and how everyone is so nice and the things that make is hometown unique.


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5 Responses to Small Hometown Country Play List

  1. Randle Cecil

    I personally love this play list because these songs remind me of my small hometown as well. Some of these songs have even helped me get through hard times because I can relate to them so well. Whether you’re from a huge city or a tiny town, there’s always a country song that you can relate to. The reason country music can reach so many different groups of people is because the songs talk about real life and emotions that come along with every stage of life. I think country music is special in this way. Pop, rock, techno, rap, and other genres don’t seem to talk about real life. Country music avoids the glamorous/unrealistic lyrics that artists like Katy Perry and Drake sing about. Instead it focuses on family, love, and real struggles people face.

  2. Emma Morgan

    I love all of the songs you chose to put on this playlist. I’m from Houston which is the fourth largest city in the country so it’s safe to say I’m not familiar with small town life , however I still feel like I can relate to a lot of these songs you mentioned. Everyone has a hometown or a place they love and whether that’s a small town or a huge city, I feel like everyone can relate to songs about hometowns. Even being from Houston, when I listen to these songs I feel sentimental and think about Houston as a home for me and the places there that I love. The reoccurring theme of hometowns in country music is one of my favorites because it’s so easy to relate your own life to what is going on in particular songs.

  3. Julianne Staine

    I am not from a small town but I love the song Mayberry and the others too! I think that it’s awesome to have these songs to relate to your life and it’s interesting to me to see what people pull from songs to relate to themselves. Since, I am not from a small town I relate to different components of Mayberry than the small town elements (like the cherry coke perhaps.)

  4. Katie O'Neil

    First off, I really enjoyed this playlist. I am not from a small town but I feel like songs along these songs paint a really good picture of what small town life is like. Also, I love Tattoos on This Town, because even though I am not from a small town the song talks about Rome, Georgia which is about 30 minutes from where I am from. It is cool because it allows me to feel more connected to this song. Also, I think talking about ones home and hometowns is a theme that comes up a lot in country music and a lot of people think they already know what small town life is like. These songs can either confirm peoples beliefs or change them on what small town life is like.

  5. Joshua Fleming

    I’m so glad that so many of you enjoyed this playlist and think its amazing how everyone feels that they can relate without actually being from a small town but i am from a small town and these songs hit home with me and make me miss my family, friends, and of course my hometown. i sometimes listen to these songs and imagine that i am back home hanging and chilling with my family and friends so i really appreciate all of y’all for commenting and i think it awesome that y’all loved it. i hope to see some of y’alls playlist in the near future and see what yall come up with but during this processes there were so many songs to pick from it was really hard to narrow them down.

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