My Randy Rogers Week

With great anticipation I was counting down the days until the The Randy Rogers Band in concert. I rounded up a huge group to see him live at Floore’s country store on Saturday, April 25th. The week before I listened to all my favorite songs on repeat. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I listened to the albums Trouble, Burning the Day Away, and Randy Rogers Band. Late Tuesday afternoon I realized I was missing something. Randy’s new duet album recorded with Wade Bowen had just been released at record stores that very day. I needed to go to Waterloo records to pick up a copy. I hopped in the car, picked up my best friend Jake, who introduced me to Randy Roger’s music, and headed for Waterloo. The savory smells of 24 Diner greeted us as we approached the record store. Randy Roger’s voice welcomed us over the loud speaker singing a song I had never heard before. We scanned the rows of records for the country music label that would lead us to Randy’s new album, instead it lead us to Randy himself, in the flesh. Yep, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen stood in the far corner of the store signing albums and greeting fans. My soul began to soar as my dreams were coming true. My heart beat fast as Jake and I stood in line preparing ourselves to meet our favorite Texas Country artist. He wore a plaid button up and trucker hat. His sleeves were rolled up enough to reveal large tattoos covering his upper forearms. I said hello and that I couldn’t wait to see him that Saturday! He was a polite, but a shy guy, with a well groomed beard and mellow speaking voice. He was glad to hear I’d be joining him at Floore’s country store later that week and told me he would be performing a song or two off the new album. We discussed one of the songs, “Hold my Beer”. My day was absolutely made! What an outstanding surprise! Randy and Wade had performed live in Waterloo records earlier that day to promote their album and I arrived just in time to meet them before they moved on to their next obligation. It was my lucky day. By the time Saturday rolled around I was loving the new album and pumped for the concert. The songs I was most excited to hear were my old favorites, ”Buy Myself a Chance”, ” In My Arms Instead”, and my from the new album,” Standards”. “Standards” is Randy and Wade’s pledge to always sing good quality songs, not shallow fluffy pop without meaning like many country artists do today.

“…..I don’t have hits, I’ve got standards” is a line that pretty much sums up the song and The Randy Roger’s Band. My friends and I loaded up in a van Saturday night and headed to Floore’s. Everyone wore cowboy boots; boys in jeans, girls in cute dresses. The venue was smoky and crowded. Every audience member held a beer and most wore cowboy hats. My group shoved our way through the crowd and found a spot with a great view of the band. I’m not sure that we had room to two step but we did it anyways. We sang our favorite songs at the top of our lungs as the stage lights saturated the band with orange, blue and white light. My favorite moment of the entire concert was during the song “Too Late for Goodbye”, my best friend and I sang as loud as we could and jumped up and down. Toward the end of the song the boy I have a crush on lifted me up high above the crowd. I could see the band perfectly and everyone looked up at me. I reached out and felt like I could almost touch the band. I was on cloud 9. Randy ended the concert with “Kiss Me in the Dark”, probably his most popular and beloved song. My Randy Rogers week was one I will never forget. I now love him even more if that is possible!

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