4 George Strait Songs That Deserve That #1 Seat


“Unless you’re God or George Strait, Take Off Your Boots”. Known as the “King of country music”, George Strait has released 59 #1 singles. Believe it or not, some of his greatest songs didn’t quite reach that #1 seat and here is a list of four that deserve it:

1) “Marina Del Rey” released in 1982

Released as a single from his album, Strait from the Heart, this is a song about a memory made with a love a man met while in Marina Del Rey. “As we looked into each others’ eyes/ We found our bodies lost in paradise/ Like castaways in Marina Del Rey.” We sense the affair between the two characters as something they will remember for the rest of the their lives. This song embodies notions listeners want to feel – passionate love.

2) “Amarillo by Morning” released in 1982

“Amarillo by Morning”, also a single released from the album, Strait from the Heart, describes the life of a rodeo man. Strait sings about the love the narrator has for rodeo life stating, “I ain’t got a dime but what I got is mine, I ain’t rich but Lord I’m free”. This song is relatable to many people who do what they love simply because they enjoy it.

3) “The Cowboy Rides Away” released in 1984

I know what you are thinking, “The Cowboy Rides Away” has to be a #1. Nope, but it sure deserves to be. From the album, Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, this song tells us about relationship that has had its ups and downs. The song concludes by telling us “the last goodbyes the hardest one to say. This is where the cowboy rides away”. This song always seem to be the last song played at a dance, where you’re sure to see a full dance floor.

4) “Cowboys Like Us” released in 2003

“Cowboys Like Us” reached #2 on Billboard Hot Country Singles from his album Honkeytonkville. This song is an ode to all the real cowboys still left out there. “Cowboys like us sure do have fun/ racin’ the wind, chasin’ the sun.” I picture a bunch of boys on horses, wearing cowboy hats riding down the pasture having a genuine good time. How can you not love that? “There’ll be no regrets, no worries and such/ For cowboys like us.” This carefree way of life brings out the inner cowboy in all of us.

From break ups and heartache to love and passion, George Strait has sung about it all. These four songs symbolize the true meaning of country music. We applaud George Strait’s talents and the fact that he has had so many #1’s, but hey these songs deserve that count to be 63.


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6 Responses to 4 George Strait Songs That Deserve That #1 Seat

  1. Sierra Smith

    Kelby, I really enjoyed reading your post! I knew that George Strait was known as the “king of country,” but I had no idea that he has had 59 number 1 hits! That is simply amazing to me that someone could write so many songs that all became so increasingly popular! Out of the 4 songs you mentioned, I am particularly surprised that “Amarillo by Morning” is not a number 1 hit! It shocks me that this song only reached number 4 in 1983 because I feel that, due to how popular it was, it should have charted as number 1 instead. Also, “Cowboys Like Us” is a very popular song from George Strait, and despite it reaching only number 2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs in 2003, I would still definitely consider it a number 1 hit of his because it truly does symbolize the meaning of country music.

  2. Lauren Harris

    Honestly I think that every George Strait song should be a number one hit. He truly is the King of Country music and although 59 number one hits is pretty impressive, he definitely deserves more. I was actually very surprised to see that “Amarillo by Morning” and “The Cowboy Rides Away” weren’t number ones. That second song was the name of his last tour and I was able to actually see him during that. He came to Austin and performed at the Frank Erwin center with Jason Aldean and it was the best concert ever. He is the most classic country singer and every song he sings is a number one hit to me!

  3. Morgan Lohmeier

    Maybe I’m just based, but I agree with what Lauren said: every George Strait song should be a number one hit. I really enjoyed reading this list. I’d certainly agree that you’ve chosen a great list of songs that should’ve been additional to the other fifty-nine number one hits of his. I love going through the list and giving myself an imaginary pat-on-the-back for being such a knowledgeable Strait fan. I feel like I’m reading about a family member every time I read something about George Strait. I guess that’s the case when you’ve grown up with music so intensely. Thank you for another great read about my favorite man in country music.

  4. John Monroe

    I was recently going through all of George Straits albums listening to some songs that I hadn’t heard before and that I have heard a million times and I was amazed at how consistently good Strait’s songs are. I know lots of his hits like “Check Yes or No” but I have discovered some new favorites from his albums as well. I was surprised by some things in the post – mainly that he has had 59 number 1 hits.. that is CRAZY! But also that some of the songs on the list weren’t number 1s as well. I guess George really is the king of country.

  5. Matt Wills

    Great Article! George Strait is incredibly talented, and I totally agree with your list of song choices in this article, although you left out my personal favorite “Check Yes or No.” “Amarillo by Morning” is a close second, though. I grew up listening to that song in the car with my parents, who were always singing along, and because of that I will always hold a special place in my heart for that song. I don’t think that we’ve covered George Strait enough in class (or at all), so its nice to see an article about him finally pop up on the class blog, as he has been extremely influential in the country music industry. Overall, I liked both your subject choice and I thought the article was well written as well.

  6. Kayla Miracle

    I really enjoyed this post! I grew up in a family obsessed with George Strait – my parents love him (so much that their wedding song was “Cross My Heart”), my grandparents love him and I love him too. I have fond memories of putting his CDs in my boombox and singing along, as if performing karaoke. That being said, I know all of the songs in this list very well. He is such a powerful country music force so I think that we tend to forget that not everything he does reaches number one, even though it deserves to. “Amarillo By Morning” is one of my favorite Strait songs. It really serves as a good depiction of the rest of his music. His songs rock and I love that you chose this to write about. Thanks for sharing!

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