What Happened to Faith Hill?

Faith_Hill-CountryMusicRocks.net_When you were young, who was your favorite country artist to listen to? Some may say Garth Brooks, George Strait, or Shania Twain (who were all popular during the 1990s), but ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed listening to Faith Hill and her pop style of country music. Usually my dad is the one who introduces me to different genres of music because of his passion for the music industry, but it was actually my mom who first introduced me to country music. She always used to put on Faith Hill, Sheryl Crow, or Shania Twain in the car wherever we would go. But lately, I haven’t heard much of Faith Hill, which saddens me because, at the time, she was my role model.

Faith Hill is known as one of the most successful country artists of all time having sold over 40 million records worldwide, with several number 1 hits throughout her entire career. Hill got started in the music industry quite early, performing at local churches and rodeos in Ridgeland, Mississippi. But by the age of 19 Hill had really found a passion for country music as she decided to drop out of school and move to Nashville to pursue her life long dream of becoming a famous country singer. There she debuted her first album Take Me as I Am, released in 1993, and her song “Wild One,” which soared to the top of Billboard’s charts for a month straight…This ultimately kick started Hill’s career.

10705By the time that Hill was becoming increasingly popular, she decided to come out with a second album in 1995 titled It Matters to Me. During this time of her career, she began touring and ended up meeting the famous country singer Tim McGraw, and the two have been married ever since.

GTY_tim_mcgraw_faith_hill_jef_140618_16x9_992At the turn of the century, Faith Hill became more interested in the mainstream, pop-oriented sound of country music. This is the period of time where most of my favorite Faith Hill songs come from, such as “This Kiss,” “Breathe,” and “The Way You Love Me,” simply because of the catchy music, the romantic lyrics, and the popularity of each song. “This Kiss” became an automatic country hit with more than 6 million copies of the album being sold.

“Breathe” debuted at the top of the Billboard Country and all genre charts in 1999 as well as on the Billboard Top 100 Chart in 2000.

Not to mention, “The Way You Love Me” charted in the top 10 in 2000 as well!

This was Hill’s big breakthrough as an artist as this album Breathe won her 3 Grammys for the Best Country Album, the Best Country Collaboration With Vocals, and the Best Country Female Vocal Performance, as well as an American Music Award for Favorite Country Album.

Since then, Faith Hill has created a name for herself as “the girl next door.” She gives off that sexy image, but yet is still inspiring to young girls like me who were listening to her number 1 hits at this time across all media platforms. Hill was also said to have influenced Taylor Swift as she was her “idol since [she] saw her on both VH1 and CMT…”gal-cmt-07-jpg

Faith Hill has always been one of my favorite country female artists because of her inspirational songs, and her positive presence in the spotlight. It’s a shame that she has stopped creating such catchy and fun music for her fans, but regardless, she will always be the one I remember when I think of my first experience with country music.


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  1. Lauren Harris

    I was honestly never a person who listens to Faith Hill that much. I obviously knew her songs but I feel like she wasn’t a huge country artist that I was introduced to. I think maybe since she did have more of a pop sound I didn’t really think about it. I am glad you wrote this tough because it informed me a lot about her. I can definitely see how she was an influence on Taylor Swift. She is definitely a huge contributor to country music. Is she in the hall of fame? If not I think she could be considered. Her and Tim McGraw are definitely a power couple who both have big contributions to the music industry in general.

  2. Abby Bourland

    It is so ironic that you wrote this blog post because I was just thinking about Faith Hill! I feel like the last time I heard one of her songs was when I was in middle school. I think she stands as a great role model for kids and aspiring country singers across the nation. I loved reading about her biography, and I thought it was crazy how she dropped out of school to become a country star legend. I feel like I should have known that Faith Hill an Tim McGraw were married… Are they still married? All of the music videos you posted impeccably illustrate her beautiful and pure image of being a country pop star! I love everything you included!

  3. Kaki Miller

    Sierra, when I read the title of your article I was immediately intrigued because I was just wondering the same thing. When I was little and listening to country music with my mom, Faith Hill was always one of our “go tos.” I LOVE all three of the songs you listed too. “The Way You Love Me” is one of those songs that you can jam to in the car when you are on a road trip with your girl friends. She really is a great artist who has kept herself on the strait and narrow, which is very impressive and hard to do. I feel like she needs to release some new songs soon, though. Great article, Sierra!

  4. Adam Keyrouze

    This is a GREAT article Sierra, and I totally understand where you are coming from! Since I only know a few of her songs off the top of my head I feel like she wasn’t that flashy name which is why she has gone under the radar and isn’t as talked about as others such as Taylor Swift. Like you said she’s been on the straight and narrow and has kept her name out of the negative publicity headlines which i think is why she isn’t as talked about. When I read the article title I immediately thought of her involvement in the Sunday Night Football intro song and also obviously how gorgeous she is! It really is a shame how she isn’t brought up more for how influential she has been to country music!

  5. Kelby Floerke

    I loved this article because I love Faith Hill. I remember listening to her songs when I was younger and I still have some of her songs on my spotify. I specifically remember being able to sing every word to “This Kiss” and “The Way You Love Me”. I have always looked up to Faith Hill because I feel like she is a very genuine person. She is one of the few women who have stayed in their marriage as celebrities. I also know that she has kids, so the fact that she has not been around in the past couple of years makes sense. I think that is also something that makes her so personable. Faith Hill is awesome and I love her music!

  6. Annie G

    I absolutely loved reading this post because I completely agree with you. Faith Hill is AMAZING, I grew up singing her songs with my mom, and I also wish she would put out some more of her amazing songs. It seems like she’s one of the few celebrities to keep herself out of a negative spotlight while making waves and racking up more and more fame. There’s just something about her songs that just make you want to roll all the windows of your car down and belt out the lyrics. I feel like that urge to sing along to a song is what makes it song successful, and there’s no one better than Faith Hill at recording songs that do that!

  7. Claudia Boyd

    I loved your post because it shows how much you love Faith Hill! She is truly one of my all time favorite artists and you did a great job in highlighting her success. I also grew up listening to her on my karaoke machine. She is one of the only artist who hasn’t done anything to tarnish their reputation. She is truly a role model. I love that you incorporated the videos as well because it gives us a chance to see and appreciate her musical style. Her relationship with Tim McGraw also shows us the kind of woman that she is, faithful and loving. They are truly a dynamic duo.

  8. Alyssa Buchanan

    Sierra, I’ve heard all of Faith Hill’s songs, but I honestly didn’t know who sang them! Nonetheless, I love them and could probably still sing all the words even though it has been awhile. She and Tim McGraw are a beautiful couple, and I really enjoyed learning about how they met on tour. The layout of your blog was great, and made it really easy to read and follow. It showed off your love for Faith Hill, and you were able to well represent her. I wonder if she will do anything new soon, her husband still does! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Talia

    I feel like one of the only girls that isn’t a huge fan of artists like Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Lee Ann Rimmes and those like them. By saying that I don’t mean that I didn’t listen to and like some of there hits. I definitely liked Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” and “The Way You Love Me” but overall I didn’t become a huge fan girl like I was for Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Brooks and Dunn. Its very interesting to look back at how my favorites and interests were shaped by my mother as I grew up. In this class we have talked about how males tend to be more prominent in this industry and why. So for me, my mother never loved female artists and through her not listening to them as much I never did either. I definitely appreciate female country artists and respect them for what they do but even today I still don’t listen to them at much. After reading your blog and hearing from multiple people in class sometimes I feel I may have missed out on something as I grew up by not listening to these impressive and talented women.

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