The Unbreakability of Country Music


I grew up hating country, until I met her. Well, I had danced on a country-western dance team in high school (all the cool kids did it, I promise), but never became vested in country music. I got to college, went to tailgates, and heard that nasal twang that is ubiquitously known as country. When I started dating her, she slowly eased me into the phenomenon, by starting with Zac Brown Band’s newest album “Jekyll and Hyde” (which I fell in love with). Throughout the relationship I was introduced to the likes of Glen Campbell, Alan Jackson, Luke Bryan, and mostly all other artists that are well known from Kenny Chesney to Sam Hunt.

As a musician myself, I listen to the lyrics attentively, and figured out that lot of the songs were about heartbreak. Well, that is the community that I have implemented country music into. Being broken up with, that’s a community right? No matter how long ago it may have been, almost everyone has been through a break up, unless you’re still in that relationship with your high school sweetheart. Breaking up with someone is different than being broken up with, and I know I couldn’t have done it unless there was some huge fight. Mostly, I don’t think I could ever gather enough testosterone to break it off with the person whose hand I will never hold again. Luckily (well not really), she broke up with me, and even luckier, I had learned about country music and knew that most of those songs could make the pain a bit easier.

People get broken up with, and one person is always left needing answers. I gained most if not all of my answers from country music, and I imagine that others do too. Artists don’t write songs about getting over a loved one or seeing the brighter side of life just to make money. They do it to gain a following of people who go through what they’ve been through. Whether it’s T-Swift singing about never getting back together with that boy, or Alan Jackson singing about the day the “world stopped turning” in September, people clutch onto country music for guidance. I’d think that most people who go through break ups like to listen to sad songs like Whisky Lullaby or Colder Weather, or redemption songs like Save It For a Rainy Day or Never Alone. A break up takes a toll on you, and the navigation granted by country music has a myriad of songs physically and literally meant for the listeners to relate and find serenity through. Country music can lift you up if you’re feeling down, and get you into a mood where you realize to get over someone, or it can help comfort you with the lyrical arrangement meant to let you know that other people have been in your shoes, and are either better because of it, or dug themselves out of that whole. Of course other genres of music are meant to do the same, but if you have ever liked country music, no other genre stands a chance at the perfect remedy for a break up.


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  1. Cassidy Wilson

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I am so sorry for the break up you had to go through, as those are never fun, but gaining the exposure to country music is a definite win. Many people are so closed off to the stereotypes of country music but it takes one person to influence you enough to give it a try. I feel like in all country music types (from Texas country to Pop country) there are so many songs that anyone can relate to no matter what mood they are in. That is one of the reasons I love the genre so much and I am glad you do too!

  2. Joseph Schooling

    I scrolled by your post a couple times trying to find one that caught my eye and I saw the words “broken up with” so I decided to give this a try. By the end of it, I had mixed emotions. I was sad to read about the break up, but at the same time happy that one closed door led to a new opening. Like you, I too, never fancied country music. While your ex-girlfriend led you to country music, my team led me to the same destination. I’m also happy to hear that you’re a musician. I used to base songs not by the lyrics, but by the beat and tempo. Not till recently did I start to actually listen to what the song was trying to tell me, and I’m glad I did because now it means all that more. I hope you fulfill your musical endeavors and thanks for sharing!

  3. Mackenzi McAfee

    Coming from that one in a million person that is actually still dating her high school sweetheart, I can’t totally relate to the breakup aspect on a personal level, but totally see where you’re coming from! Relationships are full of many stages, ups and downs, and in each of those many stages country music has always been exactly what was needed to either lift me up through a funk or remind me how in love I am! I also have been in love with country music my entire life, so it makes me so happy to hear that you too have fallen in love with the genre. From my experience with music, country is full of connections and discovering things about yourself through songs. You can always rely on country music to make you feel emotional, both in a good and bad way! You might want to turn the radio off when you hear something that reminds you of sad times, but then there are songs like Save It for a Rainy Day as you mentioned that help you believe everything is okay. Loved your post, thanks so much for opening up!

  4. Like Joseph, I was glad to learn that you’re a musician. I definitely think we have enough musicians in the class to make our own band. Well, by “our”, I mean “your,” as I’m much better at critiquing music than making my own.

  5. Julie Kleberg

    I totally agree, Country Music is a cure all. I haven’t been through a bad break up like the one you are talking about, but I have definitely had my fair share of bad days when you really just need a pick-me-up. Country Music is my go-to always. It is so true that you can find a lot of peace from country songs as you listen to other people’s stories who have either gone through what you have or even screwed up worse (which really helps the pain go away). I can also see h0w country music might get in the way of curing a break up though with all the gushy love lyrics that so many have. Or maybe these love lyrics get you through the break-up as a way of giving hope for a future relationship. Either way I think Country Music is such a happy genre and can see how it has helped you through your not-so-fun time. Great post!

  6. Mae

    Not gonna lie, your post really made me sad, but also a good sad, because of your positive outlook on how country music is used to help you cope. There is nothing harder to deal with than a unevenly broken heart, but I always feel as if theres just something about country music that understands that complexity, and makes it easier for us to move on from. Country music will always be a cure for feelings, because it has the power to heal through relatable situations and catchy tunes.

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