The World’s Largest “Special Place”

dba142784160e7b3ceeab568e7be169aThink of that one special place that always seems to put a smile on your face, and erases every worry you have ever had. For some this may be a family ranch, or a little secret cove out on the lake, it could even be your grandparent’s house. I’m sure when you are there, you are relaxed, and reminisce on all the great times you have spent there with family and friends. This place has shaped you into the person you are today, and taught you a few lessons during your journey of life. For George Strait and I, that “little” special place happens to be 268,820 square miles large. We call this place Texas.

In 2005, George strait released the album Somewhere Down In Texas, on that album was the song “Texas”. Although the song was never released as a single, it reached the national spotlight, and became one of George’s fan favorites. In this song, George pays tribute to his special place, and explains how it has molded him into a man. He also takes the time to list off a few things Texas has to offer up to the every day person.

In this song he addresses the fact that if it wasn’t for Texas, the Cowboy’s would have never been in the Super Bowl. George Strait grew up watching the Cowboy’s as a child, and has been seen on the sidelines during Cowboy’s games. Similar to many Texas citizens, he is passionate about the team, and I’m sure watching the Cowboy’s takes him back to watching games as a boy. This could have been a reason he decided to end The Cowboy Rides Away Tour in AT&T stadium. He also addresses that he would not be an American if it wasn’t for Texas, nor would people risk their lives crossing the Rio Grande. George is a proud American, and does not shy away from the fact that if it wasn’t for Texas joining the US in 1845, he probably wouldn’t be an American. When he sings the lyrics “Nobody’d swim the Rio Grande,” he captures the power of Texas, by explaining that the state offers so much opportunity that people are willing to risk their lives to get here. We often take the benefits of living in Texas for granted, but George wants to reaffirm that we are blessed to live here.

George also makes it a point to list off just a few destinations that make Texas such a special place. He mentions the Alamo, which of course has had a great effect on Texas history, and still serves as a tourist destination for people nation wide. Fort Worth is brought up, a city in which George has found himself playing in very frequently. He has built a connection to the city through his music, and also realizes the city encapsulates the western aspects of Texas. Austin is also mentioned, a city that make one appreciate the diversity Texas has to offer.

He also pays tribute to a fellow Texan who he respects, and shares a passion for music with, Willie Nelson. He realizes the state of Texas and older musicians like Willie motivated him to go to Tennessee to make music. In the last stanza of the song, Strait sings “it made me the man I am”. He was born and raised in Texas, and is thankful that the state has helped him grow and mature along the way. George recognizes Texas is his special place, and has no intentions on leaving. Where is your special place and what effects has it had on you?


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  1. Cassidy Wilson

    I was raised in California and only moved to Texas a year ago, but I seem to question why it took me so long. Reading this article made me especially proud to be living here today. Don’t get me wrong I love California but Texas holds a very special place in my heart now as well. George Strait has always been one of my favorites and now listening to this song I can identify with some of what he sings. Moving to Texas I have noticed all the pride that every Texan has in their state, which happens to be very contagious. My special place would have to be Lake Powell, since I have been raised house boating out there, but every time I fly into Austin-Bergstrom Airport I get choked up when I see that beautiful tower and all the other wonders this city holds.

  2. Lottie Glazer

    Having grown up in Texas, George Strait has a special place in my heart. I love listening to him and jumped at the chance to see him when he came to Dallas on his Cowboy Rides Away Tour. I really enjoyed reading this post because I feel it really encapsulates everything George was trying to say in such a short song. Listening to the song myself reminds me of my weekends spent in Fort Worth going to the Stock Show with my grandparents in my little pink rodeo outfit. It reminds me of going to Cowboy games with my family. It reminds me of trips to the Riverwalk and Alamo in San Antonio. Lastly, it reminds me that Texas is my “special place” too.

  3. bdh999

    Wow! Growing up in Texas and having only known this state my whole life, I can agree with your statement about how we take for granted how blessed we are to live here. Listening to this song made me proud of where I come from all over again. It’s a thought provoking song, because it made me wonder how I would be as a person if I grew up anywhere else. There are certain customs you grow up with that come a result of living here, such as; hospitality, being kind to others, having respect for elders, and things of that nature, that I may have not been taught if I lived in another state. Also, it just shows you all the amazing things that Texas has to offer (George Strait being one of them). I really enjoyed this article because it reminded me that I live in the best state on the planet! That may be a tad biased, but it’s true! 🙂

  4. Kevin Lefkowitz

    This post brought me a wave of emotions. I grew up in Houston and very much love my state and country. Listening to this song gave me chills as I thought of the many things Texas has to offer. From the incredible nature to the hospitality to the football culture, Texas will always be home. My family has lived in Texas for several generations and will stay here for as long as it remains a great state. The pride Texans have in our state comes from a culture of patriotism we grow up with, but also from the way we learn to stand up for ourselves. Texans’ combination of standing up for ourselves with respect creates an interesting culture that can only be found in Texas.

  5. Timothy Harakal

    Not so little a place after all? It really makes me wonder if, say, native residents of Maine feel the same overwhelming sense of pride in their own state. Probably not. But then again, they were never their own entire country. A big shoutout to Central Texas for making it in the song with both Austin and San Antonio. You always hear about artists going to Tennessee (Nashville, especially) to make music and try to find the spark to their career, but I feel like Austin has probably earned some level of that clout by this time too – especially when people refer to our city as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” And as far as my special place goes, that’s gotta be Bastrop State Park or another state park in which I grew up learning to experience the vast wilderness of Texas.

  6. Paige Hinkle

    Texas is certainly a special place. Personally, I am always excited when I heard about places that I’ve been in a song. The combination of state pride and a connection over visiting the same places and having similar customs, like watching football, make songs about Texas special. I remember the first time I heard the Eli Young Band song about driving down Highway 249 in Tomball, Texas, the highway I drove on nearly every day when I was growing up. The song became one of my favorites just because I could connect on a truly personal level. I’m sure that many others have had similar experiences with Texas music about their hometowns or Austin.

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