Why country music needs more appreciation

Country Sterotype Today many people claim that all country music sounds the same, and that the genre is “boring”. I often read articles and watch videos that poke fun of country music, saying all the artists talk about is beer, women, and trucks. The genre acts like a roller coaster, having extreme highs and the lowest of lows. The past decade has been trending towards the lower end for country music, and it is time Americans start appreciating the genre once again.

Growing up all my family and friends listened to country music, but when I went to high school I began to see I was part of the minority as a country music fan. This came to be even more apparent to me as I enrolled at the University of Texas. The majority of students seem to enjoy pop, rap and electronic music. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT.

Let me explain why I think country music should be more appreciated, and climb back up to one of the most popular genres in America. What I am about to say may be filled with stereotypes, and is in no way intended to offend anyone. This is just simply my amateur opinion. First of all rap music is just a disgrace to our society. These men and women are without a doubt very talented, but as a whole spread negative messages to our youth. The songs are filled with lyrics talking about taking hard-core drugs, and often associate themselves with violent crimes. Not to mention I frequently hear rappers refer to women purely as sex objects. This is not what I want my society listening to, and I sure don’t want our youth idolizing these men.

Now let me move on to “pop” music. I feel as if this genre is more focused on the fame of the artist more than the music. The artists don’t seem to care about their fan bases, nor do they have a link with their fans. They are in the industry to get as famous as possible, so they can get as rich as possible. There is nothing special about this genre and the music is hard to identify with. I want the musicians to have lived the songs they sing, and have a connection with the fans they are producing music for. Personally I just don’t think this is the case with pop music.

Last but not least, let me give you my opinion on electronic music. This kind of music may be unique, but I just don’t see the talent in it. Just about anyone can put together a decent song on the computer pushing a few buttons. You do not need to have a great voice or a gift of playing instruments. I feel anyone who is familiar with computers and has any kind of rhythm can make this music. Plus what is a concert if you don’t have someone playing instruments and singing? Anyone can stand there and hit the play button on their Mac, then throw their hands up as if they are doing something.

These are just few of the many reasons country music should be noticed and appreciated once again. Yes, every song may be about God, beer, patriotism, momma and tan lit women, but that is what America is all about. The musicians believe in what they sing and love their fans. The songs preach hard work, religion, taking care of women and family and supporting our troops. These are things we as Americans need to focus on and the foundation of our great nation. No, the genre is not perfect, we may have a few songs about getting too drunk or bar fights, but the good outweighs the bad. I hope Americans comes to realize this!


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  1. Erin McWilliams

    Don’t hold back, Walker! Haha. I think you’ve said what a lot of people have wanted to say for a long time. I can definitely relate to your frustration with rap, pop, and EDM music. Most of it does seem very inauthentic and hard to listen to, especially when all it talks about it drugs, crimes, and objectifying women. Most of the time, these artists are caught in contracts obligating them to create 6-10 albums with the record label, which is probably why after a few albums their work starts to turn to crap. I also agree with you that country music, with its mild offenses, is a much better influence on society. I don’t think that America is all about God, momma, tan women, and beer (I think that its what country artists’ America is all about), but I do think that the good definitely outweighs the bad.

  2. Cassidy Wilson

    I 100% agree with everything in this post. I have had many friends try to tell me they don’t like country music but after being around me long enough I make it a goal to try to convert them into fans. I feel like most people try to say they don’t like it because it isn’t “what’s cool” at the time, but after actually opening up and giving country music a chance there is no turning back. I also don’t understand how people enjoy going to raves so much because there is no performance aspect, it’s literally a computer playing noises… Country music just has every aspect from performance ability to fan appreciation and I agree that America needs to recognize it more!

  3. Katerina Biancardi

    This made me laugh. First off, your opening picture was really great visual and with your honest post was ironic, therefore funny. A lot of my friends who do not like country music feel that it’s “just the same thing” over and over. They tend to enjoy pop music because it’s new, fresh, and what everyone is talking about. I have tried to show them “hey this is actually a song not about beer or truck or backroads,”but they tend not to care. Or if they do listen to a song I suggest, they make fun about the instruments. I think to myself how can you not appreciate a band playing REAL instruments, yet you like pop, rap, and other mainstream music that is made from a computer. More often then not, I deal with this situation with my boyfriend. He likes rap, and just generally more mainstream tunes. It drives me crazy he doesn’t appreciate country music. If we do listen to country music, I know in his head he is making fun of it. Nice job Walker!

  4. Kevin Lefkowitz

    I completely agree with you that country music is under appreciated in America. However, a lot of the recent pop-country songs have been more “mainstream” in content as well as style. Songs like “Sangria” and “Love You Like That” are a little more PG13 than the country songs of the past. I love rap and appreciate the talent and hard work that goes into producing good rap songs, but rappers are very rarely good live because of the influences technology has on the genre. You’re right in saying that country is one of the last remaining genres that rely almost exclusively on talent. Thank you for posting this.

  5. Laura Morales

    I really enjoyed reading your post and I completely agreed with all that you had to say. People say country music is all the same, but I feel like pop, rap, and electronic are the same as well. Electronic music has similar beats and rythms, rap mostly talks about women, drinking, and drugs, and pop music tends to speak of similar topics. I’m not going to bash on any of the genres because I listen to all of those. But I think all of the music genres sounds the same or talk about the same topics because they are things people can relate to or are used to hearing about so they can identify with them.

  6. Julie Kleberg

    Haha walker this post made me laugh because you are clearly very passionate about your beloved Country Music. I do agree though that it deserves more appreciation. There is nothing wrong with singing about “God, beer, patriotism, momma and tan lit women.” People just like to get all opinionated and since country music hasn’t done anything wrong listeners have to find something to complain about. I think rap, pop and electronic music should be banned from the radio because there is no value to the lyrics in their songs. At least sountry music can tell a story which in my opionion gives it more substance and thereore validation. Great post!

  7. Mae

    I 100% agree, even though I do enjoy a wide variety of genres. To me, the other genres are used for purely party-environment situations, but when it comes down to good, real talent music, country music always comes out on top. Learning about how much country music influenced and created such important people in history, i don’t understand why people can’t stand it.

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