Town Lake Country Series

Rockin RiverCountry music has always gone hand and hand with warmer weather and water. As summer begins, country artist begin to release new albums and singles made for the season, and things that go along with it. Songs are filled with lyrics about cold beer, the scorching summer sun, bathing suits, and great times out on the water with friends. Summer country songs are usually up beat and high-spirited, and the good ones will make you want to roll the windows down as you sing along. Around this time of year all I want to do is float the river or hop on a boat at the lake with friends and listen to country music. Fortunately enough, my hometown of Fort Worth has recognized the relationship between country music and water. They have done so by bringing a concert series called “Rockin’ the River” to town.

“Rockin’ the River” is a concert series held on the Trinity River in Fort Worth every summer from June to August. Each Thursday an up and coming Texas country artist will preform at Panther Pavilion. This is an elevated stage that sits on the riverfront, and the downtown skyline serves as a backdrop for the stage. Past performers include The Damn Quails, Cody Jinks, Brandon Rhyder, and I have even witnessed a performer do a backflip off the stage into the river.

Admission to this event is free, all you have to do is rent a tube to float in the river if you don’t bring your own. Backwoods is also there so fans can rent kayaks and paddle boards to relax in as they listen to the concert. Of course there is beer and food available for purchase when you arrive. Don’t feel like getting in the water? You can grab some lawn chairs to throw out on the lawn by the water. Lastly, the night is ended with a small firework show. It makes for a great summer evening.

The reason I bring this concert series up is because I love it so much, and have enjoyed it many summers in the past. My only question is why does Austin not hold a series similar to this one? Yes, there is Blues On The Green in Zilker Park during the summer, but that’s just not the same. Austin needs to take advantage of Town Lake. I propose a developer comes into the Zilker Park/Town Lake area and build a stage that hangs over Town Lake. Then we to could float in the lake and listen to our favorite Texas country artists here in Austin. If fans did not want to get in the water, the developer could also make a lawn area near the stage so lawn chairs could be laid out. Just as Panther Pavilion has the skyline as a backdrop, the Austin stage could use the Austin skyline as a backdrop. After all, Town Lake is located in the middle of downtown Austin.

Not only would this be good for country music fans, it would be good for the city as a whole. Local businesses could sponsor the concert series, and benefit off of it. For example, Austin Kayak could be there to rent out kayaks and offer demos. A local brewery such as 512 Brewing Company could sell beer at the event. Local food trucks could find parking on the lawn to serve hungry fans. Yeti could rent out coolers and show new products. At the end of the night you have happy country fans, and local businesses that have advertised and profited off the concert. How would y’all feel about an event similar to the one I described?


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  1. Joseph Schooling

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Although Austin has a lot of events such as ACL and SXSW, an event like the one you mentioned would be great! I love going out onto the lake and hanging with friends so I’d definitely go to something like this. On top of that, it would definitely attract a ton of people because Austin has great weather and it’s a fun city. I can’t think of many things better than sitting out there on a nice warm day, drinking beers with friends and playing around in the water. You should definitely think about bringing something like this in! Thanks for sharing

  2. Paige Hinkle

    “Rockin the River” definitely sounds like a really fun, unique experience. I have gone to “Blues on the Green” many times and could definitely appreciate being able to get in the water during those hot summer nights. I think it would be really cool if we could also have an event like that in Austin, but I would have some reservations. First, Town Lake is not as much of a lake for swimming or tubing because of the water quality. I most often see people in boats or on paddleboards. I also think the city would be afraid of the additional trash people might leave in the lake. One thing that Austin does have concerts on boats. While it’s definitely not the same, it is nice to see the city skyline and the iconic Austin bats while floating on the river.

  3. Adrian Ortiz

    I had no idea about this “Rockin the River” event but it sounds amazing. Being from Baja Caifornia, Mexico, I have always loved warm weather and water so this is very appealing to me, especially now that I am starting to appreciate country music like never before. I agree that there should be something similar in Austin. I am surprised it is not a thing yet, I guess the “Blues on the Green” is somewhat similar, but I agree it is not the same. Like you said it would also be beneficial for the city of Austin as a whole. Anyway, very interesting post, and I will definitely try to go to “Rockin the River” as soon as possible.

  4. Lottie Glazer

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Songs like Brad Paisley ‘s “Water” as well as Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” and Little Big Town’s “Day Drinking” are some of my favorite summer classics. They make you want to get out on a hot summer day and have fun with your friends out by the water. While I love the idea, all I could think about with doing it on town lake is just being worried about floating away and not being able to get back, the Trinity River is a lot shallower and less wide than town lake it. Besides that though I am 100% on board. I am definitely gonna have to go to “Rockin the River” this summer if I can!

  5. Katerina Biancardi

    I thought this post was awesome! I had no clue about the “Rockin the River” event, but am really excited about it. I thought the way you began writing your post was very captivating as a reader. It made me interested in what you were talking about! I feel like Austin has continued to grow as the leader in music festivals, and this is one way it defintely can bring in more people to love Austin more. Furthermore, it will give artist more of an opportunity to be exposed. Additionally, the idea of floating down the river while having the music festival is so creative. Thanks for sharing this post!

  6. Drew Scherger

    I haven’t heard of “Rockin the River” but it sounds like a great time. I’m from Dallas so it wouldn’t really be too much of a hike to get there. I actually met “The Damn Quail’s about a year ago when the band I’m in opened for them but I didn’t know that they’d played this festival. I think that your idea of a festival on Town Lake could be great and could be a big money maker for local businesses provided that there is a plan to clean up trash as well as provide safety precautions. I like that you also already have some sponsors in mind whose products would be a great fit for the event.

  7. Tyler King

    I love this idea! That concert series in Fort Worth is such a Texas thing. Floating on water, beer in hand, and jamming out to country music?! How much more Texas can you get! Honestly though I think that’s definitely something they should bring to or create in Austin. I would for sure go to something like this here. I’ve heard of how awesome this is and I wish Austin or even Houston would have something like this. And you know because it is Austin, the big time country artists are going to come out. I’m definitely on board for this idea.

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