My Texas (feat. Pat Green)- Josh Abbott Band

The song “My Texas” by Josh Abbott Band feat Pat Green is a song that I have really attached to since I’ve been in college. I have really attached to it because the song mentions a lot of unique things in Texas that anyone living here or tourist should try to enjoy while here. The neat thing about this song is that there a good amount of places in central Texas that aren’t too far from us here at UT.

Out of the 25 or so things they mention about doing in there “Texas”, at least 75% of the things can accomplished while being at UT with them not being too far away from Austin. Just about an hour west of Austin, you can accomplish three of the things in this song that are all within an hour of each other. Right off the bat, the song starts with “If you haven’t climbed up to Enchanted Rock, /Drank a cold Shiner down in Luckenbach,” and then a little bit later, “Eaten Cooper’s down in Llano.” All three of these things can be accomplished in one day. Enchanted Rock is about one hour and a half from Austin and is about equal distance from both Llano and Luckenbach. And sometimes, you might be able to catch a country musician playing in Luckenbach.

Also not too far from Austin down in San Antonio, you will find the River Walk. As the song says, “Taken your baby to the River Walk, /Then you ain’t met my Texas yet.” So if you’re San Antonio, go experience the River Walk and why don’t you go there after going to a concert of the likes of Cory Morrow, Pat Green, or Roger Creager and sing along with and you will be able to cross multiple things off your list. Those artists frequent the Hill Country area, so it’s not hard to find a concert of one them.

Now if you’re someone like myself, who makes the trip up to Dallas every second weekend of October for OU Weekend, then there’s another place you cross off on your way up there or on the way back to Austin. “Haven’t had a kolache when you go through West…” West is a small town north of Waco right off of I-35 and they are Czechoslovakian town, and the Czechs are who created the kolache and they have a great place to get them called “Czech Stop” where you can get them.

Luckily I have been able to cross a few off of my list from this song. Being from Houston, I’ve been to the Houston Rodeo; I’ve seen a hill country sunset, which is something you can also accomplish while at UT; and I’ve sang Everclear at a Creager show.

What have you done on this list?


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  1. Katerina Biancardi

    I love this post! The Josh Abbott Band is one of my favorite bands, and I am so glad you did a post on this song. I remember the first time I heard this song I was so surprised how many places I have and have not been to in Texas. It surely is a good way for people who are new to Texas to learn about what the state has to offer and it’s a catchy song for sure. I really like how you highlight that most of the things the song sings about is very close to UT! I think it made more interesting to read and helped capture the readers attention. Also the Czech place has really good kolaches!

  2. Paige Hinkle

    This song is pretty cool! I’d never heard it before, but I have definitely done many things in the song. I’ve done Enchanted Rock, the Frio River, the Houston Rodeo, the river walk, Big Bend, been to the hill country, and eaten lots of BBQ and kolaches. It really is sentimental for people who grew up in Texas, but I wonder how popular it is among people who haven’t grown up in the state. Nonetheless, it is quite enjoyable and people probably love hearing places that they’ve been in songs. It makes the song seem so much more personable and relatable.

  3. Mackenzi McAfee

    I too have been a huge fan of this song since Josh Abbott released it! The song was a huge hit for those that listen to Josh Abbott Band as well as Texas country altogether. Its actually really cooling seeing people go to the places listed in the song and posting pictures on social media, even including the song lyrics about where they are. I just recently saw a friend post a picture at Cooper’s “down in Llano” and immediately thought about that part of the song! The same happens with Enchanted rock all the time!! Songs like this get people hooked because it talks about our great state and all the awesome places to visit. Im really glad you wrote about this!

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