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Chris LeDoux For President

Although Chris LeDoux is no longer living, I took a look into the man he was, and why he would have been the perfect candidate for the next President of the United States. I know that this humble he never got too involved in politics, but he never had an opportunity to run against Trump.

When political platforms begin to revolve around the size of opponents hands, a political race seems a little bit more open. I know I sound like I am on a soap box here complaining about The United States’ presidential candidates, but I think adding one more candidate to the mix would make this reality TV series of a debate even more lively. I would like to nominate a living Chris LeDoux for the president of the United States.

I would nominate him into the republican party, just for the thrill of seeing him compete against Mr. Trump. We all know that Mr. LeDoux would be much above low belittling comments that make the debates so interesting thus far. His platform would be based on only one brilliant idea. “A five Dollar Fine for Whining.” As he mentions in his song “Five Dollar Fine,” it is the only problem he faces at the humble Wyoming bar he drinks at his whining. By implementing the five-dollar penalty for whining, LeDoux’s bar becomes only for a fun loving crowd, and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

As Trump spouts off about how he plans to “Make America Great Again” Chris LeDoux has the simple solution. If nobody is whining, there are clearly no problems. It is just one simple rule that it would take to truly make America Great Again. County music can be criticized for being too simple, just like LeDoux will be when he runs for president, but that is where its beauty truly lies. It is relatable, understandable, and just well… American. Because LeDoux embodies these qualities of country music he again stands far above other possible candidates for either party.

Alright, you have made it this far into the post and so you are clearly interested in why Chris LeDoux set foot in the oval office. He is an economic genius, with the same simple song that his campaign is based on. A five dollar fine for whining would lead to immediate government funding, because all the funds would go to the government. This would lead to tax cuts across the board, or a strong decline in whining… Either way America is winning. I know you are questioning how much people really whine, and you may be among the first. Nobody has done a study on it, but Psychology today has many articles talking about why we whine and how to deal with whiners (language disclaimer).

RachelWhine (that’s a five dollar fine!)

This plan of implementing the five dollar fine for whining would do one of two things. Fund the economy, or put an ending to the disease that is whining in America. Both of these are wins of the American public. They either are paying less in taxes, or they have nothing to whine about ever. That is how you really make America great again.

But is Chris a humble American just like you and I? Yes, yes he is. Sure he became famous, and now is doing pretty well for himself, but in this telling interview, LeDoux fans hear about his times competing rodeo where he and his wife couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel unless he won, and how he would just sell his tapes outside the rodeos. Compare this to the small two-million-dollar loan that trump got from his father, or just the political advancements Ms. Clinton can make with just her last name. Both of these people are pretending to be what is right for America when there is really just one clear answer. Chris LeDoux 16. If you don’t like that well there’s a five dollar fine for whinin’, we tell you, before you vote Chris… If only he was still alive.


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