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Dirt Road Anthem

Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean

Although I don’t listen to country music very often, this is one song I like very much. When I think of the genre of Country music, I think of dirt roads out in the country, drinking beer, people smoking cigars, and just living carefree. Dirt Road Anthem brings out those feelings when I listen to it. Jason Aldean also has that “twang” in his voice which makes him sound even more country. In my opinion, Country music should be about anything that makes you happy and it should help the listener forget about their worries so that they can just enjoy the music for what it is.

In the music video for Dirt Road Anthem, Jason Aldean is either singing in the middle of an old country road, or inviting all of his friends to come have a good time with him. The music video clips show Jason driving down a dirt road further and further into the country. Then, as the video progresses, all of his buddies and their girls join him with their trucks to start the party. They drink beer and have a bonfire, just like Jason Aldean describes in his song, which helps put a picture to what he is saying.

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In a certain part of the chorus, the lyrics are: “laid back swervin’ like I’m George Jones, smoke blownin’ out the window, and ice cold beer sittin’ in the consol.” I believe this part of the song signifies to me what country is all about. It is about not caring about what the world is doing, but rather just hanging out with your friends listening to music and doing anything that you enjoy. I feel that this is what draws listeners so much to the idea of country music. It gives you piece of mind and helps you forget about the problems you have or anything else you may be going through, at least for a little while. Country music is also about the vibe that you give off, including what you wear. In the video, everybody is wearing jeans, cowboy boots, and cut off flannels. Jason Aldean is going even further and sporting his cowboy hat. This gives the perception that you are somebody who lives in the country and is very laid back as well. But, more importantly this genre is about living carefree and showing you don’t give a damn about what anybody thinks.

This song has turned me on to the genre of country music more than any other song I’ve heard so far. Jason Aldean is a very talented performer and it shows in his music. He’s got that certain “twang” in his voice that many look to achieve, and it seems that he has the ideal attitude of a country boy too. I still do not listen to a whole lot of country music at is it, but I definitely enjoy it more now than in the past.

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4 Responses to The Country Anthem

  1. Minsu Kim

    Hi Mark! I enjoyed reading your blog and I agree on a lot of the things you point about Dirty Road Anthem and Jason Aldean. It’s definitely a good, laid-back song. I think Jason Aldean is one of the only modern country musicians who stick to how country music should really be. (“twang,” and his low voice and honest lyrics! I hate when some modern country musicians claim that they are ‘country’ and actually do pop.) My personal favorite Jason Aldean song is Night Train, and I suggest you listen to it sometime when you get a chance!

  2. Dustin Hixenbaugh

    Mark: We’re listening to this song in class today, so I went back and reread your post to remind myself what you enjoy about it. It’s strange to me how this particular Aldean song can be so “country” and yet so “not country” at the same time. On one hand, like you point out, dirt roads are a recurring topic in country music, and he sings with a traditional twang. He even makes a reference to the king of country twang, George Jones! But on the other hand, the rapidfire delivery of some of the lyrics gives the song a kind of rock/hip hop feel. I wonder how many other people who didn’t think they liked country music were turned onto it by a “hybrid” song like this.

  3. Brent Borman

    Jason Aldean’s twang and image, as well as the instruments he uses, definitely give me a laid-back country vibe. What I found most interesting about the song, however, is the way he seemed to rap the verses. Although I am also a fan of rap music, it was unexpected to hear a country artist with a similar vocal delivery. It seemed immediately “non-country” to me, but this might be appealing to other listeners. The fact that you said this song got you interested in country music makes me think that by incorporating elements of genres such as hip hop, Jason Aldean and similar artists can potentially attract a non-country audience. Although it took me a few listens to get used to, “Dirt Road Anthem” is a catchy and enjoyable song overall.

  4. William Glass

    Howdy Mark,
    I enjoyed reading about Jason Aldean’s song “Dirt Road Anthem” and the thoughts you have about it. I have to say that I agree with your ideas that makes this song Country. The story definitely revolves around the idea of what country is with lyrics talking about beer, cigars, and not giving a damn. Although, I think Jason Aldean tries to incorporate different types of genres in his songs. This is probably to try to connect to a wider audience. When I listen to Aldean, I hear a mix of Rock’N’Roll with a twang of country. This particular song sticks out to me as a mix of country and Hip-Hop, and I really enjoy listening to it. Great blog!

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