Up Close and Personal

Luke’s Opening Number

I think we can all agree that concerts are pretty awesome. I think everyone can also agree that the closer you are to the artist(s) during the concert, the better the experience.

Luke Bryan has been traveling and performing on his “That’s my Kind of Night” tour. He played in San Antonio at the AT&T Center on September 18th. My friend was so generous and asked me to go see him along with Lee Brice and Cole Swindell. Not only were these floor seats, but these were aisle seats. This meant that we did not have to worry about squishing through other people to get to our seats. This was the best concert of my life and I am very fortunate that I was able to see a few of the hottest country artists up closer than normal.

The first song he sang was “That’s My Kind of Night” which makes sense because this was the name of his tour. My friend and I were both pretty amazed that there was a giant truck in the middle of the stage. How they got it up there is still a mystery to us.

Luke Bryan on the pier

Luke Bryan on the Pier

It was amazing how many props they were able to bring out. For anyone who has not heard the song “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan, here are a few lines of the song to make sense of why they used this prop.

So I’m gonna sit right here

On the edge of this pier

Watch the sunset disappear

And drink a beer

And if you look really close he also has a Coors Light beer can next to him.

Dance Moves

Any up tempo song that Luke Bryan performed you best believe he got his groove on. Anyone that has seen him perform before knows that he loves to dance. I mean even though he has a song that says he wants a country girl to shake it for him, I’m pretty sure that he loves to shake it for those country girls more. I mean from all the screaming that was going on in the stadium it was clear that everyone enjoyed his dance moves. And just in case anyone was wondering; No there was no zoom used to take this picture.

One of the parts I enjoyed the most was when Luke Bryan and Lee Brice sang “Crazy Girl” that is originally performed by Eli Young Band. Everyone in the crowd was singing along and the two of them together sounded pretty amazing.

Luke Bryan and Myself

Luke Bryan and Myself

Now I know it seems pretty impossible to tell, but in this picture LUKE BRYAN IS POSING FOR MY CAMERA. Let me explain exactly what happened. Since we were so close to the stage, people were standing next to it and taking pictures with Luke Bryan in the background. I decided to take it upon myself and do the same. Well when I was walking toward the stage Luke Bryan saw me! He nodded his head at me and struck a pose. I turned around as quick as I could and this was the picture that came out. Because the lighting was so bright on him and dark on me, it is kind of hard to see. But I promise he did. This was the best part of my night. I will never forget this night. Being the huge country fan that I am, I feel that this concert will top any other country concert that I go to.

Comment below with your thoughts about my night or about your personal experiences!


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  1. Amy Burt

    I enjoyed reading your blog post, Jessica! Your style of writing is very fun and easy to read. I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of Luke Bryan. Personally, I think that his style of music is a little too pop and his lyrics are a bit redundant. However, when I went to Stagecoach (a country music festival in Southern California) he performed and I had an awesome time. He was such a great performer! I’m also really jealous that you got to see Lee Brice perform, he’s one of my favorite country music artists and I have been dying to see him. My favorite songs by him are “Love Like Crazy” and “I Don’t Dance”!

  2. Dustin Hixenbaugh

    JJ: I just reread your and Alina’s posts about Luke Bryan’s current tour, and it’s cool seeing how y’all pick up on different things although you saw shows that were probably identical. The props you mention are interesting to me. A lot of country stars I have seen perform have had no decorations or costume changes — only their band and their music on stage. I think this has something to do with country artists’ desire to act like “normal” people who believe in their music and want to connect with their audiences. By comparison, Luke Bryan seems more interested in putting on a “show.” Also, I shared your post with my sister, who is crazy jealous about how close you got to her favorite country singer. She is OBSESSED.

  3. Holly Kern

    Jessica, I must admit I am a tad jealous of your experience at the Luke Bryan concert! Ever since I heard his “Spring Break 6” album I’ve been obsessed with him and would love to see him perform live. I actually really enjoy his other acts, Lee Brice and Cole Swindell also so it seems you hit the jackpot! I like his he starts his concert off with “That’s My Kind of Night”, it seems like a good, happy, energetic song to start getting your audience riled up song. I’m sure he bring amazing energy and his sexy dance moves had to have made any girl in the stadiums heart throb!! I like his song “Drink a Beer” because it’s a more sensitive side of Bryan. He usually sings about girls, drinking beer and having fun but I love that song because it bring an emotional side to him that we usually don’t see. Great article! You made me want to go see him even more!!

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