“Just Give it Away”: Country’s Best Breakup Songs

Since we had a greatest love songs blog posted this morning, we might as well just go ahead and cover the greatest country music break up songs while we’re at it! So thanks Brittany for helping me come up with my blog post idea.

Breakup songs are the BEST. When you’re in the “cupcake” phase of love, usually those songs listed in Brittany’s article below are the ones that have been put on repeat on your iPod. But just as fast as something so beautiful as love can come together, it can fall apart just as fast. And who doesn’t like to blast a mad, revengeful breakup song when they have just been dumped? I know I do!

So here’s my favorite country break-up songs:

  • How can anyone make a playlist about any country song and not put a George Strait song? This song was written about a divorce and all the harsh feelings and emotions that follow a divorce. In the song, they’re deciding who’s going to take what and how the money is going to be divided and both parties are just so nonchalant and don’t want any memories of the other person, hinting the break up was ugly.

“How do You Like me Now?” by Toby Keith

  • A classic Toby Keith song. This music video is quite comical and I have personally loved this song since it came out. This song is about a guy who wanted this girl in high school but she wasn’t interested and then 20 years later he hits her up and shows her what she could’ve been. He keeps making references to how he’s on the radio and in her ear and she cant get rid of him because he’s so famous.

“Bye Bye” by Jo Dee Messina

  • This song is a little older also. It’s about the narrator and her boyfriend who can’t make up his mind on what he wants with her. So she “got a lead foot down on my accelerator”,” I ain’t ever lookin back, and that’s a fact”. She doesn’t need his indecisiveness.

“How Am I Doin” by Dierks Bentley

  • I swear Dierks Bentley’s songs never disappoint me. This song is about an old girlfriend calling her ex and asking how he’s been. After she asks “how am I holdin up since you did me wrong,” he goes on to explain to her how amazing his life has been. All the things she held him back from doing , he says “wait one minute, I failed to mention, those tears I cried are tears of joy” and then goes on to tell her all the things hes enjoying in his life that she never gave him.

Whatever your need or situation after a breakup, there is a country song for every mood and feeling. There are a few of my particular favorite ones and I hope you enjoyed listening to them!!


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6 Responses to “Just Give it Away”: Country’s Best Breakup Songs

  1. Holly: Thanks for posting a follow-up to Brittany’s earlier post. I think it’s great to see two sides of this particular relationship coin. One thing I like about break-up songs is that they’re inspiring even if you’re not going through a breakup. The Bentley song, for example, is about moving on from whatever once held you back and being proud that you did. — Dusty

  2. Dena Lipper

    I absolutely love this post, especially that your first song was “Give it Away.” This is a song that I heard almost 2 years ago when I went to the George Strait concert at the Houston rodeo and instantly fell in love with. After the concert I had this stuck in my head for days and eventually went and bought it on iTunes just so that I could listen to it whenever I wanted. I had never heard any of the other songs you posted, but that Toby Keith video was certainly entertaining. I was kinda confused at the beginning because it seemed like he wanted to get her back still, but then as it progressed it was completely the opposite. The whole video left me laughing, same with the Dierks Bentley one. You are so right about him, his music never disappoints.

  3. Hannah Parmer

    This blog post is perfect! I love all of these songs, especially when just being dumped. There is just something about madly singing your heart out to breakup songs that makes everything feel better. And of course, I agree to you including George Strait’s “Give It Away.” He is the king of country and must be included in all country song lists. Even if you are not going through a break up, each of these songs are fun to jam out to. Thanks for including all the videos; they are very entertaining to say the least! I really enjoyed your post and got a laugh out of it!

  4. Jessica Jakobeit

    But I mean who doesn’t love a good break up song? The George Strait song is definitely a great one and also the one by Toby Keith. There is this one song called “Easy” by Rascal Flatts and Natasha Bedingfield and it is one of my absolute favorite break up songs. It describes how they each look like they are having a good time without the other one, but really it is killing them inside. It is easy to fake being happy because you do not want others to know how hurt you may feel. Anytime that song comes on I sing my guts out. It is also a great song because it is a waltz song so it is great for dancing. Break up songs are just as great as love songs.

  5. Brittany Fietsam

    Holly, I love your country breakup playlist! It is the perfect contrast to my cute country love songs playlist! I absolutely love that you picked songs that were not super sad because after a breakup, songs like these get you more fired up and ready to move on. My personal favorite on your list is “Bye Bye” by Jo Dee Messina. I have always loved that song and Jo Dee Messina just in general. And yes, a country playlist is not a country playlist without a little something from George Strait. However, I think you may have missed the mark on that song just a little. Strait in the song is actually really sad and his recently ex-wife is the one who doesn’t care what happens to all of their things. The last few lines in the song are about how he has a “lonely, broken heart full of love” and that he can’t give it all away.

  6. Michael Casarez

    Holly, i agree with you completely. Theres nothing like listening to a little bit of “Country gold heart break” as Blake Shelton puts it. Country songs often have a very powerful message and its seems that no one can make it sting better than country break up song. Sometimes we all need a little bit “Give it Away” in our lives to belt out and know that these country artists feel just the same as us. Thank you for the playlist! i thoroughly enjoyed this post!

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