Two Steppin’

This past weekend I had the chance to visit Austin’s very own Midnight Rodeo. Not sticking to only traditional country music, Midnight Rodeo would switch up their two stepping to the wobble. While it was predominately country music so that I could practice my two stepping skills, I was able to take a break and get out on the dance floor with my gals and drop it like its hot because boy was it hot in there.

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I got the privilege to go with a large group of my gal pals, which supported the old saying “the more the merrier.” While as a group we had the most fun at the breaks when songs like “Uptown Funk” came on, individually we enjoyed the country songs better because, honestly, where else can you find that kind of entertainment? Either grabbing a free guy or one of our friends we danced in circles around the dance floor to every country song that played. Being such a social event, country dancing is hard not to enjoy even if you are sitting that song out and just watching.

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Now please don’t think that because we all own a pair of cowboy boots and live in Texas we are automatically great country dancers. My group and the dance floor ranged from first time dancers that had never laid a foot in a dance hall to pros who incorporated flips into their two-step. It truly was amazing to watch the expert dancers who made it look effortless. I fell right in the middle of those two being able to do the steps and a couple simple turns. I think we all enjoyed ourselves just the same no matter the skill level we were at. You could feel the energy and heat coming off of the dance floor from the people that were there to have a good time.

Now I challenge you to go and try it! This tutorial, excuse the woman’s outfit, shows you the very simple basics of two stepping. However, I believe getting out there and doing it is the best way to learn! Starting with a slower paced song will help you get your footing and eventually you will be able to keep up with a faster paced beat!

Tim McGraw’s “Just to See You Smile” is one of my favorite two stepping songs that you can try out at home with your cat, dog, cow or what ever else you have running around the house. I hope you try out you closest country dance hall and enjoy the experience as much as I did!


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  1. Samantha Godfrey

    I was one of those gal pals that went along and although it wasn’t my first time two-stepping, it was the first time my friends had seen me dance. Their reactions were priceless. I have no rhythm whatsoever. Courtney mentions breaks that played more mainstream popular songs and I thought that was a bit odd. You could tell the older crowd thought that as well. When songs like “Turn Down for What” and “Uptown Funk” came on it seemed people in their late teens and early twenties went onto the packed dancefloor. The older crowd just seemed to sit back, drink their beer, and contemplate what some of the ladies chose to wear that night. I also noticed that during the country songs you had more room to move around and breathe. With country music you seemed to put your own personality into your two-step, unlike the genres where everyone was touching and moving their hips the same way.

  2. Marissa Gallardo

    I would like to say that I have rhythm, but when it comes to Two-Stepping, I am completely out of my comfort zone. Being from California, I did not grow up around Two-Stepping and to this day do not two-step. I was able to “learn” how to two-step at a country dance hall in Houston just a while back. One of the things that I struggled with is that nearly everyone there did it slightly differently, and I was unable to grasp the basic rhythm as it seemed that the steps were a total of six counts and the majority of the songs were on a 2/4 scale. Two-Stepping is definitely not my preferred way of dancing, but I can understand why it is a big part of country music, especially in Texas.

  3. Jordanne Mickle

    I have also been to Midnight Rodeo before. I’ll admit there are some of the non-country songs I dance to, but generally I’ll use that as a break to sit down for a second or go outside to cool off. Another thing, I think it’s really important to have a partner of relatively similar height and skill level. The last time I went to Midnight with a group of friends, I danced with 3 of my guy friends. One partner was ridiculously tall compared to me and I always felt like I was behind him. One partner was ridiculously talented at two stepping. I joke with my friends that he two-stepped out of the womb. And my favorite partner of the night was just a little taller than me, and slightly more skilled than me. However, I think that as long as you’re having fun, I doubt anyone cares about your skill level.

  4. Julianne Staine

    I haven’t been to midnight rodeo since I was a freshman in college and while I am not the most talented two-stepper, I am glad to say I checked that off the college bucket list. Growing up in Texas, I feel like 2 stepping is a right of passage and just part of the traditional dance moves you should know. I also had the most fun when traditional pop songs came on instead of all of the country songs, mainly just because that meant I got a break from boys stepping on my feet. But I really enjoyed your breakdown of your night and the “two stepping” how to video. It made me laugh.

  5. Shannon Smith

    I also haven’t been to Midnight Rodeo since my freshman year. I like that it mixed in rap and hip-hop because it give us none experienced two-steppers a chance to level the playing field. My boyfriend is from New York and the first thing I did was teach him how to two-step and took him out to a more traditional dance hall out in Coupland, TX. If you thought Midnight Rodeo had some experienced dancer then you should go there. Coupland also has an amazing restaurant, so if you go then bring your appetite. I love that you posted the instructional video and I will have to pass that along to some of my friends. My goal is to someday learn how to do a flip, or at least look as half as good as the professionals out there.

  6. Emma Morgan

    I’m so glad you posted something about Midnight Rodeo because I’ve always heard such great things about it and have always wanted to go! Now, after reading your post I definitely have to try it at some point. I’ve never actually been to a dance hall before which is a surprise since I am a huge dancer myself. The closest I’ve come to dancing at a “dance hall” was at a friend’s graduation party senior year of high school. It was dinner and dancing at a well-known restaurant and bar in Houston called Woodrow’s. The place is known for good beer and live music. They had a live band playing the best dance music, everything from country, to oldies, to pop songs. Everyone filled the dance floors, swing dancing, two stepping and just having a great time. This party was one of the best memories I have of senior year and it definitely stands out in my mind. I would love to see how a night at Midnight Rodeo compares to my experience at Woodrow’s even though it technically wasn’t a dance hall. I can already tell that I would have a ton of fun!

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