“Country Chameleon”

Tim McGraw’s recent performance at The Oscars on Sunday night reminded me of an article I read recently for my Country Sub-Genre project. A country blog titled The Boot did a feature article last week called “Country Chameleon: The Ever-Changing Music of Tim McGraw.”

The article provides arguments from both critics and supporters of McGraw’s changing style. Critics believe that Tim McGraw’s newer songs are too automated and are not happy with the electronic sounds of his music. For example one of the critics stated, “LEAVE THE AUTOMATED STUFF TO POP AND HIPHOP!!! I can’t be the only one that missed acoustic guitars and unautotuned voice.” It is noted that Tim McGraw, at age 46, has gotten to the point when artists start to wash out; McGraw, however, is actively keeping his music, sound, and image current to fit with the time. “[Tim McGraw] has always been among the first big-name artists to embrace new changes. That keeps his music sounding fresh and new – even if it risks alienating some of his more traditional-minded listeners,” states the author.

For these reasons I think Tim McGraw was the perfect person to perform the tribute to Glen Campbell. McGraw was able reach two different audiences thanks to his smart business tactics: those who like Glen Campbell and McGraw’s older style of music, and his current fans who appreciate his modern sound.

Although critics of Tim McGraw tend to be harsh, one has to appreciate the barriers he’s broken down to get to where he is now.  McGraw has managed to stay a threat and country music power figure even with his growing age.  This is especially difficult considering he has done all of this as a member of the country-pop sub-genre.  Older fans criticize McGraw’s changing sound and believe he has abandoned his roots, but as an artist if he’s happy with his work and is successful at what he does then who are we to say that Tim McGraw isn’t being true to himself?  I’ve grown up listening to Tim McGraw and as a fan I think we should be commending him for keeping up with the fast-paced and always-changing modern music business, rather than tearing him down.

What do you think?  How was Tim’s performance on Sunday night?  Is Tim selling himself out for modern fame and fortune?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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2 Responses to “Country Chameleon”

  1. Courtney Gonzalez

    While I may be a little bias on my review, I think Tim did a great job at the Oscars. I grew up listening to Tim McGraw and think he is a genuine, innovating artist that keeps up with the times and cares about his work. This past summer I went to one of his concerts in the Woodlands and truly fell in love with him. He sang, “ Just to see you Smile,” to a little girl that had cancer and almost brought everyone in the audience to tears. I didn’t feel like it was an act for publicity because he was so genuine when he was talking to her. I don’t think fame has changed him nor do I think he is selling himself out. From what I saw at the Oscars and his past Sundown concert he is staying true to himself and doing what makes him happy.

  2. Gabrielle Hernandez

    I absolutely love Tim McGraw. I don’t care if it is one of his songs from 15 years ago or from today, I think they all are amazing. Sure his sound is changing, but who’s doesn’t? Everyone has to adapt to the times in one way or another. He hasn’t completely strayed from his roots. I believe he is still 100% country and just as great as before. People always try to look for faults in others. No one can always be seen as perfect. His true fans still love him and that is all that is important. Critics will always have something to say, but if he is still doing well now who is to judge how he is accomplishing that? I say keep doing you, Tim!

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