Dancing Past Midnight

This past Saturday I went dancing with some friends from my campus ministry, The Navigators. It was this time, in particular that was the most fun for me even though I’ve been to Midnight Rodeo many times. I was trying to figure out why this time was so special compared to other times that I’ve been. This is roughly how my night went…

My friend, Bethany, picked me up around 10:15 and we were at Midnight Rodeo by 10:35 or so. Once there, I and Bethany’s two other passengers went to the under 21 line to get those big, black T’s on our hands. Bethany went to the 21 and up line to get her indestructible “I can drink” bracelet. Once inside we saw UT Navigator alumni, Abby. We caught up with each other while we waited for the guys to arrive. It was not long before the whole group was there.

I had never danced with Trenton (2nd guy from the right in the second row) before. He sang along to the music and was so encouraging when we completed just about every turn.

I danced with all of the gentlemen in our group, who varied in two-stepping skills and willingness to talk while dancing. Cody (3rd from the left in the second row) even taught me a new move. I probably will not be able to do that move with him again, because he is graduating; however I really appreciate that he took the time to help me improve in my two-stepping skills. I didn’t get to dance to “Copperhead Road”, because I was due to watch the drinks. Nonetheless, I was able to dance to “Footloose” after I remembered the steps as well as “Cupid Shuffle” and “The Cha-Cha Slide”. While I re-hydrated, I entertained the table of friends with funny faces and interpretive dancing to various songs.

I think what I enjoyed the most about this particular visit to Midnight Rodeo was that it was a nice break from working at night (I’m a night supervisor for the dorms here on campus), and overall I was really relaxed. The fact that it would probably be the last time I could dance with my favorite partner Demyan (1st from the right on the second row) was ringing in my head a majority of the night, but I did not let that get me down. Side note: Demyan is my favorite two-step partner, because he is the closest to my height, closest friend-wise, isn’t afraid to laugh at himself, and is so reassuring when I suck at following. Using that as an excuse, I think I danced more than I ever have.

This is Elizabeth. She’s a Tim McGraw fan and liked to sing along with me when neither of us were on the dance floor.

For the first time ever I actually danced with a stranger, two of them as a matter of fact. One guy was decent at leading. The other, well let’s just say I had to lead the whole time because he did not know how to lead. I will give him props though. He approached a group of at least five girls to ask for a dance, even if it was a cheesy “my friends have a bet going” spiel. My night ended when my friend dropped me off at my dorm around 2:30 AM or so. One of my coworkers was working at the front desk and was surprised I was not working that night. If that doesn’t say anything about how much I work, I don’t know what does.

Overall, I would have to say that I enjoyed this trip to Midnight More than any other one even though I didn’t see a guy dancing with a chair (a common thing I’ve witnessed before). Was it because of the seniors and the large group? Maybe. Could it be that I just really needed the break? Quite possibly. Regardless of the reason, I enjoyed myself and I encourage others to go to Midnight Rodeo. What fun memories do you have of two-stepping? Do you enjoy going with a large group or just a few people? Let me know about your two-stepping experiences in the comments.


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  1. Taylor Campbell

    I really enjoyed this post! I haven’t been able to go to one of the dancing halls yet, but it’s definitely on my UT bucket list. I also have no idea how to two step or line dance, which earns me a few glares every time I admit it. I’m a terrible dancer but I would love to learn. I love that two stepping and dance halls are a common facet in Texas. It adds to the already rich Texas culture and gives everyone another option for going out at night. We have nothing like this in Virginia, so I can’t wait to learn more about it throughout the next few years.

  2. Joshua Fleming

    During this Semester I have Gone multiple times and at first i was so bad and then after I have gone a few times I have become a pro at it.Now i love going and it is such a blast and im glad that this was one of your events that you went and did because i think going two stepping has a big association with country music. Some of the place i have gone to back home they even have created line dances for hip hop songs so happy you shared your experience with us

  3. Lynden

    Jordanne this is a post! I really love how you told about your night in a narrative style. I was interested the whole time. I’ve never been to midnight rodeo before but after reading your post I hope to go someday! Especially if there will be a guy dancing with a chair. It sounds more fun to go with a big group so that you have lots of dance partners to chose from. It’s so funny that you said your partners varied in talent and willingness to talk. From my experience there is so much truth in that!! Some boys will talk your ear off during a dance and others won’t say a word. That really made me laugh. I truly enjoyed your post and can’t wait to go to midnight rodeo!

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