How Sara Evans Helped Me Get Over My First Breakup

So picture this: I’m 14 years old, I’ve been in high school for 6 months, and am awkward as can be. I still hadn’t quite figured out how the whole public school thing worked and I missed the 43 people I’d gone to school with for the past 10 years. Dressing myself was still a struggle because I’d only ever worn a uniform, and I was only so good at making new friends. I blame all of this on private school, but that’s beside the point.

Lets rewind to October 2010, my second month of high school. Enter the boy…we’ll call him Charlie. Charlie asked me to homecoming after I only knew him for two weeks and it was a HUGE deal. A boy? Liked me? It was crazy! The homecoming date progressed into a five-month relationship- this was monumentally long considering it was basically a middle school level relationship.

Unfortunately for my freshman year self and fortunately my future self, the relationship ended. At the time, it felt like the sky was falling. How could I possibly recover from being broken up with? I wallowed in self-pity for way to long, going over and over the heartbreak of the breakup.

That is, until one morning while I was getting ready for school and listening to Today’s Country Radio on Pandora, Sara Evans’ “A Little Bit Stronger” came on. This is the song that changed it all. Her country twang and singing style was different from most other female country singers so it caught my attention. This song in particular was exactly what I needed to hear. I guess you could say it “spoke” to me. The line “Even on my weakest days, I get a little bit stronger” ,in particular, got me out of bed and pepped up that day.

For about a month after that, I listened to that song every morning, day, and night. I would belt out the song along with her, I’m pretty sure the entire neighborhood could hear me singing “I’m better off without baby” at the top of my lungs. I credit this song as the inspiration for my high school comeback. From here on it got better. I figured out how to dress myself and made amazing friends, but I couldn’t have done it without Sara.

As my one-sided relationship with Sara Evans progressed, I discovered I identify with her a lot. She’s got opinions about country music that I can’t say I disagree with, mainly that there needs to be more equality in the genre, which is seemingly dominated by male artists. I loved a quote I found from her saying that she’s “excited to hear any song that’s not about drinking, or beer, or trucks, or partying, or jeans…” which can be found in this Rolling Stone Article here. I find her music refreshing, it’s different from most other songs on country radio stations right now. Not saying that every song about beer and trucks are horrible, but her music offers a nice reprieve from the common themes.

Lucky for me, these opinions of hers have led her to write songs that speak to people. Songs that tell a story and lift people up. And that help a teenage girl get over her first breakup and conquer the world of public high school.


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  1. Amanda

    I can really relate to this post, as Sarah Evans was one of my favorite country music artists as a younger girl. I think it’s really important for artists in music to continue to produce songs that people can relate to and that can help them get through the hardships and tough times, just as country is very successful at doing. Many other genres are critiqued for producing music that glorifies certain sinful behaviors and lifestyles or having songs that include no specific meaning, so it is important and a good reflection on country music that Evans is continuing to cast her music in a positive light through creating songs with meaning like, “A Little Bit Stronger.” The song can be applied to all different trials and tribulations that we all experience in our lives, just like you applied it to your breakup in high school. Music is one of the most prevalent things that people turn to as a source for guidance or help through their sadness or issues, and I think country does a great job of being this source of refuge for so many listeners.

  2. Stephanie Sebo

    While I’ve never had my heart broken, I still feel a connection to this post. I moved to Texas when I was 12 (which I know is way different to 14). I was only use to uniforms, strict schedules and just being in my comfort zone. Going to high school here with over 600 kids in my grade provided a major culture shock for me. I had to adapt very fast. I remember it was harder for my sister because she was in high school and did get her heart broken. It was actually around the exact time this song came out. It’s amazing how this song helped my sister snap out of her funk and learn to be strong.

  3. GINNY

    I really enjoyed reading your post! I haven’t followed Sara Evans’ career as closely as I have compared to other country artists, but I have always liked her songs. Her sound is refreshing and as you mentioned, songs like “Little Bit Stronger” are so relatable and encouraging to listen to. “Little Bit Stronger” is such a great song because it’s something that applies to all of life’s hardships, but especially break-ups. I think it’s really great that she has been vocal about not feeling obligated to commit to certain trends, and it is completely her right to wish for more diverse country music coming from the male side. I think it’s so important for country female singers to make sure their voices are heard.

  4. Talia

    This post describes one of my favorite things about country music; there is a country song for any mood and/or experience you are going through. I guess one could argue this about any genre but I will strongly disagree. Country music describes specific emotions along with events with their lyrics as well as sound. When I think of other genres I don’t see nearly as much variation as I do with country. Country songs have helped me get through breakups, whine about work, enjoy a lovey-dovey moment with a boyfriend, find a way through some of life’s saddest moments such as death, divorce, or depression, get ready for a night out, or when I’m in a man hating mood. For me I’m not always the most expressive about how I’m feeling, its hard for me to find the right words. So country music has always been a bit of an outlet for me since I can remember. I’m glad you had Sara Evans to help you through that first heart break. Getting your heart broken just sucks!

  5. Darah Welch

    Annie!!! This is really good. I love how personal this artist is to you and I’m sure she would be ecstatic if she knew that her songs helped at least one 14 year old girl with a broken heart. I definitely have songs like that that made me realize there is way more out the for you than your high school self even knows. I have not heard this song before today but I can see how these lyrics were valuable to you. It is so amazing that each obstacle we face in life can build us to be the people we are today. I know that if I had not had all those silly high school mistakes with boys and friends and school I would not have grown as person and would be subject to so much more hurt. Thank you so much for sharing:)

  6. Claudia Boyd

    This post takes me back to my high school break up as well. You do a great job in putting us back in high school, and having the crush ask us to homecoming and then eventually breaking our heart. This song is one i definitely had on repeat during a break up. Your commentary is very conversational and relatable, making this such an enjoyable read. It makes me feel like I wasn’t alone listening to these sappy inspirational songs on full volume on the way to school without shame. Additionally the title of your article is definitely a click bait title so great job!

  7. Hannah Evans

    Nice article! This is super relatable to me, because I remember after the end of my freshman year relationship I turned to country music as well. I listened to some of Taylor Swift’s classics as I tried to cope that “no one would ever love me again”. I like how you added some humor into this post, and your voice definitely comes through. It was nice that you compared it to your personal life and shared your own, real experiences. Everybody has those songs that helped them get through a tough time and can always better their mood. I think this speaks to the power music has to spark emotional reactions and inspire. Great job!

  8. Sierra Smith

    Annie, this was such a great post to read! Your story was really cute and relatable. I definitely have experienced this sort of break up in my past and have always looked to music (not always country) to get me through the tough times. I don’t know much about Sara Evans, but I have listened to some of her stuff and do quite enjoy it. Back when I was a kid, I used to listen to Shania Twain because my mom liked listening to her songs. She, as well as Sara Evans, has passionate songs that empower women, which I loved listening to. If you haven’t heard of them try listening to “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” or “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” Good job!

  9. Abby Bourland

    One of the reasons I took this class was because I wanted to gain a personal interest in country music. I have heard country songs, but could not tell you 5 country artists. “A Little Bit Stronger” is one of the country songs that I recognized right when I pressed that big play button on the blog. It immediately took me back to high school too! It’s funny how many people felt the same way about this song and could easily relate it back to them. I thought your blog was so entertaining and absolutely loved reading about it. Sara Evans needs to make a comeback!

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