Kellie Pickler Loves The Camera

Kellie Pickler is back!!! And this time not starring on someone else’s show. Now she has her own.

I know that Idol is now a thing of the past, but it seems to be a reoccurring stepping stone for many artists, but one in particular. Pickler began her career as a contestant on American Idol season 5, catching the attention and hearts of America, country music fans, and obviously the judges with her infectious smile, surprisingly bold voice, and strong country accent.

She went on to be the 5th runner up on season five of American Idol, where the legendary Carrie Underwood out shined her and took the win. Pickler’s American Idol debut did not end with a win, but little did she know that she had already won over the heart of country music fans worldwide. Pickler signed with BNA Records and 19 Recordings as a recording artist in 2006, the same year of her American Idol gig. Another big win for Kellie in 2006 was the release of her debut country album Small Town Girl, which reached Billboard 200 Top 10 at number 9, selling 79,000 copies within the first week.

If you know Kellie Pickler at all, you know that she came from a hard home life. Born in North Carolina, her mother left when she was only two years old, and her father was in and out of jail due to drug abuse. Kellie was put in the care of her grandparents when she turned 12 and they raised her into adulthood. She worked at sonic and competed in beauty pageants as a late teenager before her Idol audition. Her story is saddening, but also relatable to so many. Her loving and endearing attitude about her situation and her family was inspiring, and shone through in her singing and song writing.

I can remember specifically jamming to “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful,” Pickler’s leadoff single on her self-titled second album in 2008. Kellie Pickler was someone girls could look up to, and a person who proved that no matter your situation, you can rise above.

Kellie’s will to rise above and conquer shone through as she won season sixteen of Dancing With The Stars with her partner Derek Hough. America could not get enough of the sweet southern girl who was constantly defying the odds.

After an impressive and still on-going music career the present and future with Kellie is notable. Get ready to see 29 year old Kellie starring in her own docu-comedy TV show “I Love Kellie Pickler” premiering this November 5th! She and her husband Kyle Jacobs are going to be giving viewers an inside look at their every day lives.

So if you remember the sweet, good-humored, relatable girl from American Idol, tune in. And if you don’t remember, and her successes and prevailing spirit didn’t convinced you that her show will be worth watching, I don’t know what will.


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  1. Annie G

    I have always loved Kelly Pickler but I had no idea about her upbringing and the obstacles she’s had to overcome. That makes her story even more amazing! Also the fact that she didn’t win american idol but still managed to have a huge career is equally amazing- most people forget about the runner ups and focus on the actual winner. But yet she somehow managed to get her name out there, even with Carrie Underwood hitting the charts at the same time. This post was really well written and you did a good job highlighting why her career is so awesome!

  2. Abby Bourland

    I honestly loved reading about Kellie Pickler. Season five of American Idol may have been my utmost favorite!! I loved Kellie Pickler then, but also loved Carrie Underwood a little more. I had no idea about Kellie’s life at home. I thought it was so interesting to read about that. It is crazy to think about how far she has come. She is such a great role model for younger girls who listen to her music. I love the videos you incorporated in your blog! They reminded me of how great of a singer Kellie is. I wonder how the TV show is going to turn out? What do you think?

    • Alyssa Buchanan

      Abby, isn’t she so cool?? It’s amazing to hear how she overcame so many things and has made such a name for herself. I’m kind of skeptical on how her TV show will really turn out. I feel like there isn’t very much hype on it, as it was hard to get many details after doing research on it for this blog! I for sure will be watching. It will probably be just cameras following her around on a “day to day” basis. She has a spunky and endearing personality so I’m sure anyone who watches will fall in love. I hope it turn out well, she could touch so many more lives in this more personal way.

  3. Amanda

    I’m so glad you chose to write about Kelly Pickler. I remember looking up to her years ago when I was younger. I thought her story was truly touching. It’s cool to see her making somewhat of a comeback, as I haven’t heard much about her in years. I’m really interested to see what the show will really be about, besides the general life of Kelly Pickler. I’m wondering if this is an attempt at her revival into the country music world? I would personally love to hear more music from Pickler, and would be thrilled to hear that she was releasing another new album. I thin that she is an inspiration to all, especially in the country music world and is a great role model to girls and women.

  4. Hannah Evans

    First off, nice use of hyperlinks. You provided so much outside information that was really helpful on enhancing your argument. I think this was especially important because this article was biographical in nature. Thanks for the throwback to the American Idol days! I was never a big fan of Kellie Pickler but it was nice to get more insight on her life at home. I always love to hear stories of someone rising against adversity and doing awesome things! She definitely seems to appear as a role model for young girls (unlike most stars these days) so I appreciate you sharing!

  5. Adam Keyrouze

    This was a great season of American Idol, probably one of my favorite seasons of the show of the time that I watched it! I loved Carrie that year but if i’m being honest Kellie was my favorite and I wanted her to win so bad. When she was eliminated I was really upset and I remember telling my parents I wasn’t going to watch the rest of the season (even though I ended up watching it). This doesn’t seem so long ago but looking back at the date I now realize that I was 10 years old watching this and it’s crazy to think that was already 10 years ago! At that young of an age I wasn’t really thinking about what genre she sang but I can say with pretty high confidence she was one of the first artists I listened to who sang country and that I loved!

  6. Matt Wills

    It’s been quite a long time since I sat at home and watched Kelly Pickler on American Idol with my parents, or even heard a song of hers. I thought that she had dropped off the map, even with her amazing story and extreme talent. I am not a huge fan of reality shows (just like most guys I know) but I am actually glad that Kelly is getting her own show. If anyone deserves an opportunity like that, it’s Kelly Pickler. Between her always positive personality and her ambition which lifted her out of some horrible circumstances, she really is an amazing woman.

  7. Claudia Boyd

    So crazy– I was thinking about writing on Kellie Pickler! You did a great job with highlighting her successes and the obstacles she encountered along the way. For many who haven’t followed her journey up until now, I think that her reality tv show will give viewers an inside look into how she works at home and her family life. I can’t say that I have been her number 1 fan but I am very interested to see what kind of light reality tv will give her! The video of her audition really took me back to family tv watching and my dad making fun of “pick me pick pickler!” Thanks for sharing her story with us I can’t wait to watch it!

  8. Candace Edgley

    I love love loved rewatching Kellie Pickler’s American Idol audition it is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!! I was definitely voting for Carrie Underwood towards the end but I’m a bigger kellie Pickler fan today than I was then. She looks so different with her long hair sans makeup! I had no idea she was getting her own TV show, but that’s really exciting to hear! She seems like a really genuine girl which stands out in the celebrity realm. Great article!

  9. Stephanie Sebo

    I love this! It’s so crazy to see how much Kellie Pickler has developed over the years. She has always been one of my favorites ever since I heard her strong southern accent. I don’t know what it is like to grow up in a house without either of your parents around, but I do know it is tough. She seems to have been able to get through that situation and proceed to do extremely well in the rest of her life. I’m happy to read that she is still moving forward and has more in store for her fans!

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