What Happened To The Wreckers??

the wreckersEverybody has that one album on their iPhone that transforms the “Shuffle All” button into something more like a shot of social cyanide when they’re handed the aux cord. For some people it’s Hannah Montana or Demi Lovato, but for me its Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp’s one and only album: Stand Still, Look Pretty.

The Wreckers had a short run, with very little success, but when I heard “Leave the Pieces” on the radio in February of 2006 it put me on the edge of my seat; my 12 year old self was so convinced she could relate.  The Wreckers were like, my Dixie Chicks for over a year, and when I listen to them now I still enjoy the hell out of it, I can listen to all 12 songs without being annoyed, even if deep down I know I couldn’t do that with any similar artists. They DID win a Grammy in 2006, so their music wasn’t all shame inducing. If you haven’t heard any of their music, or if you’ve only heard “Leave the pieces” and “My oh my” I strongly suggest checking out some of the other songs on that album- they’ve got some great lyrics.

They’re country-pop to the core, but strong female duos in this genre are few and far between, and I think they made a great run out of it, even if it was short and sweet. The 1950’s had The Davis Sisters, the 80’s had The Judds, the millennials have Maddie & Tae, and I had The Wreckers in 2006.

When the duo broke up in 2007 I was devastated, and I’m still secretly holding my breath waiting for them to make a comeback, as pathetic as that may be- I think because of their premature termination they get overlooked a lot- and even if I wouldn’t bump them in my buddy’s jeep on the way to 6th, I think they deserve more credit than people realize. It was definitely a poor career move on their part to split up in favor of pursuing their own solo music careers, because they’ve yet to release anything even remotely noteworthy since their split, I can’t imagine why they’d decide to split after such impressive feedback… Michelle Branch collects eggs from chickens in her backyard and Jessica’s current situation isn’t discernible, maybe she’s in “Tennessee” with the one that got away.

I hope this post leads you to rediscover (or maybe just discover) The Wreckers and their brief country music career.

“‘Cause I can guarantee / Things are sweeter in Tennessee”


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  1. Morgan Lohmeier

    This was an interesting post that caught my eye. I had no idea Michelle Branch had been anything other than solo in the music industry. The name “The Wreckers” immediately caught my attention in the title of this post. I think that is such a great country band name. Too bad they didn’t even last. I think these two make a great country duo, after hearing this song you left as an example. I love finding posts like this where I’m introduced to new country music I had no idea existed. Even though this album is already almost ten years old, and the duo is long-since split, I will totally play some of their music now that I know about them. Great post.

  2. I enjoyed this post. One singer I enjoy but also tend to “skip” when her songs come on at a party or when I’m driving around with other people is Aimee Mann (not country, but kind of depressing). I also agree with Morgan that The Wreckers is an excellent name for a country band.

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