Fitting Country into College

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There’s not much free time when it comes to your sophomore year of college, sometimes it seems like your professors are piling on the work just for the fun of it. But I somehow managed to fit in a few country themed events this semester. So without further ado, in no particular order, are my top three fun country themed events from the first semester of my sophomore year of college.

  1. IMG_9315Brad Paisley Concert (and it was for free!)
    Apparently one of the perks of going to the best University’s in the world is getting to see one of your favorite country stars for FREE. The weather wasn’t the best, in fact it was pretty gross, with 10 inch thick humid air hitting me like a brick, but somehow I still had fun. The best part by far was watching Brad Paisley perform and seeing the UT Tower in the background. It definitely made me realize how great this school is and how much I love the influence country music has on this state.
  1. On Wednesdays, we watch Nashville
    Two words: Rayna James. And five more: I wish I was her. This show is ADDICTING y’all. The producers have managed to keep almost all of the scenarios relatable and realistic, but yet it’s about a country music superstar and the other superstars that surround her? Props to them. The star power of Rayna, Luke Wheeler, Juliet Barnes, and all of the other fictional country music singers on the show are counterbalanced by the raw talent of Rayna’s daughters, Daphne and Maddie. Between their sound and the musical styling’s of Deacon Claiborne, these characters keep the show grounded and bring country music back to its roots. It’s great to hear pop country sounds mixed in with the sweet sound of just a voice and guitar.
  1.  Surprise! I went two- stepping.
    This actually isn’t very surprising since this is Texas, but still fun nonetheless. When someone suggests going two-stepping, I’m always immediately on board. This isn’t to say I’m good at it. In fact, I spent most of the night tripping over myself and elbowing a lot of people in the face, but it was so worth it. Honestly, “dancing” around in circles and laughing at how ridiculous I looked compared to the country-dancing veterans was one of the most entertaining things I did all semester.

10641040_777644538959654_1514473168129487529_nSo there you have it, proof that I did leave my room/library this semester. And to say it was worth it would be an understatement. I learned a lot too, that country music isn’t just Luke Bryan shaking his butt in a huge arena- it has roots dating back further than I even imagined. It’s grown and evolved and gradually transformed into the music I hear today. Luckily, all three of the things listed above helped further that understanding. I saw today’s country with Brad, got a mix of it with Nashville, and danced to all kinds of music in a way that generations of country music lovers have done before me. What could be better?


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6 Responses to Fitting Country into College

  1. Hannah Evans

    Thanks for sharing this post! I especially enjoyed reading your conclusion and about all you’ve learned this semester. I’ve learned so much too! I’m really jealous you go to see Brad Paisley because I had class at the same time of his show (and the professor takes attendance–so sad). The tower in the background must have been something special. I’ve yet to watch Nashville but I plan on doing so for this assignment–I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed it so much. Also, it sounds like you had a lot of fun while two-stepping! I’m just like you and spend most of the time tripping over myself…but it’s fun regardless. Thanks!!

  2. Matt Wills

    It’s awesome to see how much our Country Music class has affected you life, thanks for sharing! There are so many opportunities to explore the country music industry right here in Austin, and this class has definitely helped me learn to take advantage of those as well. I’m absolutely awful at two-stepping, so I’m sure that you did much better than I did! Austin is such a hub for so many country music staples and performances from so many talented artists, our country music class is such a good fit here. Great article, and it’s really cool to see someone else taking advantage of Austin’s music scene.

  3. Amanda

    It seems like you had a really great time with these country activities! I am so jealous that you went to the Brad Paisley concert on campus. I intended to go but once it was raining I wasn’t brave enough to make it. I think it’s awesome and really meaningful that country artists take the time to come to universities and entertain young students like us, kind of giving back to the community. Obviously I love that you included Nashville, the subject of one of my blog posts. I look forward to Wednesday nights/ Thursday morning Hulu visits way too much. The two- stepping is such a fun thing to do with friends. I too am an awful two- stepper, even though I grew up two- stepping at Billy Bobs Texas. I always have a great time going, though. Great post!

  4. Stephanie Sebo

    I appreciate this post so much. I think fitting in all of these experiences makes for an overall better college experience. I really like the two-stepping idea because I had never really gone until this year and I realized how fun it was. I wish I could have gone to the Brad Paisley concert! I heard it was awesome. I love live concerts and I wish I could have made it out to that one! I have never seen Nashville, but it seems pretty interesting. Maybe I should watch it sometime? Overall, I really liked this post and loved hearing about what you’ve done!

  5. Kaki Miller

    Annie, way to go for diving into the country scene that UT offers! We really are in the best city for it too. How lucky that UT is located in a city that is known for its country music scene. Brad Paisley is one of my FAV performers ever. I went to his concert too and oh man it was one of my favorites. While I haven’t seen Nashville, my sister watches it and is OBSESSED. I will have to make that my next show. And, two stepping is one of my favorite activities ever. Great post!

  6. Adam Keyrouze

    WOW! That picture of Paisley with the UT tower in the background is perfect, like you couldn’t have gotten a better picture! I wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to attend the free concert (which I’m still kicking myself over), but I’m glad so many people showed up to it and supported him! He’s such an amazing artist especially for doing that concert! Another thing I found interesting was how big the show Nashville is. I’ver heard of the show in the past but since the start of this semester I’ve heard people talking about this show on multiple occasions from different people. I guess it is something I should check out!

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