The love relationship between Texas and Country music

Billy+Bob's+TexasI was born and raised in Texas and never plan on leaving. This is the place I call home, and it has made me into the man I am today. Just as Texas has shaped me, country music has also influenced my community and I. Everywhere you go in Texas, people are listening to country music. Country music helps tell the lives that Texans live, as well as helps get us through our days. TEXAS IS COUNTRY MUSIC, AND COUNTRY MUSIC IS TEXAS.

The people of Texas listen to so much country music we have even made a sub genre of country music, which we cleverly named Texas country. This is music for the Texas people, made by the Texas people. Texas country is usually a little “rougher” and less polished than Nashville country, and in some cases is more highly regarded by the Texas community.

Country music has also made the Texas community fortunes, and creates jobs for many Texas citizens. There are Honky-tonks in every large Texas City, where the community flows to Friday and Saturday nights to enjoy country music’s best. Here they spend money on tickets, booze and memorabilia, which is taxed in order to support the community. These Honky-tonks also hire bar tenders, sales members and managers, which creates employment opportunity for the community. Many times the musicians that these people flow to see are Texans. After all, the king of country music is from South Texas. George Strait has made enough money to buy a large nation singing country music. Many Texans have followed his lead and moved to Nashville to chase their dream of making a living off of country music.

Texans enjoy country music because the songs become their life anthems. The musicians sing about the things we care about here. We love our trucks, mommas and hunting in the great outdoors. Everyone watches football on Sundays with their families and friends. We love to have a good time with friends, and drink beer at the ranch or lake. We also love our country, and remember those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. This is what country music is based on and what the musicians preach, the songs even unite us as a community. When we are sad we listen to slow country music to go along with our pain. Up beat country music can also accommodate our Friday and Saturday nights out with friends. Texans have always listened to country music; it is passed down from generation to generation. It is the one genre that people of all ages can unite and listen to, and has even helped instill Texas values and beliefs into our younger generations. We love what the songs preach, love the people who sing the songs, and you can bet we will do everything to make sure country music stays a part of Texas culture for years to come.

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  1. Erin McWilliams

    Your take on Texas Country as a way to financially support Texas is very interesting. I had never thought of it that way, but it makes a lot of sense. Also, laughed out loud at “cleverly named ‘Texas Country.'” It’s so true. I guess I can’t clearly distinguish Texas Country from “other country” besides maybe George Strait. I think of Josh Abbott Band, which I think sounds pretty “polished” in comparison to other rougher country, and yet Josh Abbott is from Lubbock and sings countless songs about Texas. But, I can also see how his music is less polished than more contemporary country. I also think that the topics you describe Texas Country to cover is covered by most country artists. Now, I don’t know if Texas artists paved the way in those topics, though.

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