Texas Country Above All Else

91-ogWhile many would argue that Nashville, Tennessee is the heart and home of country music, my heart and my home reside in Texas, home of Texas Country Music, the source of greats like George Strait, Eli Young Band, The Dixie Chicks, Jack Ingram, Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Rodgers, and, one of my personal favorites, Pat Green.

In recent years, critics have labeled Pat Green a country music sellout, interested in becoming a “mainstream hit-maker.” Well the gray clouds are clearing, and Pat is finally returning to his Texas roots. In his first original album in six years, Green admits what many of his loyal fans have known for a while: going to mainstream Nashville was a mistake. In the song Home he writes, “I was blind to the game, I sang the wrong songs and disappeared for way too long, but I’ve finally found my way home.” Even the harshest of critics are coming around to the idea that Pat Green is authentically returning home to Texas.

pat-green-home-album-coverSo what does this mean? Why does this even matter? It matters because we all know  (well at least the right people know) that Texas Country is far better than “Mainstream” Nashville Country. Texas Country is about the artist and not just how many hits he or she can produce or how quickly he or she can do so. Travis Erwin of Wide Open Country writes:

Texas Country is driven by live performances and a fan base that is intimately familiar with their favorite artists. Many of the Texas acts tour 200 or more dates a year with at least half of these dates within the Lone Star State. This gives fans an opportunity to go out and listen to their favorites several times a year. The average mainstream fan is lucky to catch their favorite performer once a year live.

When many artists are beginning to fall into the realm of pop-country, it is Texas artists who are staying true to the Honky-Tonk and Care-free “Outlaw” music that country music originated with.

A year ago I was fortunate enough to attend a small wedding in which Pat Green performed. Seeing him live was amazing. You could really tell he wanted to be there. Although he did preform some of his not so famous songs, the crowd clearly perked up as soon as he began playing his Texas classics. It was amazing hearing him sing one of my favorite songs of his Baby Doll to the bride Annie. She is a die-hard fan of Pat herself. My favorite part of the whole evening was also the sweetest. After Pat was finished performing he called over the bride and groom and handed them the signed guitar he had played with that night. It was truly a night to remember. Overall as a loyal country fan, I am glad to have Pat Green back on our side and hope that maybe he has inspired some others to stray away from the country-pop scene and return back to the tradition and spirit that Texas country embodies.


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  1. Mae

    I really enjoyed reading this post, as I too am very passionate about my Texas country roots and am a huge Pat Green fan. The first time I saw Pat Green was at a New Years Eve party at a ranch, and it was one of the best performances i’ve ever seen. I can never listen to Wave On Wave again without reminiscing on the perfect timing of ringing in the New Year with Texas country. I also frequently find myself feeling somewhat bored with the typical mainstream country stations and quickly changing the channel to Outlaw Country, where I can hear some great hits that will never get old and will constantly remind me of growing up in Texas.

  2. Joseph Schooling

    This post was a to read. I’m glad Pat Green decided to return to Texas. I might be a little bias but if it isn’t Texas country, then it isn’t really country at all. I’ve never seen Pat Green live, but that video above, Baby Doll, sounded really good. The music video was kinda weird at times, but I enjoyed the beat and the lyrics of the song. My favorite part was when you brought in the Green’s quote about him leaving home and and singing the wrong songs. This shows he is true to his roots, and he’s probably gained more support by being honest and open about his feelings.

  3. Olivia English

    I loved reading this post, Lottie! I had never really understood the different ‘types’ of country being from out of state. Since country music isn’t huge where I’m from, all country seemed pretty much the same to me until later on in life. Now, I can honestly say that I really do love Texas country, and I know what people consider real country vs. pop or sell-out country. The first time I ever heard of Pat Greene was actually at a Pat Greene concert, and I couldn’t understand why my friends were so excited about seeing him or staying for the whole show. I’m happy to say that after a year or two of learning, I can sing along and really love to listen to his music.

  4. Brittney Haynes

    I enjoyed reading this post because it opened my eyes to something I didn’t really consider; the concept of “Texas Country.” Growing up I thought country music was country music. I didn’t think about the differences based on the geographical location. (Now I know that a lot of today’s country isn’t necessarily “country music”) This post really intrigued me to go listen Texas country and compare it to the music coming out of Nashville. Right now I have to be honest and say I don’t have an opinion on which is better, but I am now going to look up artists who are in the Texas country realm and give a listen. If anyone has a list of suggested artists that would be great! 🙂

  5. Adrian Ortiz

    I really enjoyed this blog post; I could really feel the passion you have for Pat Green and Texas Country Music. I personally do not know for sure who really is the heart and home of country music but since I live in Austin now, I have to say Im glad he is returning to Texas :). I think it is a great move for him to move back to Texas because his fans will start to support him more and most likely, some of the followers he lost because he became more mainstream will start listening to his new songs.

  6. Shira Yoram

    Great blog post Lottie! I enjoyed reading about your love for Texas country music. I totally agree with you on the fact that Texas country is more authentic, and in our opinion better, than Nashville country. I remember listening to Pat Green songs like Baby Doll and Wave on Wave back in elementary school and really loving him. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Pat Green live twice. Once when he opened for Kenny Chesney back in 2011 and the other time was when he opened for Brad Paisley last year at the UT baseball stadium. He is such an incredible performer. You can really tell how much he loves country music when he plays.

  7. Texas country is far better than Nashville country in my opinion. I hate to see any Texas artist “sellout” and go to Nashville. Their music just doesn’t sound the same when they do that. I am a die-hard Pat Green fan also, and was ecstatic when he announced he was returning to his Texas roots. His concerts are truly one of a kind, and he is the best performer I have ever seen. He truly gets the crowd going and the concert becomes a giant party. I heard he is doing two more albums in the next two years, I cant wait to hear them!

  8. Erin McWilliams

    Love this post so much. Very well written, Lottie! I never thought about the fact that we get to see some of our country favorites multiple times per year– I’ve seen Josh Abbott Band 3 times in the past year and a half, but I’ve had the opportunity to see them probably 6 or 7 times between their trips from Austin (and its suburbs/tiny towns outside it), to Waco, to College Station and Dallas. We are lucky that these hometown heroes love their state enough to perform here so often! Pat Green truly is a classic country artist and I’m as glad that”he’s back on our side” as you are! P.S. so cool that you got to see him play at a WEDDING. Even cooler that someone was able to have them at their wedding- can’t imagine how special that was, from the Baby Doll ballad to the signed guitar. Bet he’d make a great toast, too!

  9. Tyler King

    Great post. As yourself, I really enjoy Texas Country as well more than mainstream. Pat Green was one of the first Texas singers I listened to when I was younger and was glad to see him crank out some new Texas Country songs. What you said he did for the bride and groom at their sounds like something the nice and genuine guy Pat Green is would do.

  10. Drew Scherger

    I almost think going to Nashville and then giving it up to come back to Texas is a right of passage for a Texas Country star. Like you mentioned in the outlaw movement, Texas artists have been doing this for decades. Before he grew his infamous braids, Willie tried to break into Nashville with nice suits and short slicked back hair. Waylon Jennings, David Allan Coe, Townes Van Zandt, and Jerry Jeff Walker all tried the Nashville scene before ultimately leaving to go back to their roots.

  11. Lee Allen

    You’re so right when talking about Texas Country! There’s a huge difference! Yeah, yeah Nashville is credited with so many more accomplishments, but you see the Texas side of things don’t you! I’ve really never listened to Pat Green, don’t hate me, but all of this is news to me. I don’t even know what mainstream country is, so thanks for enlightening me. The way you described Texas Country makes me see that you are a true Texan who is passionate about a certain thing that only a true Texan can be passionate about! I can’t wait to learn more and more, as I feel compelled to do so after this post! Thanks for writing.

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