Texas Longhorn- Django Walker

The song Texas Longhorn by Django Walker was a song that really hit home with me during my junior year of high school. Django is an Austin, TX native and grew up a Longhorn fan his whole life. His inspiration to do this song came from his friend Patrick Davis, who is a South Carolina Gamecocks fan and made a song about his South Carolina Gamecocks. The success of the Texas football team around the time that he made the song really helped as this is some of the best football Texas had had in years. A lot of people are going to remember Vince Young and Colt McCoy as they both were able to lead Texas to National Championship appearances. It also doesn’t hurt that not too long before that in 1998 Ricky Williams, who Django mentioned was one of his favorite players, had won the Heisman Memorial Trophy.

At this point of my high school career when I heard the song for the first time, I didn’t think the University of Texas would be an option academically for me. Even with the burnt orange but I was born with, this song was really the point when I decided that I wanted to go to University of Texas. After listening to the song is when I finally realized how much I truly loved UT and wanted to go there. There are many points in the song that resonated with me that happened in my family regarding the Longhorns. It starts off by talking about how the Longhorns archer the only team that you before the fall. Growing up, my mom’s entire side of the family was longhorns and I really never knew of another team to root for. He then continues to go on about the traditions of Texas football, Bevo and Smokey the Cannon. One of the main parts that really stuck with me was when he talked about being chosen to be born a Texas Longhorn. The song also does a great job of recounting events that happened during my generation’s youth as Texas Football fans. This is definitely a song that any Texas fan should listen to and this is a song I always listening to whenever I need me a little pick me up to remind me where I’m going to school at and why.


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  1. Brittney Haynes

    Wow! I didn’t think I could ever be more proud to be a Longhorn, but this song just took my pride to a whole new level! Something about attending here makes you feel like you’re part of a great Texas legacy. I liked the part that talked about how one is chosen to be longhorn… it emphasizes that not everyone has what it takes to carry that title, and those who do should be honored. I really enjoyed your statement on how you grew up rooting or the longhorns because you didn’t know anything else, I can relate. I chose to attend here because this was THE school in Texas and my family always pushed for this one also, so I too didn’t know any different! It’s Longhorns or nothing! 🙂

  2. Adrian Ortiz

    As a person who just started to listening to country music, I have to say thank you for introducing me to Django Walker and to the longhorn song in particular, It was very enjoyable. I really liked when you said that you have been a longhorn fan your whole life. I am originally from Mexico so I have not been a longhorn fan since I was little like you, but this being my third year at the University of Texas and being a part of Texas athletics, I have become a very big fan of the Texas longhorns (despite the horrible football). Moreover, it was a very enjoyable song and definitely something I could relate to.

  3. Laura Morales

    I enjoyed reading your post! I hadn’t heard this song before, but I feel like every longhorn should. It made me feel really proud to attend the University of Texas and be a longhorn! It was interesting to read your perspective and story of of being a longhorn fan since you were young. I hadn’t really heard of UT until I moved to Austin. I remember the first day we got here. We drove past DKR on I-35 and all I could see was a sea of burnt orange and white and it amazed me at how much spirit and pride there was. Despite that, and my parent’s efforts to try to convince me to go to UT, I had other intentions. But I’m glad I didn’t follow through with them and that I decided to attend UT.

  4. Cassidy Wilson

    My friend showed me this song at the beginning of last fall, which was the perfect time going into football season. Even though I was raised in California, the Texas pride is contagious. This song really does sum up how it feels to be a Longhorn. We may not have the GREATEST football team but all the pride and tradition still make Texas football one of the best. i really enjoyed this article because I too relate with a lot of what you said. I will admit, I do play this for my friends back home and get chills because it brings me back to the good times cheering on the Horns at all the football games. They sometimes don’t get it but they can see the family love Texas has for UT and football! Great article! I really enjoyed this topic!

  5. Lottie Glazer

    I have to admit I had never heard this song until now. Listening to it like you really resonated with me. I am a fourth generation Longhorn myself so I completely understand being “born a Longhorn fan” and not knowing of another team to cheer for. I have always loved going to and watching UT games since I was little. Every thanksgiving my entire family would meet at my great aunt’s house in Fort Worth and watch the Texas game. It is a tradition to me much like smokey the canon and bevo is to Texas. I will forever be a longhorn fan and this song will always remind me of that not that I would ever forget so thank you for introducing me to the song. I really enjoyed it.

  6. Katerina Biancardi

    I heard this song a long time ago, and honestly forgot about it! But listening today made me really happy I go to UT! More importantly, got me hyped for football season with Coach Strong’s top ranked incoming recruiting class. Thankfully, we go to a school like UT where a having a song dedicated to the school spirit, football team, football player, etc is totally acceptable. If there was a song like this about Ohio State, Florida, North Carolina, or Stanford, it would almost be silly. All those schools have great football or basketball programs, but unlike UT, they do no have the same long lasting history and tradition. Hook’em Horns, and can’t wait for the fall!

  7. Timothy Harakal

    Wow. How have I never heard this song!? Thanks for this post, Tyler. I watched the music video and couldn’t help but swell with burnt orange pride watching some of those classic clips about Vince “runnin for the Roses” and Colt “throwin to Shipley” – I just love that that entire song was dedicated solely to Texas Football! And I’ve got to say, that “The Eyes of Texas Are Upoooon Yooouuu” slide guitar riff at the end was an incredible way to close a stirring, nostalgia-inducing song. The only sad thing is…I just have to wonder if Django Walker still feels the same way after this past season. But anyways, thanks for exposing me to a song that I’ll be listening to over and over after I graduate to bring back the memories of UT game days (Texas FIGHT!).

  8. Kevin Lefkowitz

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard this song before. Like you, I grew up with burnt orange in my blood, but also did not know if I would go to UT. Your blog post inspired me to show this song to my roommates. It reminds me of a country version of my friend Jonathan Dror’s “Put ‘Em Up (Texas Anthem)” and gave me goosebumps listening to references to Vince Young, Colt McCoy, and Jordan Shipley. It reminded me of all the good times our football team has had and gave me hope that we will return to greatness and renewed my pride in the Texas Longhorns.

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