I’ve Got Friends In Low Places

Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places” has been one of my favorite songs ever since I got into college. This song is one of best drinking anthems around. There aren’t many songs that people that don’t listen to country music know, but this seems to be one of them as a lot of bars that will play this some time throughout the night. And I swear, a majority of the place will start belting out this song no matter how good they are at singing or not. To add on to that, this just happens to be one of my favorite songs of Garth’s. One of things about this song that stuck out to me, is it brought me back to listen to some older music. Not too old but more of his music and George Strait’s too. The country they played is what true country music should sound like unlike today’s singers that like to add rappers to their song to make a remix. You also don’t see too many still wear the big cowboy hat like Garth and George. You could also see this as a love song. He talks about giving up on a girl after she left him. One of the big things about Garth Brooks, is that he has never wavered from country music. And that shows in the beginning line of the song, “Blame it on all my roots, I showed up in boots…”. That’s all you need to know about Garth in regards to if would ever leave country for another genre. It seems as if his girl was cheating on him and he’s taking ways to get over him. Like by confronting this guy at black tie affair. You could tell that he wanted to get back even and this guy didn’t want anything to do with him. Garth says he’s got friends that are in low places, so he has people who can do anything to help him get back. I believe there is also a little piece of this song about Austin, when he talks about going to the oasis, which happens to be a restaurant out on Lake Travis. Good chance that’s not what he’s talking about even I’ve always thought it was that.


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  1. Timothy Harakal

    What I found most surprising about this song is the elaborate production in the music video (or live performance) at least. All the coordinated background dances and scene changes certainly made this song feel more like a number in a musical than the single I’ve heard on the radio. Then again, when I reflect on how Garth did usher in an area of more theatric performances including more props and showmanship than ever before, it all makes perfect sense. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I thought I remember him going even lower in the studio version than he does in this live performance. It seems as if his voice may have been trouble getting down that low on this night, so maybe they transposed the song up a key or something?

  2. I have heard this song a bajillion times and never realized he was talking about the Oasis restaurant here in Austin. Thanks for sharing that tidbit!

  3. Joseph Schooling

    This is a pretty neat song! I can definitely see myself at a friends house kicking back to this song. The background dances seemed well choreographed, and it’s nice to see Garth rock that cowboy hat. If the Oasis had something to do with this song, I feel like that’d be an added boost to this song’s popularity here in Austin. I’m beginning to like live country performances because you know that’s their real voice, not like a pop or rap concert where almost everything nowadays is controlled by sound crews and auto-tune back stage. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Brittney Haynes

    This is a great song, I see why it’s a favorite of yours. I agree that more Garth Brooks and George Straits is what the country music realm is missing these days. I had never watched the music video to this song, it’s nice to see the choreography work so well with the song. I agree with everyone else, if this song is referencing the Oasis in Austin, it just got higher on my “favorite country song” list!

  5. Adrian Ortiz

    I have actually heard this song many times, especially since I came to UT, and I never knew the name of it, so thank you for that haha :). I personally, have not been following country music for a long time but I have to say that I agree that older country music is better than more recent and commercial country music overall. Especially the ones that feature rap artists. It’s nice to see that Garth Brooks is true to his roots no matter what and that he wears that cowboy hat with pride, as well as George Strait.

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