Scotty McCreery Tries to Keep It Country!

“First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Scotty McCreery…and we are here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to sing you some country music”, is how Scotty McCreery tends to start some of his shows. Even from the first few minutes of his performance, you’re guaranteed to get some good ‘ol country music.

Scotty McCreery, 22, a country singer who is best known for winning a “tiny little show” (as he likes to call it) called American Idol. At 16, he auditioned  for the show with Josh Turner’s “Your Man” and  “Put some drive in your country” by Travis Tripp, and because of his deep voice and lower register people were blown away. McCreery, went on to the show and eventually became season 10’s American Idol.

Although Scotty is a country singer, he is more of a “new country/ kind of bro country” kind of guy. His first album Clear as Day has more of a “traditional country” music with the banjos and the guitars as well as a pop sound, but the second album See You Tonight, has pop/rock elements. Each album does have a few distinct songs that prove he’s a country singer. His first single, “I Love You This Big”, is country enough to be country, but also not too country that the average Top 40 listener wouldn’t be able to enjoy. One of his favorite songs is “Carolina Moon” from his second album. He said that his focus on the third album is to have the same sound as this song, a more “traditional country sound”.

12767882_965068543546359_1847658702_oAt his shows he likes to explain that the producers would try to get him to sing songs that were out of the country music genre on Idol, but he would refuse because that is not who he was. He then asks the audience if it’s okay if they keep it country for the rest of the night. Of course, a lot of the fans are country music fans so that makes them happy, and the rest of the fans are Scotty fans and let’s be real for a second, they’ll cheer for anything he says!

It makes sense that he’d want to keep it more traditional. I mean, he’s been influenced by many country artists. He says that because of his sister he listed to artists like Backstreet boys, he was singing thing’s like “Conway’s Hello Darlin’…and Elvis Presley too, lord have mercy!”. Before starting his medley he likes to say that “nowadays things have changed a little bit, and it’s not a good thing or a bad thing because everything changes over time, but for me it does not change the fact that I, Scotty McCreery, have a love for country music. So with that said, I’d like to sing you…and take you back.. and sing you some good old fashion country music”. With his little spiel out of the way, he goes on and sings songs like “Mama Tried” by Merle Haggard, “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley, “Mountain Music” by Alabama or “Check Yes or No” by George Strait. With every tour, he changes the songs in his medley. There’s two things that remain true within this medley, he always plays an Elvis song because like he likes to say “Elvis was my duuuuuuude”, and that he likes to reiterate that “I am country!”.

In case you’re interested in hearing him impersonate Elvis Presley:

And here’s him covering two more classic country songs at the Grand Ole Opry just for the heck of it!

“Hello Darlin’”

“The Dance”


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7 Responses to Scotty McCreery Tries to Keep It Country!

  1. Olivia English

    Really interesting post, Laura! I enjoyed reading your summary of his entire career, essentially, because I actually had forgotten that he even became famous from American Idol in the beginning. I think it was cool of him to refuse to go outside of country music on the show and stay true to what he wanted his sound to be, but it’s also interesting to see the ways that he’s changed and gone toward pop or rock at times. I wonder how others might interpret that when he reiterates so often that he’s 100% country, but sometimes strays away from what many consider to be true country music.

  2. Erin McWilliams

    This is very interesting to me because honestly, when Scotty McCreery won American Idol (although I don’t think I was even watching that season), I was pissed because I thought he was no good. But, I think that was just because I didn’t ever expect a country artist to win American Idol, ever. Your post definitely brings out his personality, which is important for people who would never take a second look at artists who rose to fame any other way than the traditional way (which is viewed as more respectable than American Idol). I love that you included his “country spiel” from his concerts because that makes him even more endearing. I think it’s hard for relevant country music artists to avoid pop, but it seems like he has done a pretty good job and is adamantly continuing to try to do so.

  3. Joseph Schooling

    I don’t usually watch American Idol that often, but I’m glad Scotty is doing well. It’s always pretty cool to see people such as Carrie Underwood and Scotty McCreery do well after winning American Idol. I really liked the part where you shared with us about his willingness to stick to his root, even under pressure. This really reflects well about his character. What’s better is that he won the hearts of many Americans even though he went against what the producers wanted him to sing. That must have really been a slap to the face for those that wanted him to sing a more generic genre! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Katerina Biancardi

    Great post! I never watched American Idol all the way through, but enjoy watching the final few episodes before a winner is chosen. I followed Scotty’s season because he was a country cutie and all the girls in my high school loved him. Also, he is from North Carolina. At the time I was living in NC, so that me want him to win even more! It is nice to see artists like him taking full advantage of what American Idol provides, and that their music careers are taken seriously. My friend from high school who goes to NC State, where Scotty attended college, went bowling, and saw him there. She said he was as friendly as he seems in the bright lights!

  5. Lottie Glazer

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I used to be a huge american idol fan but stopped watching around season 7 so I never actually watched Scotty on the show. Learning everything you had to say about him was really interesting. I feel like besides Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood we really do not hear much about the winners of American Idol after the show is over so it is always refreshing when you do hear about them. I really enjoyed all the videos and am glad I got to learn a little more about an artist from the show since one of my friends from home is currently on the show right now.

  6. Brittney Haynes

    His voice just does something to me! I loved reading this post, because I am a big Scotty McCreery fan. His low range and deep voice just makes everything he says country to me. I’m glad that he is focusing on bringing a more “traditional sound” to his next project, because he just does it so well. He’s very confident in who he is as a performer and it’s nice to hear that he wasn’t going to change, despite the producers of American Idol trying to get him to sing different types of songs. To that I would just say, “if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it.” Scotty is doing well in his lane and it’s great to see a young country singer continuing to succeed in the business. Also, can we just appreciate his rendition of “Hello Darlin’,” I literally melted while listening to it.

  7. Timothy Harakal

    I really think it’s impressive that someone as young as he is can have the guts to stand up to his producers and refuse to try and sing music they thought would sell well just because he believes that that music is “not who he is”. You are also completely right about his lower register! I have honestly not really listened to any of Scotty McCreery’s songs before, but I too was blown away with the richness and depth in his voice, especially for someone as young as he is. I also found it interesting that no matter what songs appear in his medley on various tours, he will always sing an Elvis song. Maybe it’s because his Elvis impersonation is indeed so on point?

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