Cody Johnson: Give a Cowboy a Kiss

51-atxl1“I don’t want to be labeled as ‘Texas’ or ‘Nashville.’ I am me: Texas, outlaw, cowboy, country, and a God-fearing man using the gift He gave me.” That is how Cody Johnson, better known by fans as “CoJo,” describes himself as an artist and that is exactly why I think he one of the most unique artists out there today. He is a hard-working man from east Texas that is living out his dream to be a country artist. His music is downright full of talent and so relatable that he makes you feel like you’re living out each song. I became hooked on his music when I first heard “Texas Kind of Way,” but his latest album absolutely did not disappoint and got me hooked for good.

What I think is so unique about Cody’s music is its unique mix of Country and Rock, which resembled Garth’s enthusiasm and Chris LeDoux’s style to some extent. His music is honest, heartfelt, and meaningful, and he sings about parts of his life that contribute to where he is today. Growing up in East Texas, he was a country boy that liked to hunt and fish, and family was very important to him. His “ag science” teacher is actually responsible for convincing him for form a band, and he realized he was in love with the music and everything about performing at a talent competition. He starting singing in small bars and dance-halls and began selling CD’s out of the back of his truck during three years of bull-riding. He is a true cowboy, born and raised, and his dedication to his dream makes me respect him as both an individual and an artist.

Cody is a pro at packing dance-halls to max capacity, and even better at holding smaller acoustic shows. I have seem him perform on three separate occasions, and each of those I had the absolute best time singing his songs at the top of my lungs. His music is exactly what I think of when discussing what “real” country music is. He gives each show his absolute best effort, whether it’s a crowd of thousands or a just a few. He genuinely loves the music and that is extremely evident after going to a few of his shows.

After releasing his latest album, Cowboy Like Me, Cody had me so obsessed that I marked my calendar 6 months in advance for his concert at Midnight Rodeo in Austin. Up until the day of the concert I learned every song on the album backwards and forwards, and I have listened to each song so many times its as if he should know me based on number of Spotify plays! There’s no other way to explain how big of a fan I am other than to mention that I somehow ended up with his concert setlist that was taped to the stage in front of him (of course I had it signed)!!!

FullSizeRenderHis album is jam packed with upbeat, two-stepping songs that make me come out of my seat every time. “Dance Her Home” is the first track on the album, and its about a cowgirl walking into a bar and him hoping she’ll “give him have a chance at romance” so he can dance her home. “Me and My Kind” is a catchy tune about how his ex-girl just cannot deal with cowboys like him anymore. “Baby’s Blue” is a heartfelt love song about how his baby needs him by her side when he’s at work late, but he is more than willing to walk away for her. “Cowboy Like Me” is a unique story that touches every heart, pouring out honestly about how “every time I go home, I think I’ll find her gone, but she’s still there and still wants to be, in the arms of a cowboy like me.” Finally, “Give a Cowboy a Kiss” is a song with a story line that resembles “if you give a moose a muffin,” talking about what happens after you give a cowboy a kiss. Hot dang, would I love to give that cowboy a kiss!!


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  1. Max Holter

    This post was awesome. I feel like I am late to the Cody Johnson bandwagon, just finding out about him when I got here this semester, but this post just got me excited about Cody Johnson, and country music in general. I thought this was well written, and I liked the comparison of him Garth Brooks, and Chirs LeDoux. The quote was a great way to open up the post, and stayed in the back of my head as I was reading. I like how much you covered Chris Johnson, and not as much the song. I was expecting a little bit more about the song, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out where it came from more or less.

  2. Adrian Ortiz

    This was a great post. I had not heard Cody Johnson before but after listening to a couple of his songs I have to say he is pretty good. It was cool to read how he started with country music and how his science teacher took part in him getting into music, as well as how he sold his CD’s out the back of his truck. I always respect an artist more when you can see his passion and love for the music, so I really enjoyed learning how he is a legit country boy, and that no matter how big or small the crowd is he always gives his best effort.

  3. Julie Kleberg

    I really enjoyed reading this post because I had never heard of Cody Johnson. This makes me want to go check out all of his music. After reading this I went and heard a couple of his songs and you’re right, he’s pretty great. Upbeat two stepping songs are my favorite so i’m going to have to start listening to him more. I really like cowboy like me because it seems like authentic country, singing from the perspective of a real cowboy. He’s great. He might be my new guy so thanks for this post!

  4. Olivia English

    I loved reading this post, Cody! I had never heard of Cody Johnson or heard any of his music before seeing this post, but I loved learning about what a true cowboy he is and he seems like a really honest guy. I think it’s admirable that he’s worked his way up and has such a simple back story, showing that anyone can become a star if that’s what they put their mind to! Thanks for sharing a few of your favorite songs of his, I really enjoyed listening, especially to “Me and My Kind” – super catchy!

  5. Tyler King

    Great article. It really seems like enjoy what Cody Johnson brings to the table as I believe you’ve written about him before and talk a lot about him in class. I love how you mentioned that he doesn’t want to be labeled as “Texas” or “Nashville”. He music in my mind would definitely be Texas and I hope he never tries to go Nashville as Pat Green once tried. I definitely agree with you that his music is definitely a blend of country and rock. When I first heard it I wasn’t sure what to think of it but I’ve definitely grown to like and I also enjoy an artist that can pack a concert in a dancehall.

  6. Erin McWilliams

    Wow, I had never heard of Cody Johnson before, but I feel like I know him personally now! I loved hearing about his start to country music–the ag science teacher made me laugh because although I grew up in a big city where we didn’t have to learn agriculture, I have friends who had to take it and were required to join FFA–the things they had to learn seemed funny to me, but it really is a way of life the more rural in Texas you get. There really is something different about a country singer that has actually experienced everything he/she is writing about and is truly “homegrown” (even better that it was in East Texas). Your concert experience sounds like a fun one!

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