Dance Your Heart Out

Have you ever heard a country song and get lost in the lyrics? I feel that every country song puts me in a different mood. I even have different country playlists on my Spotify. One is labeled “Midnight” and contains songs that I have danced multiple times to at Midnight Rodeo. I think it is also interesting the way that country music also connects people. Even though my boyfriend and I met through a social dance class, we kind of started to fall for each other each time we would go country dancing. Even before we were a couple, strangers at Midnight Rodeo and even Dallas Nightclub would tell us we dance so well together. There are a few songs that every time we hear them played at any country venue, we cannot stay off the dance floor.

Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

This is one of the best one-step songs we love dancing to. They do not play it at a lot of country dance halls, but at Midnight Rodeo they usually play it every Thursday. I think it is even more interesting because before the song comes on she usually tells us it is ladies choice. I think it’s more fun when I get to ask him to dance.

Lee Brice – I Don’t Dance

This song is pretty ironic only because my boyfriend actually knows how to dance and he is pretty good at it too. But we both love the song anyway. Of course as soon as it comes on we try and find each other to dance the song with one another. When it comes on in the car we turn it up and just listen. We stop talking for a moment and just feel the music and imagine ourselves out on the dance floor two- steppin’ the night away.

Deana Carter – Strawberry Wine

This song is much different than the rest because even though it is a country song, there is a different way to dance to the song than just two-step. This can actually be considered a cross-step waltz song. The beat is much different and the steps are a lot smaller with a different frame structure. Sometimes I feel like when we dance it at Midnight Rodeo people look at us like we are crazy. But I’m truly glad he knows cross-step waltz and is really good at it.

Blake Shelton – Footloose

So I know this is not the original “Footloose” track, but it is the one that they play sometimes at Midnight Rodeo. This is not really one-step or two-step either. This is actually one of our favorite line dances that they play at many different country dance halls. There are also many different ways you can do the line dance. I remember we went to rebels and people were doing all kinds of crazy moves. I like the version that we learned at Midnight Rodeo and in our social dance class.

In case anyone was wondering where you could learn two-step, or one-step, or cross-step waltz, there is an AMAZING social dance class offered at UT taught by Campbell Miller. There are even different levels from Beginner to Advanced. That’s where the two of us met and I can honestly say that the class is one of the best parts of my day.

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  1. Ramie Payne

    Of all of these songs, Man! I Feel Like a Woman! is definitely the song I can most easily dance my heart out to. I feel like this song is just one of those that makes you want to get up and dance, no matter the setting. This summer, my friends and I went on a trip with one of my friend’s moms and her friend and I can’t tell you how many times we danced and sang to this song. It was so fun because it was one of the few songs the moms actually enjoyed and wanted to dance to and they got really into it which was also really fun.

  2. Amy Burt

    Could not agree more with your blog post, Jessica! I love Shania and Lee Brice for the same reasons you do, because you cannot resist but sing along and dance to their songs. There is an ongoing joke in my family about “Man! I feel Like a Woman!” from when my brother and I were little and we would sing this song together. My brother would always belt out the lyrics with no shame and my parents thought it was hilarious. Even when we were around the ages of five and six, we would lose ourselves to the songs you mentioned.

  3. Dustin Hixenbaugh

    Thanks, JJ, for sharing the link to the dance class. My friend convinced me to take tango lessons a few years back. It was kind of a disaster, but I would be willing to try another kind of dance–maybe two-step or something. Amy, your comment reminds me that my sister and I also listened to Shania Twain when we were growing up. She was obsessed with the album that has “Any Man of Mine” on it. This was when I was too cool for country music, though, so I would get mad when my parents let her play it in the car. I still think that song is kind of annoying.

  4. Hannah Parmer

    I love this post because it was so unique creative. I totally agree with you on all of these songs. Every single one of them I can jam to no matter where or when. “Man! I feel like a Woman!” is definitely my favorite from the list. It is my best friend and I’s favorite song to sing out hearts out to with the windows down. I love that you and your boyfriend both love the song “I Don’t Dance.” I am a sucker for cute love! I also think it is so cool you take dance classes here at UT. I will for sure have to look into that considering I am an awful dancer.

  5. Carilu Martinez

    I really enjoyed your post because it reminded me of the multiple times I have got lost in the lyrics of a song(s). I have yet not had the opportunity to go to Midnight Rodeo but have been wanting to go! Every time I hear someone talking about it they always talk about how much of a good time they had. I think it is so cute how your boyfriend and yourself are able to go out and have lots of fun dancing! It is quite rare to find a guy who enjoys dancing as much as you do. One of my favorite song from Lee Brice is “I Don’t Dance” I just love everything about this song!

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