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11226There’s a new twist on country music in television. Early on, country music was represented by shows that centered on showcasing country musicians like The Porter Wagoner Show and The Johnny Cash Show. Many years and changes later, the television world has created a  new show based on the insider world of country music. Although completely fictional, the show does manage to stay relevant to today’s perception of country with guest appearances and original songs.

Nashville , which aired on ABC in early 2012, gives viewers a glimpse inside the glitz and glamour of being in the country music industry.The show centers around two female country vocalists , played by Connie Britton and Hayden Panettierre, vying for the title “Queen” of country music. Callie Khouri created the show not only for the storylines and drama, but mostly to showcase country music in a new way. In one interview, she even states how the show revolves around the music.

The music on this show is really incredible. Most of the songs are original specifically made for the show. Almost all of the actors sing their parts, including Connie and Hayden. Songs off the show have been so popular they even make albums of all the songs for a specific season. You can even buy the songs on iTunes right after an episode airs. I think what makes these songs so great is the variation and style each one has. From catchy to somber, there is a song for your every mood. Although they’ve showcased over 30 songs now, my favorite is “Fade Into You” sung by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio on the show. Their voices harmonize really well and I love the instrumentation.


Grand Ole Opry Performance

Though there are always the critics and skeptics of authenticity, especially when it comes to music, it seems like the country world has embraced Nashville with open arms.  Country artists like Kellie Pickler and crossover Kelly Clarkson have even appeared on the show. However, the most notable guest appearance was country superstar Brad Paisley, who even performed alongside actress Connie Britton on the show.

I have been with the show since the beginning. Yes, there have been moments when I find myself questioning my judgment and wondering why I’m still watching, but something always pulls me back in. Nashville really helped me get a better feel for country music. If you ever find yourself with a free night or possibly dying of boredom, which I know is not possible in college, I suggest watching an episode of Nashville. Who knows, you may have just found your new guilty pleasure.


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  1. Zane Gurwitz

    I have heard very little about this show until now reading your post. By that I mean I knew nothing expect that the show existed. Being a big fan of country music, this sounds like a show I would be very willing to watch, especially since I am in search of a new guilty pleasure. I think that it’s pretty awesome how all the actors/actresses sing the songs and they are all original. I was also not aware that Hayden Panettierre was a singer so that single handedly attracts me to watch the show. I can not wait to go give this show a shot now!

  2. Victoria Horvath

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about this show, although I haven’t really sat down to watch it. The bits and pieces that I have seen have been fantastic, and I really enjoy the original music that they created for the show. However, my favorite part of the show actually isn’t necessarily “country” per say; the sisters played by Lennon and Maisy Stella sing country on the show, but in real life their music is more pop folk. The show has definitely brought them a huge fan base in their real life career though. I probably wouldn’t have ever discovered them had it not been for Nashville, so I’ll definitely try to tune in to see if I find a new favorite artist from the show!

  3. Amy Burt

    I’m glad you gave your personal opinion about the show Nashville because I have been debating whether or not to start watching it. I have seen a couple episodes from the first season and I enjoyed watching it, but I didn’t really know what was going on because I didn’t watch them in order. Do you know if its on Netflix? I love how they incorporate other big country artists in the show like Brad Paisley and Kellie Pickler. I agree with you that this show added a new twist to country music, and from what I have seen it has for sure had a positive influence on the country music culture.

  4. Alyssa: When I decided to teach a class about country music, I worried that I would have to start watching this show. So far, I have avoided it, but… your post is making me reconsider the decision. I think it’s on Netflix, so maybe I will get to it over the winter break. Back in the ’70s, there was a movie called Nashville starring Ronee Blakeley and Lily Tomlin that won a lot of critical praise but was HATED HATED HATED by actual Nashville musicians. I wonder why this newer “inside look” at Music City is less controversial?

  5. William Glass

    I watched this a couple times with my mom and I can say that it definitely has an attraction to the viewer. Although I stopped watching it I really liked how they depict country music in the show. It’s crazy how television channels have gone from shows such as the Johnny Cash Show or Porter Wagoner’s, to fictional ones and still do such a great job. I think one of the show’s forte’s is that have had actual Country artists appear on the show alongside the actors. By having this done it really connects the viewer and the show. It many ways it makes the show feel more realistic. In the future I hope the producers can keep doing a great job.

  6. Ramie Payne

    “Fade into You” is also my favorite song from this show for so many reasons. The first is their voices because, like you said, they harmonize so well and kind of fade into each other. Also, the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and make me really think about love and what it’s supposed to feel like. I think that’s something really impressive that this song does. Songs are supposed to make you feel something and this song definitely does just this. The last reason it’s my favorite song is because it’s truly country in my opinion. It’s simple, includes the guitar, and natural country-twanged voices. It just has that country sound and feel and that makes it easier for me to really connect with this song.

  7. Holly Kern

    I LOVE NASHVILLE! It is what I look forward to every Wednesday night after I watch Survivor. I just got into it last year and when I watched the first couple episodes I went on a binge and caught up to the current episodes in maybe 2 weeks. I really enjoy the fact that all the music is written for the show and almost everyone who sings on the show sings in real life also. At first I didm’t really like Juliette but she has grown to be one of my favorites on the show. I really enjoy the dynamic that has formed between her and Rayna. I also hope Rayna and Deacon end up together! They’re perfect!

  8. Alina Monzon

    I have heard of this TV series so much but never actually sat down to watch it. After reading this post though, I think I might spend my break from school catching up. It is nice that they have country artist appear on the show like Brad Paisley. I heard rumors that Luke Bryan appeared on one episode which is another incentive to watch it. Although it is fictional, you make it clear that it does reflect how it is behind the scenes in the country music world. All this makes me want to watch. Hopefully it is good as people say it is.

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