Lynden’s Country Music Adventure 2015

Some fun expiriences with Country music so far this year

Some fun expiriences with Country music so far this year

Some fun expiriences with Country music so far this year


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  1. Julianne Staine

    I really enjoyed reading your reflection piece! I also love Nashville and so it’s good to know other people appreciate it! I also really liked how you interspersed your commentary with your storify pictures which made it easier to follow along. It seems like you had some really cool concert experiences too, especially meeting Randy and Wade. I really liked your post over all!

  2. Abby Shamis

    I LOVE the show “Nashville” and am so completely jealous that you saw the concert! I have always wondered if they were as talented as the TV show made them out to be, and I am quite happy to hear that they are. It seems to me that all of your experiences this semester have really enhanced your overall immersion in country music. It’s awesome that you saw firsthand how artists use that “number system,” and that you experienced what the Grand Ole Opry is like.

  3. Marissa Gallardo

    I thought your post was really interesting; one reason because you did such unique things! I also watched the Nashville concert; however, I did not include it on my country music experience but included instead watching the actual show. Nashville is truly an amazing show that blends the best of TV drama and country music. I too widened my tastes of country music as well as other genres simply because of an increased appreciation for music and artists in general.

  4. Justin Cole

    The four things you did for your experiences were awesome! Personally, I love the Randy Rogers Band and wish I would have been able to make that concert. I agree with how you think this class has broadened your knowledge and exposure to different sub genres of country music. I came in thinking that I knew a lot about country music, but I was definitely wrong! It was really cool to see how such a broad topic, like a genre of music, has so many moving pieces and different elements that make it work as a whole.

  5. Joshua Fleming

    i think its really cool that you able to go backstage of the Grand ole Opry and I really enjoyed about the part with you seeing Randy Rogers band live something you might want to elaborate on would be how big your spectrum is and maybe also talk about some of the artist that you have encountered and you why you were surprised that you liked them and also might want to included a video or two of some songs you liked by those artist.

  6. Randle Cecil

    Great post! You definitely had way cooler experiences than I did, considering that you met two famous country performers!! I love Randy Rogers and I’ve always been curious about his personality. You also mentioned the Gatlin brothers. It’s funny because my friend’s dad is one of the Gatlin Brothers, and I plan to interview her for a blog post this week. Overall, your experiences seemed the most exciting! And I loved the cute picture of you and Jared!

  7. James Pruitt

    The only things that your Country Music Experience and mine have in common are our titles. I’m jealous that you got to go to the Opry and see the Gatlin Brothers! They went to high school not too far from my hometown and I grew up listening to their records. I think your experiences have to be some of the coolest in the class, and I definitely enjoyed your post.

  8. Gabrielle Hernandez

    I think the most impressive part of your whole storify is that you got to meet such amazing musicians. It seems like you really live life surrounded by country music. I am sure your family background has some to do with that and I am totally in awe. I am from San Antonio so I know that Floores is a popular place to go! Nice that you included it in here!

  9. Wow, Lynden, I agree with the other commenters here that you have had some impressive experiences this semester — and seen a lot of things that I wish I could have seen myself! (Jim Ed!) Your photos and reflections all lend a personal feeling to your post. The experiences you had are all so diverse. How, when you put them together, would you say that they have changed how you approach country music?

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