Joshua Fleming life with Country Music

Written by Joshua Fleming

Written by Joshua Fleming

Looking back on this semester I have Experienced a lot of new things like two stepping and watching Nashville. Although I thought I knew a lot about country music coming in to this class, I now know there is a lot more to learn and I am up for the challenge. I have enjoyed going to concerts and doing similar things of that nature in this class and will continue to attend these types of event.

I have learned a lot about how space between a country artists and their crowd can affect how enjoyable a performance is. I experienced this through two concerts one with Eric Church and one with Dierks Bentley. they were both in two different venues which did affect my experience  with the concerts because i didn’t enjoy the Dierks Bentley Concert as much as I did Eric Church due to the fact I couldn’t connect to him that well because the venue was too big and your not close enough to interact with him like the crowd did with Eric Church. Which i think with country music concert i think there has to be that connection with the crowd because thats what country music thrives off of it that interaction.

Another thing i have Enjoyed this semester was getting close to country music through dancing and it has helped me to understand the reasoning for the certain tempos and rhythms that go along with a country song. If it wasn’t for me taking this class i probably would have never found one of my all time favorite past-time nor would I have found out that i was so good at Two Stepping so thank you class for that.Really though I have gained more of respect for the backing of the song rather than just the lyrics.

Though there are so many things  I could say about this class i will say this i have deeply enjoy learning where country music came from what is and what to look for in the future to know what it is. This class has open my eyes to a more variety of country music and has made me fall in love country music all over again and i hope one day i can show someone what country music is and what it can do for them. in conclusion you could say that i am now a more well rounded student of country music and will continue to become more knowledgeable of the subject at hand.

Thank you Dusty for a Wonderful Semester and teaching so much more about country music it truly has been great



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  1. Jordanne Mickle

    I like how you posted bunch of pictures of yourself (well not a bunch, but enough for me to notice). That makes your storify story very personalized to your exact experiences. I also enjoyed how you compared the two concert experiences. I’ve only been to one concert, but I believe you when you say that the size of the venue makes a huge difference. I’m actually kind of backwards compared to you in one way. You said that you look to the lyrics first and have learned to enjoy the beat of the music, whereas I’m the other way around. Overall, I like your post; it seems like you have had a lot of fun in this class. P.S. Yours and Marissa’s music video is too adorable.

  2. Emma Morgan

    I really enjoyed how you compared the two concerts you went to and the differences in arenas. I also went to the Eric Church concert and had a blast! I loved how he interacted with the audience and how laid back he seemed. It was definitely one of the highlights of my semester. The pictures you incorporated in your storify really helped give your post a personal feel which I really liked. Sounds like you had a ton of fun experiencing country music!

  3. Keaton Schlueter

    Like you, I grew up listening to country music, and I thought I knew a whole lot more about it than I actually did. This class was fantastic and definitely opened my eyes to a wide variety of country music. I also liked your two-stepping experience. I was awful the first time I ever went to Billy Bob’s, but thankfully I have gotten a lot better at it. Also, like Jordanne mentioned, your storify thing is great. It has a lot of pictures of yourself and gives your story more of a personalized feel.

  4. Shannon Smith

    Your storify is amazing! It looks like you had an amazing time this semester. I am so jealous of your concert experiences. If I could do it all over again I would have gone to more concerts. I have always loved country music, but this class was a wake up call for me. I didn’t know how little I really knew about the genre.

  5. Thanks, Joshua. I agree with everyone else who has commented that the pictures of you actually doing all of these things gives your post a personal and engaging feel. Also, I am glad that these experiences and the course have helped you “fall in love with country music again,” and I hope you do continue to take advantage of all the opportunities living in Texas presents us with enjoying it.

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