“Not What I Expected” Country Experiences

After two-stepping at Midnight Rodeo, spending all my money at Antone’s Record Shop, greeting 8-foot tall Willie Nelson, and watching the glamorous motion picture “Country Strong”, I have come to realize country music is a different experience for everyone. Country has a variety of meanings.



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3 Responses to “Not What I Expected” Country Experiences

  1. Justin Cole

    Although we did different things for our country music experiences project, I feel like we ended up with the same outcome. I too was surprised with what this class, whether it be inside the classroom or for this project, taught me about country music. I have always loved country music, but seeing everyones different perspective on listening to the same music was cool. I definitely agree with your concluding statement that “country has many sides”.

  2. Taylor Campbell

    I love your post, you did a really great job. I like that with this project, rather than focusing solely on the reflection part of the assignment, you also commented on the diversity of country music. You did a great job addressing how country music is a different experience for everyone, and connected it throughout the entire post. You also did really well with connecting each part of your country music experience. The whole blog post flowed making it super reader friendly. Great job!

  3. Thanks, Sam, for this post. I love the way that you narrate your experiences over the course of the semester and that you included self-made videos and animated GIFs in your Storify. I haven’t used the word “liberated” before to describe how it feels to know more about country music than the story being told on the radio, but I think you’re right. Great work.

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