A Classic American Love Story: How Country Music Stole My Heart

Prior to my college career, I had little interest in country music. Aside from my brief two-week phase in middle school, country music was never my music of choice, and at times, I even cringed when I heard it.

Britney-Spears-Cringe-FaceUpon entering college, I immersed myself in a culture so enthralled with country music that it was abnormal to NOT have it playing at events. Bar-B-Q’s, two-stepping date events, Midnight Rodeo, and football tailgates are just a few of the places that I have been exposed to the genre that captures the true meaning of southern pride.

Zac_Efron_Grilling_-_NeighborsBeing in a sorority—a sorority at The University of Texas in Austin, which happens to be the live music capital of the world—has fed my passion for country music, but what ultimately marked my change in spirit was working as employee at a small boutique. I spend hours on end working away in that little store, and most of the time, we have the radio set to country stations. It’s relaxing, enjoyable, and fits in with the desired dynamic of the store.

The first time I worked at the store, I remember hearing the whiney sound of some country song and thinking how much I wished I could control the station and change it to an indie or pop station. After a couple of weeks, it still did not sit right with my ears, because I felt as if it all sounded the same.

wonka-eyerollOften what can define our taste in music are the people we surround ourselves with, such as our friends and family. That is why it came as a surprise to me when I realized that I was beginning to enjoy some of the more popular tunes found on various country stations. One such song that remains my favorite is “Like a Wrecking Ball” by Eric Church. His music as a whole is well written and has an almost retro sound. It was then that I truly began to appreciate country music.

bale1Some may contend that contemporary country music can hardly be placed under the genre of country, because it has been so highly influenced by popular culture. I have found that modern country music has helped me slowly integrate older music into my life, and I have begun to fully appreciate its value.

giphyIn the end, I am thankful to my boss for introducing me to such an amazing genre of music, and I cannot wait to continue to learn more about it through this course.


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3 Responses to A Classic American Love Story: How Country Music Stole My Heart

  1. Kelby Floerke

    I totally agree with you saying that Eric Church sounds more retro. I remember someone in class saying something like what you expand on in your post about how some people make the argument that country today is hard to consider true country. You make an awesome point that you’re able to integrate older country music because you are able to appreciate modern country music. I am able to relate to you in the sense that most events we attend in Greek life are centered around country music, so good for you for putting yourself out there and learning to appreciate it!

  2. Annie G

    I can completely relate to your post, I was forced into country music as well and hated it at first but now its all that I listen to! What you said about Greek life is also so true, it seems like more events involve country music and cowboy boots than anything else.

  3. Sierra

    Darah, first of all your GIFs made me laugh and really enjoy reading your post! I too did not have a strong connection with country music at first, but after being immersed in the Texas lifestyle, it became natural for me to hear country songs on the regular. Like you said, being in a sorority has helped you appreciate country music more, and I couldn’t agree more. So many of the girls I surround myself with all grew up in Texas listening to this type of genre, so there was no other option than for me to appreciate country music as well. However, it’s surprising that out of all the things that could have influenced you the most to start liking country music it was your job that was the main factor! I find that so interesting and unique, but I am glad that that has made such a big impact on your choice of music nowadays!

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