Christianity and Country Music

One of the most meaningful communities that I identify with is the Christian community. Ever since I was little I have found the God’s word to be a source of refuge, support, and strength throughout my lifetime. When listening to country music, I have found that a good majority of artists have expressed similar feelings about their faith and what it stands for through one song, or many songs throughout their careers. This is one factor that made me take a liking to country music growing up. Some may say that faith in country music can be hypocritical if for example an artist releases a song that praises God, but also cites stories about partying or sinful things. However, it’s my belief that so much music today consists of songs about bad judgment or “sinful” things, and it’s refreshing to hear someone talk about their faith. Also, because Christianity is all about our acknowledgement of not being perfect and needing God, the songs with faith and sin are simply more real and genuine.

Ever since I was little, I have always felt that my faith was something that made up who I am and gave my life a purpose. Whether I was going through a breakup, struggling with family issues, or stressing about school I knew that I would always have someone to look to for help when life got crazy. I always knew that I was nowhere near perfect, and it was comforting to know that someone was always looking out for me and would forgive me no matter what.

When looking at country music from a Christian standpoint, I found myself able to relate to a lot of songs. I didn’t come from a small town, have parties out of a truck bed and sit around fires, but I did enjoy the way that so many country artists stated their faith and what it meant to them, whether it was simply one line of a song or the complete meaning of it Artists like Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, and Faith Hill were people that were known to express their love for God through their music. Throughout my teen years I went through many different phases of the genres of music I liked to listen to, and still change it today, but country has always been somewhat of a quiet constant for me because I always respected it due to how so many artists shared my faith. Whether the song stated things like, “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy,” as Billy Currington does or more devotional things like, “When I get where I’m going and I see my maker’s face I’ll stand forever in the light of his amazing grace,” as Brad Paisley does, I still found myself taking a liking to the song.

One song in particular was one of my favorite ones growing up, called “Jesus Take The Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. The song describes a girl getting into a car wreck, which puts her life into perspective and makes her want to give her life up completely to God. Though this is a situation that not all people can relate to, if you take it metaphorically many Christian listeners can relate to it, as I did. There are events in my life that have caused me to want to strive to be a better person in order to glorify God.

Being a part of the Christian community has most definitely played a role in the type of music that I listen to. I certainly don’t listen to only gospel music, and even listen to what some would say is the complete opposite through rap/ hip- hop, but it is a nice refresher to hear such faith- filled songs in the country genre that I can relate to. In the end, it has made me feel as though country is a more genuine, tell- it- like- it- is genre.


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  1. Caitie Labay

    I really appreciated this blog post because I can completely relate to it. My faith is also very important to me and I really appreciate when country artists allow their faith to play a role in the lyrics of their songs. Speaking of Brad Paisley, you should check out his song “This is Country Music”; it’s pretty neat because he takes all the negative comments people have about country music, such as how you’re not supposed to say “Jesus is the answer”, and says in country music we can and will sing about God. It is very refreshing to find an artist who not only proclaims his faith, but defends it and his music.

  2. Darah Welch

    Amanda! I really enjoyed this post because it hits very close to home with me. Country music so often is stereotyped under topics like trucks and girls and beer that we often forget that many country artists also share their faith through their music. I also get really excited when I am listening to the radio and hear a line that alludes to Christianity because it reminds me that you do not have to be classified under Christian music to share the gospel.

  3. Sierra

    Amanda, I really enjoyed reading your post because I too am part of a Christian community. “Jesus Take The Wheel” was always one of my favorite country songs because of its message and overall deeper meaning to me and my faith. Due to the fact that I never really grew up listening to country music, I had no idea how many country songs reflect the Christian faith. It’s amazing how this genre continues to incorporate our faith and expand upon it despite the rise in more “crude” country songs that include drinking beer, partying, etc. Not to mention, I also did not know that Faith Hill sang many songs relating to Christianity so I will have to go check them out! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kayla Miracle

    Amanda, I totally relate to this post. People often look at country music as something that is only about drinking beer in a tall field with girls in short jean shorts, but those people are so wrong. Country music does the best job, out of any other genre, of sharing the gospel and you definitely hit that in this post. “Jesus Take The Wheel” is also a song that I really admire for it’s very spiritual message. This definitely represents what it’s like to be a part of the Christian community in country music!

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