Thank You, Luke – A Country Night I’ll Never Forget

‘Do you think he’ll remember you?’ my mom called and asked me on Friday as I sat delayed in the Austin airport. After seeing Luke five times in concert, and getting to meet him once, she has come to realize when it comes to Luke my sisters and I don’t mess around.

I tried to explain to her Luke Bryan, the ACM and CMA reigning Entertainer of the Year, has performed for over a million people just this year, and would absolutely not recognize my sisters and I in a crowd. Our evening started around 5:00pm- a solid two hours before the first opener even came on. We staked out our spots in the pit and ended up standing in the same spot for about a solid six and a half hours- but it was more than worth it.Luke3

Luke busted out on stage like an energizer buddy, blasting “Kick the Dust Up”. Without missing a beat, he seamlessly transitioned into one of his oldest hits, and my personal favorite “All My Friends”. Sure, no Luke concert would be complete without some booty shaking, growling into the mike (I think only he can get away with that one), and some other funny but scripted moments.

In formal interviews, he’s a little more guarded now. After suffering another family tragedy, the loss of his brother-in-law (husband to the sister Luke lost almost 10 years ago), and wary of some reporters constantly trying to nail him with ‘Gotcha!’ questions about the bro-country debate, it’s not unexpected.Luke2

We saw how spontaneous he is on stage, when he’s in his element and in control doing what he loves. So many times he would just crack himself up about something, or he would bust out a move that no one else could have pulled off with pride unless they had a great sense of humor. We could even see him motioning to the sound crew to turn down the music volume- he can hold his great vocals on his own more than fine- shenanigans and all.

Oh, and one more thing. He can sing. Besides playing over 18 of his own songs, from “Rain is a Good Thing” and to “Strip it Down”, Luke went above and beyond to make the concert as fun and amusing as he himself is.

From DJ-ing “Apple Bottom Jeans” on the piano (only Luke), admitting that yes, he’s no Calvin Harris, to entertaining the crowd with a delightful discussion of the Whip, to killing it on the piano to one Alabama’s classic hits, to then rolling right into George Strait’s “The Chair”, beyond showcasing his mastery of the piano, Luke was making a much larger point.

No matter how many awards he racks up or how many albums he sells, slacking off as an entertainer isn’t something he’s interested in.

He brought out his opening acts again mid-concert, Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser, on stage for an awesome harmonization of “Sugar”- but not without some Moscow Mules and tequila. Luke created THE funniest and most fun concert environment I have ever been in.


The concert felt just as intimate as when he first performed at the Houston Rodeo as a nervously excited but energetic 34 year old. I attribute that not to a venue, manager, or set list- but to the performer. My 11-year-old sister put it best, ‘When I think of Luke Bryan, I just think he’s my buddy.’

History will determine his place in country music, bro-country debate included. As the Dallas Morning News wrote in their assessment, it seems like he’s put it behind him, regardless of what nitpicky skeptics still say. But for now, it’s his likability and love and talent for what he’s doing that has him on top.

So no, mom. In the pit as he leaned down and sang a double encore of Country Girl, he didn’t recognize us- unfortunate but not unexpected. But from how much fun he was having, and how his contagious humor and energy infected the whole performance and venue from start to finish, it sure felt like he did.


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  1. Hannah Evans

    I really enjoyed this article! I went to a Luke Bryan concert a few years ago…and he was definitely entertaining! I remember at one point he was so drunk that he forgot the words to his own song and just started singing “I’m too drunk to remember the words…”. He’s definitely a fun guy and puts on a good show. I’m glad you wrote about this and you did a really nice job of conveying his personality. I also really like how you included a personal story about your mom/sisters since those are always fun to read! Maybe someday he’ll recognize you 🙂

  2. Kaki Miller

    Ginny, I have never been to a Luke Bryan concert, but from your article I can tell that his concert is wild and fun. I can almost picture myself there, your imagery and descriptions of his performance are very realistic. Luke Bryan is a character for sure. He kinda runs to his own beat but he kills it. Even though a lot of his songs are somewhat degrading to women, I do enjoy most of his music! I am sure he is an explosive performer, especially with his type of music. You’ve inspired me to go to a Luke Bryan concert the next chance I get! Great article, Ginny!

  3. Caitie Labay

    This was a fun article to read, I personally think that concerts are the best way to get to know what an artist is really like and it’s also the best way to experience their music. I’m not going to lie, while reading I was hoping you would say at the end that he pointed to you on stage and said “Hey I remember you!”, but like you said, unfortunate but not unexpected. I’m sorry to hear that he experienced another loss, but I’m glad to know that he is still out there performing every night. I think once of his concerts would certainly be a great experience and I’m jealous that you’ve gotten to see him so many times. This was a great article, and I love the pictures!

  4. Adam Keyrouze

    I’ve been in the same boat being asked by my mother about if I thought the artists I’ve seen multiple times would recognize me! But I found this very entertaining to read to see how someone else felt about him. SO many people talk bad about him just because they don’t think he is a “country” artist. Even if he isn’t a country artist, he is still a great performer and still has very entertaining songs. As part of the audience, I honestly can’t ask for much more than that! There’s nothing wrong with being different and not falling into the stereotypical “country” genre in my opinion, but who are we to disagree with the country crowd.

  5. Matt Wills

    Luke Bryan might be the most hated artist in Nashville at the moment (especially after his release of and success with “Kick the Dust Up,”) however there’s a reason that he has reached such a high level of popularity. Sure, his songs might not be the most lyrically clever and he might not be the most original musically, but he can truly sing and he can truly perform. Bryan is a country star because he truly does have talent and can sing better than most in the industry, but his personality and charisma make him the amazing performer he is today. He may be “bro country,” but he’s the best Nashville’s got right now.

  6. Claudia Boyd

    Ok im so jealous that you went to a Luke Bryan concert. I really want to see him live and your post makes me want to even more. I loved the story you gave us about your sister saying he’s “her buddy”. I think you gave good insight as to why he is ranked so high on the charts. You made it easy to see that he is very mistaken in the country world and he is not such a bad guy after all. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us, I’m so so jealous.

  7. Tyler Dial

    This is a great tribute to an excellent entertainer. I used to be one of his biggest fans but recently, I can’t get into his music. However don’t let that take away from the fact that Luke Bryan knows how to put on a good show. I remember seeing him two or three years ago and he knocked it out of the park. There’s always a point at the show where he “strips it down” to just him and a piano. That’s my favorite part when he puts the crowd in the palm of his hand and sings “Do I.” You did a good job at making me feel like I was at the event. Thanks Ginny!

  8. Kayla Miracle

    I really loved this article because you explained how good of a performer Luke Bryan is while really putting yourself into the post. I love hearing about people having crazy obsessions for artists because I’m the same way with Taylor Swift. I know exactly what you mean when you describe waiting in the pit for 6 hours, been there and how you say that you wish he recognized you, and boy have I been there too. I really enjoyed getting to hear about how Luke is as a performer. I have never seen him in concert but I would definitely love to. I love watching him perform on awards shows and obviously he’s super cute so seeing that in person would definitely be a plus haha. Anyways, I really appreciate how into him you are and that he has such loyal fans like you. I think it’s important for us, as fans, to stand up for and share our artists to the world as if only we know them. I really enjoyed hearing about your experience, thanks for sharing!

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