Beloved Queen of Country Pop Bids Us Adieu: Shania Twain’s Farewell Tour

At 50 years old, Shania Twain has decided to put an end to her touring days, but there was no way she wasn’t going out with a bang. On October 27, Twain serenaded audiences one last time, as she performed her last concert of her career in her homeland of Canada.

In March of 2015, Twain announced her final journey of performances that would consist of 48 cities and be called “Rock This Country Tour”. Touring for the first time in over 10 years, the superstar traveled through both Canada and the U.S., dazzling fans with their favorite hits from various years and records. Her setlist included hits such as, “Come On Over,” “You’re Still The One,” and “Any Man Of Mine,” to name a few.

Though the touring has come to an end, Twain deserves major props for all that she has accomplished in country music through her impressive voice and outstanding songwriting abilities. She has made major strides for women in the industry, receiving five Grammy Awards, 27 BMI Songwriter Awards, induction into the Canada Music Hall of Fame, and even secured a headlining position for her show, “Still The One,” at Las Vegas’s Caesar’s Palace for two years. Her sassy and energetic persona is exuded through her fun, upbeat songs, as well as her midriff bearing appearance that she became well known for. She has also sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

The touring may have come to a halt, but Twain will continue to bring happiness to her fans as she plans to release a fifth album while she is still 50 years old. She may be done traveling but this is not the end of her career.

“It’s still me, it’s still my voice. The songwriting will be recognizable, but it’s much more introspective and it’s very autobiographical,” Twain said about her upcoming album. Fans are beyond excited to see what Twain’s got in store for her loyal followers that have kept her old songs in their repertoire for years, despite the lack of new releases from her. It will be interesting to see an older, more mature version of the pop country diva, as she is now in her 50’s, and has gone through much more heartbreak andTh hardship of life, through her brutal divorce involving her best friend stealing her man, as well as issues with her voice due to various illnesses.

Being a Shania Twain fan since I was a little girl, I am saddened to realized that one of my most valued role models is at the point in her career where she is done with touring, but am overjoyed to hear that we will still get to hear new music from her, and fall in love with the fierce and fun artist all over again, through her meaningful, and easy to adore songs.

Twain has meant so much to so many people over the years, whether it’s due to a memory of dancing to her hit, “You’re Still The One” at their wedding like my own parents, screaming “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” at every karaoke party, or blasting “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” in the car with your girlfriends. We can’t wait to see Twain come back better and stronger than ever.


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3 Responses to Beloved Queen of Country Pop Bids Us Adieu: Shania Twain’s Farewell Tour

  1. Abby Bourland

    I loved your post, Amanda! I think you organized it impeccably and included perfect GIFs and pictures. The caption also captured my attention. This made me turn on Shania Twain on Spotify! I was really pleased when listening to the rest of her songs. She has a beautiful voice. I think my favorite song of hers is, ‘Forever And For Always’. It always gets stuck in my head. I find it said, too, that she is discontinuing her tours. It’s almost like saying goodbye to a part of country. Does she have any musically talented children? Wouldn’t that be cool if one of her kids lived on her legend??

  2. Annie G

    I really liked your post! You gave a lot of information about Shania Twain without sounding like a wikipedia article and kept it interesting! I always forget she’s from Canada, it’s hard to imagine such a successful country star coming from such a northern place. Your last paragraph was definitely the most relatable for me, I have experienced all of those songs in those ways- especially the jamming in the car one! Shania is an amazing artist who created so many opportunities for other woman in country music, I feel like Carrie Underwood is our generation’s version of Shania Twain!

  3. Sierra Smith

    Amanda, this was such a great post! I had no idea that Shania Twain was having her last and final tour, which is so sad to think about. She was one of the first country artists that I listened to, and I fell in love with all of her songs and the messages they portrayed. She has been such a role model to many girls growing up, and continues to have an effect on the industry to this day. It is great to see that she is going to come out with a new album, especially given her age, and I am definitely looking forward to hearing it! I agree with Annie above that it may seem that Carrie Underwood is the Shania twain of our generation because she is so likable, her songs are all catchy and extremely popular, and she continues to have an influence over the country music genre.

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