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Texas Country is My Kind of Country

As many of you know, Austin, Texas is known as “The Capital of Live Music.” When I first moved to Austin I had heard about all the great local events with live music, but I never expected it to be a weekly thing. Growing up just thirty minutes away from Houston, if I wanted live music I had to drive there, and most of the time it was only really famous artists. I love any type of live music, but my favorite, is Texas Country. Texas country, unlike Nashville country, is true to its roots. To me, Texas country brings back the original country music sound. Now I am not saying I do not like the “new country,” otherwise known as country-pop, but something about  Texas country brings back the homey feel.

Cody-JohnsonFor example, I go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year, which they bring in big performers at the end of every rodeo. I have seen a numerous amount of country artists perform there such as Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Zak Brown Band and even Clay Walker. However, every year in my hometown, we hold the Pasadena Rodeo in September. Not only do they have rodeo fairground events, they also bring in smaller, upcoming country artists, which are usually the “Texas country” bands. Texas country music has always been one of my favorite types on music. From Josh Abbott Band to Cody Johnson, I have always stuck with the little “Texas” bands.

Randy-RogersThis past weekend, I went to the Nutty Brown Café to see Randy Rogers Band play. Listening to country music, hearing the fiddle play, while in a crowd filled with cowboy boots, I really felt like a true Texan. Along with going to the Nutty Brown Café, I have gone to many festivals and fairs where Texas country bands performed. A few of those are The Strawberry Festival and The Gator Festival. Sounds redneck right? I love getting to wear my boots and listen to some true country music.

Although Texas country bands don’t always make it big, they are considered big to us Texas country lovin’ fans. They may not make it big nationally but here, they seem to be pop-stars. My sister recently moved to California, and says that not many people have heard of bands like Josh Abbott, Randy Rodgers, and Kyle Park. If you look at their tour dates, it seems as if they stay in southern states like Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and of course, Texas.


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Murder On Music Row

Artists“Murder On Music Row,” is a popular song originally written by Larry Shell and Larry Cordle in 1999 and later covered by George Strait and Alan Jackson in what came to be a hit duet. When I first heard this song I didn’t fully understand the point it was trying to get across. However, when I heard this song for a second time on one of George Strait’s ‘greatest hits’ CD, I became aware of its lyrical meaning.

This song created much controversy in the music industry because of its criticism towards mainstream country music at that time. The lyrics criticize the on-going trend of pop music integrating it’s way into country music. Strait and Jackson agreed with the meaning behind this song by making their own cover together.

Country music tends to have this reputation of “twangy” songs, fiddle playing, drinking and love stories. The lyrics state, “For the steel guitars no longer cry and fiddles barely play.” It seems as if the country sounds were being taken out of country music around the time the song was written. “They said no one would buy them old drinking and cheating songs.” Traditional country music was slowly dying due to the new style of music and new upcoming artists. The song refers to Meryl Haggard by stating, “Why, the Hag, he wouldn’t have a chance on today’s radio.” Because of the way country music was changing so much, if people heard Meryl on the radio they wouldn’t know what to think.

Murder_on_Music_RowIf you listen to “Murder On Music Row,” which I suggest you do, the sound ties back into the meaning of the song by keeping the true country sound. With the twang in their voices, the fiddle in the background, and the acoustic guitars, Strait and Jackson relay a message to the country music industry, striving to keep the traditional country music alive. As two true country artists, they saw what country music was turning into and what it was soon to become. Strait and Jackson may be seen as the saviors of traditional country music in the era of its changes.

As it seems, many agree that pop country has taken over and “murdered” true country music. It has changed drastically in the past decade, leaving fans questioning, “what is true country music?” If the new music is not classified as country, then what is it?

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The Legends All Together

Country music has always been my main go-to music. Whether I am sad or happy, no matter the time of day, country music is always acceptable. I have gone to plenty of country music concerts from Lady A. to George Strait. As a country music fan, I look forward to the country awards shows, like the ACM’s and CMA’s. Something about hearing the new hits live, witnessing the new artists perform and hoping my favorite artist wins is a thrill in itself. In March 2013, I was privileged with my first live award show experience at the ACM’s, or Academy of Country Music Awards.

We took a girls trip to Vegas for my sister’s 21st birthday. Amidst the fun, quick- paced atmosphere of Vegas, we spent our last night attending the ACM awards. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Seeing my favorite performers in one sitting and being in the same room with the top country artists was an adrenaline rush.

Along with getting to see all of my favorite performers, two of my favorite artists were the host of the award show, Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan. These two together are like stand up comedy. They crack jokes, make fun of one another, and even call out the other famous stars in the crowd.

The year we attended, George Strait was ending his “Cowboy Rides Away” tour. He only had a few scheduled, live performances left, and we were able to enjoy one of them. Being long-time fans of George Strait, it was a sentimental experience for my family.

Like most other award shows, there is always the “biggest award” at the end of the show. Along with being a host that year, Luke Bryan won ‘Artist Of The Year.’ It was rewarding to see him accept that award in person and genuinely thank the fans for being country music fans.

To top off the amazing experience we had being a part of the crowd, we unexpectedly ran into one of my all time favorite country artists, Clay Walker! It was a very cool experience to meet and talk with him. He kindly took a picture with us so we could have such a memorable experience documented. When I was little, my dad would play Clay Walker’s music every day on the way to elementary school. To me, he is one of the few country legends.Clay Walker!

We had an unforgettable experience at the ACM awards. Unforgettable enough that we decided to go back this past March. Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan hosted for the second year in a row, and the show was even better the second time around!


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