Hey, Jason Aldean

For my birthday, my awesome roommates bought all three of us tickets to go see Jason Aldean perform at the AT&T Stadium in San Antonio! I was super excited to have had the chance to share this experience with them because this was the first official concert I had ever been to! Not to mention, that this was the end of Jason Aldean “Burning it Down” tour. Jason Aldean is probably one of my favorite country artist and knowing that I was going to be able to see him perform live was super exciting! Getting to San Antonio was a bit hectic because there was so much traffic but while we impatiently waited, it allowed us to get our vocals warmed up!

Florida Georgia LineWe FINALLY made it to San Antonio and the concert started at approximately 7:30 p.m. As we were going up to our seats Florida Georgia Line was performing on stage already! From our section, we were able to see them straight ahead! Some of the earlier songs they performed were “Anything Goes” to “Here’s to the Good Times.” Their performance lasted for about an hour but within that hour they were able to execute a great performance! Florida Georgia Line knew exactly how to get the crowd going! While performing they would run from one side of the stage to the next trying to engage as much as possible with the audience. As their performance was getting close to an end they performed “Stay” and “This is How We Roll.” Their performance ended with “Cruise” and the crowded went wild!

Jason AldeanAs we all impatiently waited for Jason Aldean to come out, I couldn’t help to notice that the stadium had reached its full capacity! On stage there were four video screens and a giant letter A. Aldean came out performing his first single in 2005 “Hicktown.” He got the crowd moving with “My Kinda Party” and “Fly Over States.” One of my favorite parts about concert was when he performed “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Kelly Clarkson. Even though she appeared on a pre-taped on the screen, I found out that was still pretty awesome that he was able to perform that song! Aldean did not take a break during his performance. He sang for about an hour straight! There was a time when he teased the audience in making us believe that he was going to sing “Burning it Down” but he assured the audience that he was going to perform it later on. He finally performed “Burning it Down” and the audience went crazy! He followed the song my performing “Dirt Road Anthem” and “Crazy” which at this point I had already lost my voice.

I can finally be able to scratch off my bucket list seeing Jason Aldean in concert! By far this has been one of the best experiences ever but I was so glad to have had the opportunity to share this with my closest friends! They are just awesome!!


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  1. Michael Casarez

    Like you, Carilu, i am an avid Jason Aldean fan. I would love to see him in concert because i heard he puts on a good show but there are some things about Jason that i am beginning to be frustrated with. I am happy to hear that he performed some of his older songs. The ones that brought him to where he is today because some of his newer stuff is not very country sounding to me and i miss the “Hicktown” days and the “Amarillo Sky” days of Jason Aldean. He has a long career ahead of him i am sure and only time will tell if he sticks to his roots or if he continues down the country pop road he has now set on.

  2. Carilu: I think it is cool/fascinating that you and Ramie both wrote about Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line, and that you also write from such different perspectives. Most people in class have dismissed “bro country” artists as inauthentic or just not very good. It sounds like you would disagree?

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