My Love for Country Music Remains

Note: This is an example of Blog Post 5, in which you are asked to reflect on different experiences you had over the course of the semester.

Three of the things related to country music that I have done throughout the semester that have shaped my perception of the genre include watching the Dixie Chicks Documentary “Shut Up and Sing,” exploring new featured Country artists in an issue of Garden and Gun Magazine, and attending a Jerry Jeff Walker Concert at Gruene Hall. Each of these things has given me a unique insight into what the world of country music has to offer.

IMG_4021Let me first dive into “Shut Up and Sing” and explain my take on it. To start, you should know that I am a huge Dixie Chicks fan and had never actually done the research to find out why they fell off the face of the planet about 13 years ago. I knew it had to do with slamming Bush but I didn’t know what exactly was said and why it had such a huge effect on their career. After watching the documentary, I can see why their words upset so many people. In short, Natalie Maines, the head singer, expressed that she was ashamed the President was from Texas regarding his decisions on the war in Iraq. Her comment caused radio stations to ban their music from being played as a consequence. This documentary has shown me just how conservative the world of country music is at large.

700-new-outlaws_0Secondly, I have learned more about Country music through my discovery of several artists featured in Garden and Gun Magazine. These include Aubrey Sellers, Parker Millsap, Margo Price, and Andrew Combs. Of these, my favorite is Parker Millsap. He brings a kind of different flavor to the country scene. His music has a country sound with a little bluesy, rock and roll feel. I typically am not a huge fan of genre mash-ups but for some reason Parker Millsap does it for me. Through this discovery, I have broadened my horizons and become more open-minded to different takes on Country Music.

IMG_0011And lastly, my experience at Jerry Jeff’s concert at Gruene Hall has left a lasting impression of why I love Country Music so much. When you look around and not a soul in the crowd is wearing something other than cowboy boots, you know you’re in good company. I have been to several Jerry Jeff concerts in the past but something about Gruene Hall made this one particularly special. It was a two-steppin, singing every word to every song, surrounded by good people kind of night. I can’t think of a better way to see one of the greats do what he does best.

Each of these experiences has shaped my view of Country Music. Whether it clarified a characteristic of the genre, opened my eyes to new aspects, or solidified why I am such a fan, I have learned something from each one. My perception over the course of this semester has been stretched and has grown into a deeper appreciation for the greatest type of music known to man. I am now that much more confident that Country Music is my all time favorite type of music.


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4 Responses to My Love for Country Music Remains

  1. Katerina Biancardi

    Great post Julie! The way you structured your blog post made it really easy for me to follow and understand your experiences. I am definitely going to need to check out the Dixie Chicks documentary. I am a huge fan, and never got why they left the country music scene also. But your brief explanation makes me want to learn more. Second, I thought it was cool the magazine helped you find some more country artists. I often just like to continue to listening to the same people, and not make room for new artists. So I am glad you found few you liked. Also I loved that you went to Gruene Hall, It is one of my favorite places to see music. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shira Yoram

    Interesting blog post! I like the three experiences you chose to talk about and found that each one was a unique choice! I also am a big fan of the Dixie Chicks. I haven’t see their documentary “Shut Up and Sing” yet and this post made me want to watch it even more. I thought it was a great idea to talk about a country music magazine. Its cool that you found new country artists to listen to from the articles. Lastly, I love country concerts like the one you described! Those concert halls are always so fun, especially when everyone is dressed up in cowboy boots and two-steppin.

  3. Drew Scherger

    I thought that it was cool that you wrote about three different things and tied them together. My mom and sister love the Dixie Chicks but I don’t really know anything about them. I haven’t really found a good news source yet on new country musicians so I may have to check out Garden & Gun. I really love Jerry Jeff Walker’s music and I’ve been trying to see him for a few years now. I want to make it to one of his birthday concerts at the Paramount in Austin one of these years but I missed the one that was last week.

  4. Mae

    The structure of your final reflection was well put together and really helped conclude your thoughts on country music after all we have learned and discussed this semester. I like that you used a movie, a magazine, and an in-person concert to define your relationship with country music. Using these three sources you really caught my attention and made this an easy and entertaining read. I haven’t seen the Dixie Chicks documentary yet but I definitely need to watch it now because it sounds like it had a great impact on you. I love that you mentioned the Jerry Jeff Walker concert at Gruene Hall because i feel like any concert there is one for the books.

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