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My Dad and Willie Nelson

IMG_0859My dad is a huge country music fan and I think he has passed that down to me. Whenever my dad and I talk about country music he always talk about his favorite artist, Willie Nelson. I learned so much about Willie Nelson from my dad. Even though my dad was born and raised in Bosnia, Willie Nelson was no stranger to him. My dad grew up in many foster homes so music was really the only thing he had. He told me a story of how someone one day dropped off a box at his foster home, filled with different cassettes and records. My dad never really had anything so when people brought in freebies, he was always the first one to go and look in the box. That day he came across a Willie Nelson record. Still to this day he has this Willie Nelson record.

FullSizeRenderI made the mistake one day and asked my dad where he got this record from because what I thought was going to be a simple answer turned into a two hour story. My dad told me that from the day he laid hands on this record, he knew that country music would be an important thing in his life. When I was little my dad would always play Willie Nelson songs and we would talk about what these songs meant to him. I would always ask my dad what his favorite Willie Nelson songs was and he would always tell me, “I don’t have one.” It was hard for him to pick a favorite because he said Willie Nelson had so many great hits. I learned so much from my dad while growing up but learning to share his love for country music was one of the greatest. Even though I may not be a little girl anymore, my dad and I still sit around some days and listen to country music together. Country music is one of the many things that we have in common. I love my dad and I am so glad we can experience our love for country music together.


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CMA Spotlight

splash-mockup-bcEvery year I pop my popcorn, grab a comfy blanket, and plant my self on the couch for the next few hours. No, it’s not to watch the Walking Dead series marathon or any other show for the matter, but to watch the Country Music Awards.

Since I was about 12 I have watched the CMAs every year. I just love the CMAs! In my opinion it is probably the best music awards show on television. Not saying that other music award shows are not great, because they are, but there is just something special about the Country Music Awards. Maybe it’s because my dad and I used to watch them together when I was younger or because we would always try to guess which artist was going to win from each category. It could also be that because I love country music so much, I admire the CMAs as well and not to mention that Carrie Underwood hosted the show for the past two years. From the opening act to the closing act, the CMAs are just something spectacular to be a part of even if it’s just from your living room. One day I wish to be able to attend the CMAs and be in the same room with so many of the country artists that I absolutely love.

This year I was unable to watch the CMAs live but I the next day I was sure to follow my traditional routine and stream them online. It seems like every year they just get better and better. The CMAs never fault to put on a great show and do country music a great justice. It is such a great thing to see so many deserving artists honored for all their hard work. In addition to seeing all the awards presented, there are so many amazing performances that night. It’s like getting a concert from all your favorite artist. If you have never watched the CMAs, you definitely need to. I promise you won’t be sorry.


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All American Girl

From her audition on American Idol to her first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, I have been a huge fan every step of the way. Carrie Underwood is by far one of my favorite artists ever. I love everything about her, her voice, her style, her story, the way she carries herself, and most of all her humbleness. I can listen to her albums over and over and never get bored. When I listen to her music it allows me to block out all the stress, worries, and problems. I guess you can say it’s kind of like my happy place. There’s a Carrie Underwood song for every occasion. I listen to her music when I’m doing laundry, studying, grocery shopping, and even for some of the tougher times in my life, like when my parents got a divorce. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs along with the cover art of the album.

carrie-underwood-some-hearts 1. “Some Hearts” (2005)
2. “Starts With Goodbye” (2005)
3. “Lessons Learned” (2005)
220px-Playon 4. “Change” (2009)
5. “Mama’s Song” (2009)
6. “Temporary Home” (2009)
Carnival_Ride_-_Album 7. “So Small” (2007)
8. “All American Girl” (2007)
9. “I Told You So” (2007)
10. “Something in the Water” (2014)

The songs above are only some of my favorites because the list could go on forever. I would love to one day meet Carrie Underwood and just tell her how much I love her and how fabulous I think she is. Her voice is just crazy amazing. When I’m at home I turn the music up really loud and pretend I’m at her concert. It is definitely on my bucket list to attend at least one Carrie Underwood concert. It would be so amazing to see her live. She did perform at the Thanksgiving game halftime show in Dallas one year but unfortunately I was unable to go. Oh, but believe me I was the first person in front of the TV when the half time show began.

My sister seems to think I have an obsession with Carrie Underwood, but truth is I just love her and how she doesn’t take anything she had achieved for granted. I see a little of myself in her. I just think it’s awesome how she grew up on a farm, put her dream of singing aside to go to school, and then ultimately in the end made her dream come true. I guess you could say Carrie Underwood is one of my idols. Who is your favorite artist? Do you have a country music idol?


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