Argument Paper


Write a 3-4 page (double-spaced) argument to your classmates that is grounded in the course theme and that cites some of the texts we’ve read in the class. Include a short self-analysis below your argument of your main claim, purpose, and the most compelling rhetorical appeal you make.


Claim: Your claim should be tight and provable within the page limit assigned.

Research: Once you determine your claim, find compelling evidence to support it. You should use and cite at least two sources from the course materials in this paper. You may also use outside sources if you wish.

Documenting Sources: In this paper, your sources (even if online) should be documented for print (in other words, don’t just link to an online source). In your text, use MLA parenthetical citation practices stating the author’s name and the page number, if available, and then offering full documentation of each source in a Works Cited page at the end.

Self-analysis: Below your Works Cited page, include a self-analysis in which you:

  • State your claim
  • State your purpose: what you want your argument to prompt your audience to think, feel, or do
  • Describe what you think is the most compelling piece of evidence you offer and why

Upload your argument paper with self-analysis to the Argument Paper assignment on Canvas for peer review by 1pm on October 11.


Evaluation Rubric for Argument 1
Criteria Ratings Pts
Claim: Is the main claim clear and persuasively articulated? If so, what is it? If not, what would you suggest? Does the author’s description of his/her claim in the self-analysis match up to what you read in the paper? If so note it, if not help. 3.0 pts
Purpose: What is the purpose of this argument? That is: what does the author want the audience to do, feel, or believe? Does the purpose come through clearly and match up with what the author says in the self-analysis? If not, what would you suggest? 2.0 pts
Evidence: What evidence is offered for this claim? Is it compelling and does it actually fit the claim being made? If so, why is it compelling? If not, what do you suggest? 3.0 pts
Documentation: Does this paper document sources accurately, both inside the text and at the end in a Works Cited page? If not, note it. 2.0
Writing: Is this 3-4 page paper written coherently and persuasively, with very few grammatical or surface errors? If so, what do you like best about it? If not, what would you suggest needs the most work? 3.0 pts
Self-Analysis: Does the self-analysis contain all the requisite elements: main claim, purpose, most significant evidence?  If not, what’s missing? And does the author’s description of each of these elements match up to what you actually read in the paper? If not, what would you suggest? 2.0 pts
Total Points:                15.0



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