Rhetoric and the Animal Schedule

NOTE: This schedule is tentative. We may need to switch some things up. Most texts are linked below–you must sign in to the site to see the links.  

Aug 30 – Introduction to class and papers. Sign up for leading reading notes, class wiki, and class site. For next time, prepare artifact papers and read the introduction to Lyotard’s The Inhuman (only the intro)and Aristotle (Book I, Part II)

Sept 6 – artifact papers

Setp 13 – Iin Class: Password reset. Descartes (Discourse, section 5; and Meditations, Meditation II), Harrison on Descartes, Darwin, and Chomsky

[videos: mirror self recognition, magpies and MSR, crow intelligence, dog intelligence,bonobo intelligence (1993), Kanzi and novel sentences, Kanzi understands spoken English,Kanzi with lexigram, Kanzi plays chase, Sue Savage-Rumbaugh’s Ted Talk (apes that write), Panbinischa feeds the pooch, and for fun, Frans de Waal on the Colbert Report (apes don’t write).]

Sept 20 – Uexküll, Buchanan (Intro + Ch 1)

Sept 27 – Heidegger (letter + plato’s doctrine) + Buchanan (Ch 2-3)

Oct 4 – Heidegger (from Animal Philosophy) + Calarco (both ch 1 from Zoographies and “Heidegger’s Zoontology” from Animal Philosophy) + Frank (video clip of Frank explaining Alethia–i would skip the commentary below. |:o )

Oct 11 –  paper 1 (on Uexküll, Heidegger, or Frank) [or make me an offer]

Oct 18 – Levinas (“Name of a Dog” + “Paradox of Morality”) + Atterton, Calarco (Ch 2), Davis (“PS”)

Oct 25 – Levinas (“Substitution” and “Enigma and Phenomena”), Kennedy, Doxtader, Hawhee, Davis, Muckelbauer

Nov 1 –  Nietzsche + Lingis, Foucault + Palmer, Deleuze-Guattari + Urpeth and Buchanan ch 5

Nov 8 – Agamben + Calarco ch 3

Nov 15 – Paper 2 (on Levinas, Kennedy, or Agamben)  [or make me an offer–Deleuze might work]

Nov 22 – Butler, Giving an Account of Oneself

Nov 29 – Derrida, The Animal That Therefore I am + Calarco ch 4 [video: Derrida on animals]

Paper 3 (on Butler or Derrida) due online dec 6. 

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