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T Jan 18


Intro to course; Social Media Revolution; The Machine is Using Us;Epic 2015

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Username: dwrl
Password: d3F0lt (dee, three, Capital F, zero, little L, little T)

Read Jenkins, Introduction
TH Jan 20


Prometeus; discuss Jenkins; Create blog and webfolio page; go over blog post assignment Read Jenkins, Ch 1-2; finish setting up your blog if necessary; complete the “profile” page to introduce yourself; post your first blog post (on Jenkins, ch 1 or 2).
T Jan 25  Discuss Jenkins; sign up for individual presentations; “follow” at least 5 classmates’ blogs; Google Reader

Some good first posts, as of 6am this morning: nemo, Su, Megan

Just FYI: online funerals

 Read Boyd and Ellison on SNS
TH Jan 27 Go over blog post/comment assignment; discuss Boyd and Ellison; go over Cyberspace comparison assignment; search for sites  Search for 2 SNS or gaming sites for your comparison project. Read Jenkins, Ch 3 and 5; blog post.
T Feb 1  Discuss Jenkins; move webfolios to the top of blog sites, look for cybersubculture sites Post your site choices to your blog. Read Jenkins, Ch 6
TH Feb 3  Discuss Jenkins, speak2tweet, jon stewart; thumbnails, screen shots,  Read Jenkins, Conclusion and Afterword; blog post
T Feb 8  Discuss Jenkins (example of pop culture/political parody), Goli’s blog post; go over S/R 1; Indv pres;change password  Write S/R 1
TH Feb 10  S/R 1 presentations + upload to blog and link to webfolio

FYI: Cairo’s Facebook Flat

Read Brown; work on comparison project; blog post
T Feb 15 Discuss Brown; change password;  google docs,webspace; work on comparison project; indv pres (Megan and Goli)  Prepare your comparison project for peer review, and upload it to google docs or webspace (or another website)
TH Feb 17  peer review comparison project  revise project; blog post
T Feb 22  Comparison project due; discuss cyberculture report and auto-thumbnails; test inserting pictures and video on your blog; beginNeuromancer together

FYI, from Time and the NYTimes

 Read Neuromancer, ch 1-5
TH Feb 24  Discuss Neuromancer; work on cyberculture report  Read Neuromancer, ch 6-9; blog post  [fyi: Rastas]
T Mar 1 BDP presentation; DiscussNeuromancer; indv pres (2)  Read Neuromancer, ch 10-18
TH Mar 3  Discuss Neuromancer; indv pres (2)  Read Neuromancer, ch 19-24; blog post
T Mar 8  Discuss Neuromancer; go over S/R 2 (two samples); indv pres 2  write S/R 2
TH Mar 10  S/R 2 presentation + upload and link to webfolio

**Comparison revisions due.

blog post
T Mar 15 Spring Break
TH Mar 17 Spring Break  Read Benkoil on Augmented Reality; blog post
T Mar 22  Discuss Benkoil; in research,  Dior1,Dior 2, layar

indv pres; work on cyberculture report.

 Read Boyd on online class issues and Stepanek on the new digital divide
TH Mar 24  Discuss Boyd and Stepanek; indv pres 2  work on report; blog post
T Mar 29  Discuss and watch eXistenZ work on report
TH Mar 31 Watch eXistenZ   write S/R 3; blog post
T Apr 5  S/R 3 presentations work on report
TH Apr 7 TBA prepare report for peer workshop; blog post
T Apr 12 workshop reports; indv pres 2  Work on report; read Cathy Davidson on peer-to-peer grading and her response to critics on crowdsourcing authority in the classroom
TH Apr 14  Discuss Davidson + crowdsourcing + Ian Bogost’s response +  Blake’s blog + Jonathan’s blog and comment; introduce us to an interesting or popular avatar from your site; work on report; indv pres 2  Work on report; blog post
T April 19 Tell us about an interesting example of social hierarchy or gendered/raced relations/identity; work on report; indv pres 2 + jonathan  Work on report
TH Apr 21  Show us an example of the literacy required on this site; work on report; indv pres 2  Work on report; blog post
T Apr 26  All S/R revisions due. Workshop reports; work on report or S/R revisions; indv pres 3  Prepare report for peer review
TH Apr 28  peer review Cyberculture Report  revise; blog post
T May 3 Finish preparing report. Report due, linked to webfolio, by end of class.  Get webfolio in order. Out of a total of 15 blog posts, select your top 10; out of 75 comments, select your top 10. All work, including revisions and presentation, should be linked to webfolio. Make sure all links work.
TH May 5 Finish getting webfolio in order. You have worked hard all semester on various assignments and rewrites, and your webfolio is the medium through which you will present your work. As those of you who are rhetoric majors know, delivery is one of the five canons of rhetoric, and your webfolio is a big part of your delivery. Make sure everything’s in order, well placed, professional looking. Make sure all your links work and that you have selected strong representative comments and posts to highlight. Webfolio due by end of class.

Course Description | Texts | Assignments | Schedule