Rhetorical Figure Presentation

You are each responsible for teaching the class to identify and utilize one rhetorical figure. Once you are assigned your figure you’ll do some research on it and come up with some good examples to share that will help bring them to life. You will plan a 7-10 minute (no longer) class session in which you will present your assigned figure and teach it to the class using some sort of presentational software (prezi, powerpoint, something else) that you’ll submit to me to upload.

Remember that we are interested in the rhetorical (not literary) focus of tropes and figures here, so fine tune your research and presentations to rhetoric.


  1. You can use rhetoric textbooks from the library and/or the web to research your figures–but you’ll probably want to start here, here, and here.
  2. Once you understand how the figure operates rhetorically (not so much poetically, but rhetorically)–both how to identify it and how to use it–come up with some good examples to share with the class to help them get a grasp of these figures.
  3. In your class presentation, you’ll want first to explain the figure and give some examples, but then you’ll want to get the class to come up with some of their own. So allow for a couple of minutes to let your classmates share their own examples with the class.  
  4. For full credit (10% of your final grade), you will want to be completely prepared, ready to go on the day you are scheduled, present using some sort of online or uploadable presentation software, and finish your entire session within 10 minutes (if you go over, you’ll lose points). You’ll also need to actually accomplish your task: teach the class these figures. It is your job to make sure your peers understand your assigned figures, hopefully getting them to the point of being able to identify them and how to use them. IOW: Your task is to prepare your classmates for this part of the figures test. 

Note: no makeups. If you are not ready to go on the day you are assigned, or if you are unexpectedly absent, you will not be able to make up this assignment.