Ahmed Exercise 1

Groups of 3-4 (get in different groups this time):

  1. Ahmed takes issue with both the “inside-out” and the “outside-in” view of emotions. What’s her alternative?
  2. Brennan says emotions circulate via contagion. Ahmed says they circulate, but not by contagion. What’s different (from Brennan) about Ahmed’s theory of the sociality of emotions?
  3. A child sees a bear and runs for it. The “Dumb View” says the child runs because the bear is fearsome. But according to Ahmed, the bear is not inherently fearsome, so it’s not simply the cause of the child’s fear. Carefully explain her non-Dumb View answer to why the child is afraid of the bear.
  4. Both Brennan and Ahmed say developing an emotional vocabulary is crucial, but for different reasons. What’s Ahmed’s position, why does she say it’s important to develop a robust emotional vocabulary? (P. 13)
  5. Brennan and Ahmed both suggest that studying the sociality of affect will open new ways to address personal and social ills. Brennan hopes that if we can discern the transmission of affect, we can calm the contagion of negative emotions making people sick. What does Ahmed hope?

Be ready to share your work.