Pathological Texts + Background Info

This is a collection of injurious texts and some background information on them. Truly hateful ideas are shared and defended in some of these texts–it pains me to link to them–so do protect yourself. Skip anything that seems potentially harmful for you. These are just some potential places to start looking for an artifact to analyze. They are in no way required.

Most of the texts gathered here simply offer context or background in an area from which you might begin your search for a “pathological text.” The artifact you select for your analysis should itself function as a pathological text and not simply describe or explain one.

Reminder: We are defining pathological texts as texts that inscribe and propagate diseased or aberrant passions already in circulation. In reaction against our shared exposedness to one another and so to “rhetoric’s sensorium,” pathological texts insulate and tribalize: they invite violence by inspiring or reinforcing passionate attachment (love, hope, loyalty, compassion, identification) to an us and bitter disavowal (hate, anger, fear, disgust, contempt) of a them, while resisting rhetorical engagement that could challenge the clean distinction. 

Some General Information

Southern Poverty Law Center

February 2020 Shooting in Hanauh, Germany

August 2019 El Paso Shooting 

August 2017 Charlottesville Killing

June 2015 Charleston Church Shooting

New Zealand Shooting

American Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer

White Replacement Conspiracy Theory

On the migrant crisis and the death of Alan Kurdi (drowned 3 year old child):

Anti-Gay Pastor, Steven Anderson:

Black Hebrew Israelite Movement

A Few Recent Sexist, Heterosexist, Racist Laws and Policies 

Conspiracy Related

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones (plus challengers)


Racist science:

In the Schools

On racism in Italy’s soccer league:

Responding to Hateful Trolls