Peer Review Final Project

Peer review instructions

  1. Sign into Canvas, go to Assignments, and click the Written Argument Finalassignment. In the Submission Details box, click the student name under Assigned Peer Reviews. Click the little preview icon next to the uploaded paper link (not the link to the paper itself). That will open Crocodoc preview.
  2. You’ll see Crocodoc tools up at the top: Magnifying glass to zoom in or out, a Comment icon to leave various sorts of comments on the page, a download icon to download this paper, and a page arrow to scroll up or down on the page.
  3. Read the paper and then the self-analysis through once very closely, using the Crocodoc tools to very quickly note surface errors, make specific comments, or offer organizational tips. However, spend the bulk of your time carefully responding to the conceptual questions inside the rubric attached to this assignment, offering very specific and concrete suggestions wherever possible.
  4. Click View Rubric to open it, and then for each entry, click View Longer Description to see the specific questions you should answer in the text box. Each time you add comments to a comment field, go to the bottom of the rubric and click SAVE. If you don’t click save before you close the rubric, you’ll lose your comments.
  5. When you are finished responding to the rubric’s questions, click Save at the bottom of the rubric.

When you finish, you may go. Have a beautiful last week of classes.