Derrida and Lacan Texts

Recommended Texts/Texts of Interest:

Bruce Fink, A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Technique(Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1999).

Andrea Hurst, Derrida Vis-à-vis Lacan: Interweaving Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis (New York: Fordham University Press, 2008). NOTE: Diane and Josh have not read this book, but it looks promising and is on the topic of the course; we’ll distribute the introduction as a PDF to be read before the first day of class. 

Required Books:

Christian Lundberg, Lacan in Public: Psychoanalysis and the Science of Rhetoric(Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2012).

Philippe Van Haute, Against Adaptation: Lacan’s ‘Subversion’ of the Subject: A Close Reading (New York: Other Press, 2002).

Required PDFs (will be provided in downloadable form):

Bailey, “Lacan and His Historical Context” (PDF).

Derrida, Of Grammatology, chaps. 1-2 (PDF)

Derrida, “Structure Sign and Play” and “Signature Event Context” (PDF)

Derrida: “The Politics of Friendship” (PDF)

Derrida: “A Number of Yes” (PDF)

Derrida: “Eating Well” (PDF)

Derrida: “Remarks on Deconstruction and Pragmatism” (PDF)

Derrida: “Of Hospitality.” (PDF)

Derrida: “Typewriter Ribbon.” (PDF)

Derrida, “The Purveyor of Truth” (PDF)

Hurst: “Introduction: ‘For the Love of Lacan'” (PDF)

Lacan: “The Mirror Stage as Formative of the I Function . . . ” (PDF)

Lacan: “The Split Between the Eye and the Gaze (PDF)

Lacan: “The Function and Field of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis” (PDF)

Lacan: “The Subversion of the Subject” (PDF)

Lacan: “Seminar on ‘The Purloined Letter'” (PDF)

Poe: “The Purloined Letter” (PDF)

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