Workshop on Analysis sections

The Analysis of a Pathological Text assignment includes 4 major sections, one of which is the actual analysis section: 

An analysis of the pathetic appeals in this artifact in which you demonstrate its pathological operations. (Remember that you’re analyzing a pathological text, not its author—we are not pathologizing an individual.) Start by noting this artifact’s presumed ingroup and outgroup and what makes that distinction clear; if it’s not all that clear, explain that.

Then explain very specifically: 1) what it is in this artifact that’s likely to stir the ingroup’s feelings, and 2) what feelings it’s likely to stir.

Quote the artifact as textual evidence for your argument, cite texts we’ve studied in the class as sources to support your analysis, and document all sources in the Works Cited page. This will be the most developed section of the essay.

By 10 am on Monday, April 13: post only this analysis section on the Canvas discussion forum under “Draft of the “Analysis” section of the textual analysis assignment.” Then, by the end of the day, respond to your the posts in your assigned group (Workgroups for Pathological Text–same groups as before), offering feedback on the following: 

1. Who does your partner say is the ingroup in this artifact? Who is the outgroup? Is the distinction clear? Offer concrete suggestions. 

2. What feelings does your partner say this artifact is likely to stir in the ingroup and what stirs them? Are you convinced by your partner’s description? Offer concrete feedback.