Rhetorical Theory and Ethics Texts

Butler, Judith. Giving an Account of Oneself. New York: Fordham University Press, 2005.

Césaire, Aimé. “Discourse on Colonialism.” Trans. Joan Pinkham. New York: Monthly Review Press, 2001. P. 29-78. (Canvas Files)

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Halberstam, Jack. “The Wild Beyond: With and For the Undercommons.” In Stefano Harney and Fred Moten. The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study. Minor Compositions: Wivenhoe, 2013. P. 2-12. (Canvas Files)

Kant, Immanuel. Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals. ANY EDITION. This one is good: https://cpb-us-w2.wpmucdn.com/blog.nus.edu.sg/dist/c/1868/files/2012/12/Kant-Groundwork-ng0pby.pdf)

Levinas, Emmanuel. Ethics and Infinity: Conversations with Philippe Nemo. Trans. Richard Cohen. Pittsburgh : Duquesne University Press, 1982.

Lyotard, Jean-François and Jean-Lup Thébaud. Just Gaming. Trans Wlad Godzich. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1985.

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Mbmebe, Achille. Introduction + Chapters 1 and 2. Critique of Black Reason. Trans. Laurent Dubois. Durham : Duke University Press, 2017. (Canvas Files)

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to the Future. ANY EDITION. Here is the Gutenberg version: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/4363/4363-h/4363-h.htm (Links to an external site.)

Oliver, Kelly. “Animal Ethics: Toward an Ethics of Responsiveness.” Research in Phenomenology 40.2 (2010): 267-280. (Canvas Files)

Oliver, Kelly. “Rethinking Response Ethics: A Response to Len Lawlor.” Philosophy Today, Volume 62, Issue 2 (Spring 2018): 619-627. (Canvas Files)

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Toadvine, Ted. “Life Beyond Biologism.” Research in Phenomenology 40.2 (2010): 243-266. (Canvas Files)

Wynter, Sylvia. “Unsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/Freedom: Towards the Human, After Man, Its Overrepresentation—An Argument.” CR: The New Centennial Review, Volume 3, Number 3, Fall 2003, pp. 257-337 (Canvas Files)

Wynter, Sylvia. “No Humans Involved: An Open Letter to My Colleagues.” Forum N.H.I.: Knowledge for the 21st Century. vol. 1, no. 1, Fall 1994. (Canvas Files)

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